Are You Dreaming of a Gay Christmas?

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If so, you may soon get your wish. Maybe not this season, but probably next. I personally know that when I think of Christmas, that’s the first thing that springs to mind. Maybe John Legend and Kelly Clarkson have their next hit: I’m Dreamin of a Gay Christmas!

from Conservative Review:

Hallmark Channel CEO says company is ‘open’ to making gay Christmas movies

Santa and Hallmark Channel

Paul Archuleta | Getty Images

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter’s “TV’s Top 5” podcast, Hallmark Channel chief executive Bill Abbott said the company is “open” to doing movies with gay lead characters.

“I’m gay, where are the same-sex movies?” one of the interviewers in the podcast asked. “Have you talked about incorporating stories about same-sex couples at Christmas?”

“We’re open to really any type of movie of any type of relationship in any space,” Abbott said in response.

The podcast, posted on Nov. 15, focused the conversation around Hallmark’s annual “Countdown to Christmas” programming block that started in 2009. This year, Hallmark will feature a whopping 24 new holiday films, up three from last year.

And with the holiday season comes a younger viewer demographic, Abbott noted, suggesting that families feel comfortable putting a Hallmark movie on knowing they won’t have to run for the remote in the case of an inappropriate scene suddenly popping up.

Were Hallmark to air a holiday movie with gay leads — something it has never done before — it would be a major shift for the brand, which is known for producing entertainment that is purposefully uncontroversial and family-friendly.

Abbott said himself in the podcast that Hallmark has been able to differentiate itself from other brands by producing entertainment that is “relentlessly positive, family-friendly, always appropriate for all members of the family.”

Part of its broad, uncontroversial approach is to make religiously ambiguous films, Abbott indicated in the podcast.

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