Afghanistan – What Are We Doing There?

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

Yesterday, Fox News reported that “An Afghan soldier opened up on American troops at a compound Wednesday, killing one and wounding two others before being shot dead…”

“The insider attack happened after meeting between Afghan provincial leaders and a U.S. Embassy official in the compound of the provincial governort1larggreen2 in Jalalabad…”

However, an eyewitness told the AP that in fact four U.S. troops had been targeted, not three. This is now the second insider (green on blue) attack this year. The first happened in January when an Afghan soldier killed three contractors before being shot dead.

“Right after the US official had left, suddenly an Afghan Army soldier opened fire on the U.S. soldiers who were present in the compound,” reported the Associated Press.

I understand why we went into Afghanistan in 2001. At the time it was the epicenter of Al Qaeda terrorism and we had to strike back after the 9/11 attacks. I get that. But now, 14 years later, why are we still there – what are we fighting for?

Back in 2013 CNS News reported on a speech given by Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, commander of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). “He indicated that winning the war is no longer about defeating al Qaeda,” but “that winning the war involves nation-building.”


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Nation-building – really? Is this really what we think we can accomplish in Afghanistan of all places? What kind of nation do we think we can build over there?

Are our leaders still convinced that we can train the Afghan army, who shoot our soldiers when their backs are turned, to somehow keep the peace and defend some bogus want-to-be democracy for a nation which has been ruled by warring tribes for 1000 years or more?

Frankly, I’m getting tired of hearing and reading about our brave young men and women being sent over to these hellholes only to be picked off by dirt bag terrorists who easily infiltrate an Army who is supposed to be fighting with us, not against us.

So I ask again – why are we there? Maybe nation-building is too big a task. Maybe we remain there to help fight for the freedom and rights of the good Afghan people.

Maybe we are over there still fighting and dying for the rights of someone like an Afghan woman who lives in Kabul. This poor young woman named Gulnaz, at the age of 16 was raped by a ruthless attacker, Asadullah, who also impregnated her. The attacker also just happens to be married to her cousin.

Although I feel bad for the woman, what happened next really makes one want to deploy to Afghanistan, fight and die for the Afghan people.”

rape victim

Gulnaz, her daughter and rapist Husband

After being forcibly raped by her attacker, instead of receiving sympathy and support from family and community, Gulnaz was not allowed to return to her shamed family and was consequently sentenced to two years in prison in a Kabul court for the crime of “adultery by force.” Welcome to Sharia law, where the only one punished is the victim. Makes you want to run right over and die for the cause.

The UK Daily Mail reported that the only hope of a reduced sentence was for this poor 16-year-old girl to marry her attacker, which she did in early 2013.

So she is sentenced to prison and has the choice of doing time, both her and her new daughter condemned to live a life in shame, or marrying the dirtbag who attacked her. And by the way – she appealed the sentence, which after she naturally lost, was increased from 3 to 12 years in the slammer. She must now stay married.

I do feel for this woman and her now 3 children she’s had from her fine husband, who’s still married to her cousin, but this is a backwards, 7th century hell hole we will never change, nor even drag into last century much less this one.

Someone please tell me why we continue to deploy our troops to fight for this way of life – troops that I know from my own state. There is no mission we can ever hope to accomplish in Afghanistan. It’s high time we got the heck out of there before one more soldier even gets a hang nail, fighting for a nation where freedom doesn’t and won’t exist.

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