But We Are At War With Mexico

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

Any reasonable person would have recently joined in a collective belly laugh of irony at the cojones Obama appears to have when dealing with what he must think is a lesser nation like Turkey. This administration making demands of Turkey to close its border with Syria has to be one the most absurd utterances made by them yet, and that’s saying something.

Yet insist they did. “The game has changed. Enough is enough. The border needs to be sealed,” an Obama administration official said. The Obamites estimate “that about 30,000 troops are needed to block ISIS movements.”

To this, a Turkish official pointed out the pot-calling-the-kettle-black irony we are already aware of – that the U.S. can’t (won’t) close its own border, yet they lecture the Turks. In response, a U.S. official said, “If we were at war with Mexico, we’d close that border.”

Yesterday, on Fox and Friends, Ben Carson reiterated the point that, “For us to sit there and proclaim sanctimoniously that you should close your border while we haven’t done that to protect the American people seems to me the height of hypocrisy.”

But, in a manner of speaking, we are at war with Mexico – it’s a drug/gang war, and we’re losing. Because of our porous southern border, countless thousands of Mexican gang members have flooded into America, ferrying billions of dollars worth of drugs, countless acts of violence and the Mexican government has done little or nothing to stop it. In my opinion they are complicit.

And for a fee, they are more than happy to bring in any jihadist to the party who can pay the fare.

As the U.S. and Mexican governments search for Joaquín Guzmán, known as El Chapo, his drug cartel continues to invade America. Many defense analysts have decried the amount of territory that ISIS has been able to take, but its nothing compared to the drug Caliphate the Sinaloa Cartel has amassed in the U.S. The cartel is named for the State of Sinaloa, on the west coast of Mexico, where a former Sinaloan governor estimated that at least 62% of the states economy is supported by drug money.

Cartel Map

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Our DEA’s own “cartel map” shows that they control virtually everything east of the Mississippi, most of California and all of Hawaii. So organized are they, that the cartel has even set up what the feds call “Resident Offices, District Offices and Field Division Offices.”

But our historic Black president does seem to see the problem. Well, he better, because these Mexican gangs don’t appear to agree that “Black Lives Matter.” It was reported in 2013 that racist Latino gangs in California are targeting blacks.

The Latino “Varrio Hawaiian Gardens” gang members, named for Hawaiian Gardens, a city of about 15,000 in southeastern Los Angeles County, take pride in their racism and often referred to as the “Hate Gang.” VHG gang members have expressed a desire to rid the city of Hawaiian Gardens of all blacks and have engaged in a systematic effort to achieve this through intimidation and crimes. What, you haven’t heard this? You would if they were white – and legal.

For generations Compton California, population 97,000, has been known as majority black city, but the latest census data show it is now 65% Latino. “Law enforcement officials say attacks on black families are being ordered by the Mexican Mafia prison gang,” to drive them out of Compton, as well as other areas. “If black families move into what the Latino gangs declare to be their city, then the blacks are driven out by being intimidated or beaten.” Many blacks have gotten the message and left so they are not targeted by the gangs.

Whole cities are being cleansed by Latino (Mexican) gangs, but there is no problem at the border. We are not at war with Mexico and I guess despite all the bluster, Black Lives Really Don’t Matter – to some.

3 comments on “But We Are At War With Mexico

  1. We Sure as Hell Need to Be at War With Mexico as it isn’t Doing a Thing to Prevent its People from Leaving the Country and Entering the US Illegally Not to Mention the Drug Lords Moving Their Business Directly into the US!
    If They Are Not Stopped and the Lame Liberals Happen to Get Lucky and Take Over Our US Constitutional Republic They Will Be So Weak in the Area of Fighting to Protect That Which is Theirs the Drug Lords Will Take Over the Country Just as They Have Mexico!

    • Pick—you are so right!! Our “Pres” is sure as H transforming our country
      as he intended & has almost finished us off! From “harmless” people
      from the southern border to “poor” refugees from the middle east & of
      course since we want none of this we are heartless. Oh & we must pay
      for them with food stamps, medical, housing,ect! ENOUGH ALREADY!!
      Meanwhile many of our people have gotten themselves hooked on those
      darn drugs. We people really need to wake up & smell the coffee!

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