Ancient Tools in Mongolia

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A selection of tools found at the Mongolian site Tolbor-16
A selection of tools found at the Mongolian site Tolbor-16(Credit: UC Davis)

The story of human history is patchy at best, but now another patch may have been filled in. Archaeologists have found ancient tools at a dig site in Mongolia, indicating that humans were on the scene about 45,000 years ago, which is much earlier than current evidence suggests. There’s also a chance that the site is one spot where our ancestors met and mingled with the mysterious Denisovans.

The site, known as Tolbor-16, is situated along the Tolbor River in the Northern Hangai Mountains of Mongolia. Excavations conducted between 2011 and 2016 unveiled thousands of stone artifacts, made with long and regular blades. These kinds of tools have been found in other nearby regions, such as Siberia and Northwest China, which suggests that humans were widespread across the continent.

Ancient tools discovered in the mountains of Northern Mongolia may rewrite the human migration timeline

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