4th Grade Tennessee Fan Gets Last Laugh

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This is a nice way to end the week. I heard about this incident two days ago when the story received national attention. I’m glad the Blaze followed up on it. I guess Universities aren’t all bad.

from the Blaze:

Fourth grader who was bullied for making homemade college football shirt gets an even bigger surprise: a scholarship from the University of Tennessee

The young boy who went viral for the response to his homemade University of Tennessee shirt has been offered a four-year scholarship to the school after making the news.

What are the details?

Florida teacher Laura Snyder shared the unnamed boy’s story on Facebook, where it took off.

“He told me every day leading up to [the school’s college colors day] that he had an orange shirt that he was going to wear [in honor of the UT Volunteers],” she wrote. “So when the day finally arrived, he was SO EXCITED to show me his shirt.”

The boy debuted a handmade shirt that became the scorn of some fellow students at the school.

“After lunch, he came back to my room, put his head on on his desk and was crying,” Snyder explained. “Some girls at the lunch table next to his (who didn’t even participate in college colors day) had made fun of his sign that he had attached to his shirt. He was DEVASTATED.”

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