A Game of Thrones Dark Night

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The massive dark night battle illustrated the limits of compression technology
The massive dark night battle illustrated the limits of compression technology(Credit: HBO)

After months of teasing Game of Thrones recently aired what purportedly was the biggest and longest battle sequence in film history. But as soon as the episode aired the internet started to echo with criticism the battle was too dark and incoherent. While the makers adamantly claim the visual darkness in the episode was an intentional creative choice an enormous volume of fans are upset they couldn’t properly see what was going on.

So what went wrong? Did the creators of the show genuinely make an unprecedented mistake, underlighting the entire episode? Or did modern streaming technology, and old television sets, turn a gorgeously dark and tense battle into a murky, gray jumble?

“Everything we wanted people to see is there”

It’s not hyperbolic to suggest that The Long Night was one of the most highly anticipated television events of the last decade. The episode was the culmination of years of Game of Thrones plotlines, all reaching a crescendo in a massive battle between a zombie army and a disparate coalition of humans.

The Long Night was always going to be a dark episode, both figuratively and literally. The entire show’s catchcry of “Winter is coming” was fulfilled in one long, dark, harrowing battle. Winter is here and the army of the dead were bringing literal darkness to the world of Westeros.

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