Another Mass Shooting – Is It Terrorism?

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

Here we go again. Another mass shooting in the United States, yet this one appears to me to be different. Take a look at all the “mass” shootings  in the past 3-1/2 years, beginning in 2012, in America. I just picked that number at random. Discounting this latest incident, what do they all have in common?

NOV. 29, 2015: Colorado Springs, Planned Parenthood, single shooter 3 dead.

OCT. 1, 2015: Roseburg Oregon College, single shooter, 9 dead.

JUNE 18, 2015: Charleston S.C. Church, single shooter, 9 dead.

MAY 23, 2014: Isla Vista / UC Santa Barbara, single shooter, 6 dead.

APRIL 2, 2014: Fort Hood TX, single shooter (not Nadal Hasan – that was in 2009), 3 dead.

SEPT 16, 2013: Washington DC, single shooter, 12 dead.

JUNE 7, 2013: Santa Monica CA, single shooter, 5 dead.

DEC 14, 2012: Newtown Ct (Sandy Hook), single shooter, 27 dead.

OCT 21, 2012: Brookfield Wisc., single shooter, 3 dead.

SEPT 28, 2012: Minneapolis MN, single shooter, 6 dead.

AUG. 5, 2012: Oak Creek Wisc., single shooter, 6 dead.

JULY 20, 2012: Aurora Co (movie theater), single shooter, 12 dead.

APRIL 2, 2012: Oakland Ca. Oikos University, single shooter, 7 dead.

You got it. They were all perpetrated by a single shooter. As morbid as it sounds, it’s a lot easier to pull off, as it makes planning and carrying out the evil deed much easier. There is no coordination necessary. All of these shooters were mentally disturbed, at minimum, and had no plan to or intention of escape. This attack does not fit the profile.

The last time there was a “mass shooting” incident involving more than one assailant was the Columbine massacre in 1999, 16 years ago.

This shooting appears to have been well coordinated between at least three individuals, complete with at least one getaway vehicle. Two are dead that I saw – evidently a man and a woman, as one was motionless on a street and another flopped lifelessly to the ground as he was pulled from the bullet-ridden SUV. At the time of this writing, there appears to be a man hunt for a third who is thought to have escaped into a nearby neighborhood but has since been detained. None of the shooters have been identified.

One reporter said they don’t yet know if the shooting was terrorism, domestic terrorism or just someone with a grudge. I don’t believe it will turn out to be the same type of grudge motivation as all the lone wolf shooters in the past.

To me this looks an awful lot like a coordinated terror attack on yet another “soft” target.
Earlier in the day someone apparently picked up some police chatter on a local scanner that mentioned a suspect named Farooq Saeed. According to alleged statements by Inland Regional Center (the site of the shootings) witnesses, Saeed was inside the building, possibly an employee, and was “acting strangely” before the shooting began. Law enforcement officials added that there is no proof at this time that the San Bernardino mass shooting is linked to an ISIS terror or any terror attack.

As I stated, this situation is extremely fluid and these reports may be completely erroneous.

My problem is with who we have in charge both in California and Washington. Obama and many on the left have already gone on record saying that more gun control would have taken care of this. If this turns out to be the work of radical Islamists, will the truth be released, or will the left go into deny and cover up mode.

I mean, at this point, what difference does it make?

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