Best Headphones Ever

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Nuraphones: a set of headphones that sounds amazing to everyone we've put them on
Nuraphones: a set of headphones that sounds amazing to everyone we’ve put them on(Credit: Loz Blain/New Atlas)

After a record-breaking Kickstarter campaign and more than a year of painstaking design, testing and production work, Nura has finally gone into production with its first consumer headphones, and I’ve had my hands on a set for the last month. These are not press freebies, either – after playing with the prototypes last year, I immediately slapped down my own money for a set. That’s a first for me.

But these are not like any other headphones you’ve ever used, because they sound totally different when you wear them to when I do. The first thing Nura headphones do is give you a minute-long hearing test over 12 points on the audio spectrum, to work out exactly which frequencies you’re more or less sensitive to, and then they adjust themselves to give you more of what you need and less of what you don’t.

 Every ear is different, in anatomy as well as in accumulated hearing damage. And the difference is absolutely massive, as we discovered when we first passed these things around the New Atlas office. These headphones sound incredible to everyone on the team who’s tried them – it’s like a magic trick that pulls amazing detail and fullness out of music you’ve heard a thousand times before. But if you try to listen with somebody else’s hearing profile turned on, they sound awful. Too tinny, to middy, too bassy, too muddy.

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