Apple Watch Series 3

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Apple’s Watch has been something of a slow burn among consumers – but, with the latest model that packs in cellular capabilities for the first time, expect that to change very quickly.

Where it’s primarily been a hit for its fitness and health tracking, the latest update is going to open up a whole new world – and see consumers leaving their phone at home.

Apple has managed to cram in cellular capabilities that let you make calls, use apps and get notifications anywhere you have coverage.

After just a week with it, I’ve already found myself not bothering to take my phone on runs, quick trips to the shop and even the odd night out.

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Apple has revealed its newest smartwatch will be equipped with its own built-in cellular capabilities for the first time. The $399 Series 3 Apple Watch will allow users to make calls directly from their wrist, without an iPhone nearby


– Has mobile data connectivity

– Will soon stream from Apple Music

– Siri can give ‘out-loud’ alerts

– New dual-core processor delivering up to 70 per cent more performance

– Two versions: $399 (£399 in the UK) with cellular, $329 (£329) without

– ‘All day’ battery life up to 18 hours

– Pre-0rders began on September 15, available September 22

– Comes in a wide variety of colours including silver, space grey, ceramic grey and a new gold colour

– Only size change is a back crystal extended 2.5mm, as thin as two sheets of paper

– Faster Wi-Fi while being 50 per cent more power efficient for both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 

It’s actually an incredibly liberating experience.

Leaving your phone at home usually involves living with the fear of missing out on an important message.

With the new Apple Watch, there’s none of that.

Of course, there are many times only a phone will do, and I did find myself missing having a camera with me on a couple of occasions, or wanting to read a book on the Kindle app.

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