Weapon Wednesday – Final Farewell to the F-4 Phantom


Hyakuri Air Base

Breathalyzer Can Detect Cancer

A new type of breath test could reveal a known precursor for esophageal cancer, new research has revealed
A new type of breath test could reveal a known precursor for esophageal cancer, new research has revealed

Esophageal cancer is a difficult one to detect during its early stages, with most diagnosed only once the disease is well advanced, making it a difficult one to treat. A new type of breath test developed by scientists in the Netherlands could offer a cheap and non-invasive way to screen populations for susceptibility to the disease, demonstrating an ability to detect one of its known precursors with great accuracy in early proof-of-principle trials. read more

Weapon Wednesday – USAF GAU-5A Compact M-4 Carbine


  • The GAU-5A is a modified M4 carbine designed to keep aircrews alive in emergencies.
  • The weapon was rebuilt to fit in the storage compartments of ejection seats.
  • In emergencies, the GAU-5A  can be used to ward off enemy search parties until rescue.

The U.S. Air Force developed a new assault rifle that breaks down into two pieces, allowing it to be stored in the ejection seat of modern jets. The GAU-5A carbine is designed to provide the firepower necessary for aircrew to defend themselves until rescue. read more

A Long-Range Shooter’s Dream

Trijicon's Ventus is the world's first hand-held wind mapper and rangefinder
Trijicon’s Ventus is the world’s first hand-held wind mapper and rangefinder

The Trijicon Ventus looks like a set of binoculars, but in actuality it’s the world’s first hand-held device capable of providing three-dimensional wind data at multiple points between a shooter and a target up to 500 yards (457 m) away. read more

New Corvette Hardtop Convertible

Corvette Convertible and C8R
Like the C7 before it, the C8 Corvette was engineered as a convertible from the get-go

Chevrolet chose an aircraft hangar in Florida as the location for the unveiling of the newest addition to the Corvette Stingray family, the 2020 Corvette convertible. read more

Simple Test for Heart Disease

The device should hit the market the year after next
The device should hit the market the year after next

We’re already quite familiar with the testing kits in which a woman pees on a “stick” to see if they’re pregnant. Well, Australian scientists have now developed a similar device, except that users spit on it to find out if they’re at risk of heart disease. read more

The Unassailable Squad

from the American Spectator:

The Squad Becomes the Untouchables

When I first heard that Donald Trump went after Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (I had not heard of Ayanna Pressley), I immediately expressed gratitude that someone had the guts to push back. These three congresswomen are unhinged, a fact further revealed a week earlier in the “testimony” of a brazen AOC and a half-sobbing, ready-to-burst Tlaib. The depth of the radicalism of the AOC-Tlaib-Omar troika, in full display after only a few months in Congress, is difficult to express. read more

WND Exclusive – Rumblings of ‘Civilization Jihad’ in Omar’s Rhetoric

from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

Tucker Carlson of Fox News recently lambasted the America-hating, anti-Semitic U.S. representative from Minnesota, Ilhan Omar.

Omar at CAIR Event

During his monologue, Carlson referred to Omar as being representative of America’s failed immigration system, bringing in someone who hates America and wants to abolish ICE and all deportation programs. He added that she wants open borders, allowing “unlimited arrival of anyone who wants to come to America, whether they have anything to contribute or not.” And if you don’t agree with her, “you’re a bigot.”

Carlson cited a recent profile of Omar in the Washington Post that described her view of the United States as a country that has “failed to live up to its founding ideals, a place that had disappointed her and so many immigrants, refugees and minorities like her.” read more