Apollo 50th Anniversary Watch

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The Saturn V (left) and I.S.S. (right) models at night, demonstrating the luminous hands and star...
The Saturn V (left) and I.S.S. (right) models at night, demonstrating the luminous hands and star map dial, and the perpetually glowing, tritium gas-filled glass tubes (automatic version only) at the ends of the hour and minute hands(Credit: Xeric)

There’s a galaxy of products commemorating Apollo 11’s 50th anniversary, from coins to cushions, tumblers to tote-bags. But for those who really want to wear their astro-hearts on their sleeve (or wrist), the Trappist-1 NASA edition might just send them over the moon.

Brothers Mitch and Andrew Greenblatt are no strangers to the world of watches, having founded Watchismo (now back in 1999. Ironically, Mitch had prided himself in not ever needing, nor owning, a watch, until he was mesmerized by a watch at fair in London the year before. This kicked off an interest in collecting and selling unusual watches which soon became one of those classic eBay-hobby-to-internet-kings stories.

The Apollo 11 model from the Trappist-1 NASA Edition range – quartz movement version

But curating and selling watches wasn’t enough. The brothers wanted to design and make them too. This was the impetus behind the creation of the brand Xeric in 2013. The brand soon made a big splash in the crowd-funding universe – at least in the watch category – having raised over US$2 million across 3 Kickstarter campaigns.

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