A Wooden Skyscraper?

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The current estimated construction cost of the W350 is an eye-watering 600 billion Yen (around US$5.6...
The current estimated construction cost of the W350 is an eye-watering 600 billion Yen (around US$5.6 billion)(Credit: Sumitomo Forestry)

New “world’s tallest” timber towers sprout up quite regularly nowadays, but Japanese lumber and housing firm Sumitomo Forestry could smash all current records if its ambitious plan to build a supertall timber skyscraper in Tokyo is realized. Rising to an impressive 350 m (1,148 ft)-tall, the tower would be a real feat of wooden construction.

If it does end up being built, the skyscraper, dubbed W350, will comprise 455,000 sq m (4,897,579 sq ft) of floorspace, spread over 70 floors. This will be split between retail, residences, office space and hotels. The roof will be topped by a green space and the facade will be dotted with greenery too.


According to Sumitomo Forestry, the building would be made mostly from wooden materials, with some steel...

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