A Cheaper High-End Turntable?

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I guess “cheaper” is relative.

Mark Levinson offers audiophiles a cheaper high-end turntable

The Mark Levinson № 5105 turntable is due for release by mid-2020
The Mark Levinson № 5105 turntable is due for release by mid-2020

Mark Levinson has been in the audio business for nearly 50 years, and if you’re not familiar with the company from its hi-fi gear, then you may have heard the Harman brand’s sound systems in cars like the Lexus RC350. The company launched its first turntable at CES 2017, and has now returned to Las Vegas with its second – № 5105.

Said to be the first turntable worthy of the Mark Levinson name, 2017’s № 515 features an aluminum chassis wrapped in vinyl-covered MDF and supported by vibration-damping Delrin and aluminum feet. Aluminum also find use in the 20-lb platter, and the high-torque AC synchronous motor that drives the belt slots into the side, enclosed in its own mechanically-isolated housing. A gimbal-mounted, 3D-printed tonearm completes a basic setup that carried a cool US$10k price tag when released (it’s pricier now).

f you’ve been putting the pennies aside for that turntable, but haven’t quite made it yet, the launch of № 5105 might be music to your ears.

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