Atlas Robot Jogs Through Woods

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Boston Dynamic's humanoid Atlas robot is shown taking a jog through the woods in a new...
Boston Dynamic’s humanoid Atlas robot is shown taking a  jog through the woods in a new video(Credit: Boston Dynamics)

Every few months, Boston Dynamics reveals a new video illustrating yet another impressive ability from its quickly evolving line of robots. The latest duo of clips are no exception, this time showing its Atlas robot taking a casual jog in the woods, while SpotMini is shown autonomously taking a long exploratory mission around an office building.

The first video highlights the humanoid Atlas robot, and its ability to navigate dynamic outdoor terrain. The speedy evolution of Atlas over the past few years has been both impressive and unnerving. It was only a few short years ago that the company revealed its first untethered iteration of the robot, precariously learning how to balance and traverse tricky terrain.

But last year things really kicked up a notch with a video revealing the robot’s newfound ability to swiftly nail a complete backflip. Now we can watch Atlas take a casual jog through the woods, demonstrating its ability to maintain balance while running and navigating rolling outdoor terrain.

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