A Letter to Red State

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An open letter to Erick Erickson of Red State from my fellow conservative brother, Jeffrey M. Weingarten, President of the  Morristown Tea Party. 

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August 8, 2015


Erick Erickson
Editor-in-Chief, Red State
I was surprised at your “dis-invitation” to Donald Trump to this weekend’s “Red State” Gathering.

For whatever reasons, he is – by far – the most popular NON-Democratic Party Presidential candidate.  You – most of all – should NOT be judging / determining who will represent We – the People, especially, when your criterion seems to be PC (political correctness).   Aren’t you sick and tired of that?  Why didn’t you keep an open mind and open forum and let us “Useful idiots” determine – for our own ‘misguided’ – or not – selves -who WE WANT to represent us.
Also, Erick, you may have – wittingly, or not – paved the way for the demise of the TWO PARTY SYSTEM.  Donald Trump might now definitely realize that he is not and does not want to be part of the traditional TWO PARTY SYSTEM. You may be the proximate reason for “the Donald” to start his own “Fiscal Sanity” party.  
This, in turn,  might lead to others – on both sides of the LEFT-RIGHT divide – starting/leading their own party based primarily on their own strengths, e.g., Ted Cruz might decide to head the (true) Conservative Party while Jeb Bush might lead the Compassionate Republican party and Chris Christie might lead the LAW & ORDER party, etc.  The same scenario might then carry over to the LEFT.  Hillary Clinton could lead the “Peoples’ Party”, Bernie Sanders the “Socialist Party”, Joe Biden the “Pen & Phone” Party, etc.

Since it is doubtful – or not – that any one candidate would receive the required 270 electoral votes outright, they might realize – before the election – that forming alliances is the way to go (just like many European countries, Israel, etc).  That would make for some very interesting – behind the scenes -negotiating lest the House of Representatives decide the outcome.  And Donald Trump is the recognized master negotiator.
Yes, it could be time to relegate the U.S. two party system to the dustbin of history.
Jeffrey M. “Jeff” Weingarten
President, Morristown Tea Party Org

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