A Dairy Shirt

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The Limitless Milk Shirt is claimed to be three times softer than regular cotton

The Limitless Milk Shirt is claimed to be three times softer than regular cotton(Credit: Mi Terro)

Every day, dairies dispose of milk that for one reason or another is deemed unfit for human consumption. A Los Angeles-based startup by the name of Mi Terro is taking some of that milk and using it to create T-shirts, that reportedly have some big advantages over regular cotton Tees.

The process starts by obtaining waste milk that gets fermented and then skimmed, removing its fat content. It is subsequently dewatered, resulting in a powdered milk that gets purified to remove all substances other than a naturally-occurring protein known as casein.

The powdered casein is next immersed in alkali, producing a solution that is passed through a spinneret to create fibers. Sulfuric acid is then used to remove the alkali from those fibers, which are finally stretched and spun into yarn.

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