Anti-Cop Sentiment Spreads to Pittsburgh

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

It’s become an all-out assault on local police forces across the country. It began in Ferguson and quickly spread from city to city. Violent protests turning to unprovoked attacks on police.

All this cheered on by Al Sharpton and his race hustling traveling roadshow. Then it jumped from black race baiters to progressive white politicians.

We’ve all been witness to the rift between ultra-liberal New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and his unwarranted attacks on his own police force, the NYPD.

No one is denying that there is racism everywhere and that the police are no exception. However, it is a minuscule segment of any force and the same for society in general.

Yet these politicians insist on perpetuating the myth that racism and “race relations” are worse than ever. By some warped logic they must feel that by throwing their own cops under the bus, it will help the problem that they are creating.

And so it is with yet another city and another progressive Mayor. This time in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Some of us have seen the ridiculous picture of the new Pittsburgh Chief of Police, Cameron McLay, photographed holding up a homemade sign on New Year’s Eve that said “I resolve to challenge racism @work,” with the words “# end white silence” underneath.

hashtag 2

Look Michelle – I’m just like you!!

Is this guy an idiot or just another GWL (Guilty White Liberal)? He’s only been on the job since September and has already ruined the relationship with his own force.

The cops didn’t appreciate the Chiefs sentiment. The AP writes: “Fraternal Order of Police president Howard McQuillan said that the sign paints city police as racists and violates a policy governing police participation in social media,” and said “The chief is calling us racist. He believes the Pittsburgh Police Department is racist. This has angered a lot of officers.”


Oh Cameron – that’s Great!!

But what might we expect of a police chief who was appointed by ultra-progressive Pittsburgh Mayor, Bill Peduto. In fact, writes Alan Greenblatt at “Pittsburgh’s Bill Peduto represents something that’s happening on a national scale. He was part of a large class of liberal activists elected mayor in big cities last year – Bill de Blasio in New York most famously, but also Ed Murray in Seattle, Marty Walsh in Boston and Betsy Hodges in Minneapolis, among others. They all ran successfully on similar platforms, promising to address issues such as income disparities, environmental sustainability and early childhood education.”

Greenblatt continued writing that Pittsburgh has been a Democratic city as long as anyone can remember, but it was a union town full of Democrats with a conservative streak, especially on social issues. Now Peduto is helping to reshape Pittsburgh into an assertively liberal city, one whose leaders talk about green energy, inequality and economic justice.”

Well, knowing that, who else would such a Mayor choose to head up his city’s police force?

Cops already have a target on their backs, and now the police chief is just ramping up the discontent and distrust of his force.

Maybe though, the cops just need a thicker skin, as writes liberal reporter Tom McKay at
He writes that “It’s becoming clear that some police can’t take criticism without melting down, or, in the case of the anti-racism poster, even put up with the pretense that they care much about the public’s concerns in the first place.”

Yeah – they can dish it out but they can’t take it, right?

Criticism of the police is one thing, but these liberal mayors, as is this lefty police chief, are propagating the myth of epidemic racism throughout these police departments, inciting rabid hatred toward the cops and by their actions, encouraging angry lunatics to strike out and in the one case (so far) assassinate police officers. I’d be a little sensitive too, if it were my life the Chief was putting on the line by posing with his dimwitted sign.

Other than soldiers in a war zone, being a city cop is becoming one of the most dangerous professions in America, and these inflammatory signs and slogans are making things much worse.

If you politicians think you can do it better, don a uniform and hit the streets. See how long you last out there. And that goes for chief McLay, who is more politician than cop.

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