A Perfect Coffee Straw

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The JoGo straw aims to be an ultralight, low-hassle way of enjoying coffee anywhere
The JoGo straw aims to be an ultralight, low-hassle way of enjoying coffee anywhere

A light, ultra-portable way of getting a morning cup of coffee, the new JoGo packs coffee-brewing power into a sleek straw. It pops out of a pocket and uses an integrated filter to deliver the rich morning flavor you want without the gritty grounds you’d rather not chew on. Designed by two wilderness guides and adventurers, it’s perfect for on- and off-grid journeys on which traveling lightly is mandatory.

The JoGo lets coffee drinkers mimic the lightweight ease of instant coffee but with the fuller flavor of the ground beans of their choice. Weighing a mere 2 oz (57 g), the 8-in (20-cm) straw features a micron metal mesh filter that keeps the grounds out while you sip, leaving smooth coffee with a full flavor JoGo likens to that of French press.

Using the JoGo is about as simple as making coffee gets. Add the ground coffee directly to a mug or tumbler, pour in hot water, stir the mixture around with the JoGo, drop the straw in the mug and get sipping. You might need to let the coffee cool, just like you would if drinking it directly from the mug, but JoGo’s silicone tip helps prevent burned lips from the stainless steel straw body. JoGo promises that its patent-pending filter keeps the grounds out without clogging up, letting the coffee flow naturally.

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