Auto Fabrica’s Type 11 Motorcycle

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Auto Fabrica's Type 11 Prototype 3: a track-only proof of concept
Auto Fabrica’s Type 11 Prototype 3: a track-only proof of concept(Credit: Yamaha)

Yamaha is keen to highlight the custom building potential of its XSR900 cafe racer, sponsoring a series of “yard built” customs that take it in a number of different directions. This one’s wacky enough to really catch our eye. UK custom house Auto Fabrica put together a retro-futuristic cafe racer it’s calling the Type 11.

Inspired by automotive shapes of the ’50s and ’60s, the Auto Fabrica team hand-beat the metal for the distinctive forward-canted front bullet fairing shape.
Auto Fabrica's Type 11: makes a very sexy retro-futuristic shape out of the XSR900 platform

The seat unit is razor-thin and hypodermic-sharp. The wheels are carbon jobs from RST. The 3-into-3 exhaust is handmade and the fuel filler hides under a flip-up panel in the tank.

The dash is a Motologic unit flush fitted to the tank, the front fender is so thin it might as well not be there, and the way the round headlight fits into the aggressively curved front of the fairing is a refreshing and interesting touch.

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