Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

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Reducing pancreatic fat can be highly effective in the treatment of diabetes
Reducing pancreatic fat can be highly effective in the treatment of diabetes (Credit:Shutterstock)

A new study at Newcastle University in the UK has improved our understanding of Type 2 diabetes, providing a new insight into the positive effects that weight loss can have on sufferers. According to the researchers, reversing the condition can be as simple as losing a single gram of fat in the right place.

Type 2 diabetes affects an estimated 9 percent of the global population. It involves a build up of fat in the pancreas, which stops the organ from producing the required quantity of insulin. While it’s already known that weight loss can have a huge positive impact on the condition, new research shows that a certain kind of weight loss is specific to Type 2 sufferers.

The study hinges on a trial involving 18 patients, half who were free from diabetes, and half who were Type 2 diabetes sufferers. The patients with the condition had been living with it for an average of just under seven years.

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