Mark Levin Says to Just Repeal ObamaCare

Mark Levin, was on the Fox News program, The Five, yesterday. He was brilliant as usually. But by brilliant, I mean brilliantly simplistic. He discussed repeal and replacement of ObamaCare with Eric Bolling, who appears to be shilling for the GOP and is more concerned with the outcome of the 2018 midterms already, than doing what the Republicans promised prior to winning majorities. In other words, party trumps country.

Rather then explain what Levin said, why not just watch the exchange: read more

Speaking of Middle East Peace

Dennis Prager has produced one the most comprehensive, yet easiest to understand videos regarding the Middle East problem and how to solve it. It echoes virtually everything we’ve been thinking and saying for years.

This video is a must see for those who simply don’t seem to get it, haven’t been shown the facts as they truly exist, and even those of us who already understand why there hasn’t been peace and probably never will.

Watch the Video

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A Unique Look at Woodrow Wilson

Stu Burguiere of the Blaze and side kick of Glenn Beck present a nice little history lesson regarding one of the left’s heroes, progressive icon and 28th President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson. I guess we really weren’t any smarter back then, for until Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton – there has never been a more evil Chief Executive (save for FDR).

Enjoy the history lesson: read more

Don’t Blame Reince – It’s In His Nature

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Depending on whom your candidate of choice was, last nights debate on CNBC, was a rousing success.

Oh, it didn’t start out that way – or so I’ve heard. I must admit I missed the first segment or two. Apparently I didn’t miss much. The “moderators” threw out badgering “gotcha” questions and the candidates answered. It wasn’t until my man Ted Cruz brought the house down that the debate got interesting.

It was a galvanizing moment for the GOP candidates, as Cruz came to the rescue of several of his fellow republican hopefuls.

And thanks, in part, to his audiographic memory, he was able, with relative ease I might add, to dismantle the whole of the media and their leftist agenda, as he quoted, in order, all the inane and insulting quips that the leftist plants, posing as moderators, threw out at several of the other candidates. Go back and view it. Better yet – here you go. read more