Largest Dinosaur Found

Move over T-Rex, see you later Stegosaurus, adios Argentinosaurus. Scientists have announced that the bones of a new, even larger dinosaur have been found.

Argentinosaurus currently holds the record for being both the heaviest land animal ever, and the longest, but the fossilized bones of the biggest dinosaur ever discovered have been found in Argentina.

Scientists believe the species of titanosaur weighed in at 170,000 pounds, as heavy as 14 African elephants.

A local farm worker found the remains which were captured by the BBC’s Natural History unit.

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The Thigh bones' connected to the...: A technician next to the femur of a dinosaur -- likely to be the largest ever to roam the earth

Boner: One of the paleontologists lies next to the femur of sauropod

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New Luxury RV

A million dollars should get you a pretty nice house in most places, but you’ll need to find a parking spot for this one.

A range of state-of-the art RVs have hit the market with an eye-watering starting price tag of $1,374,451 – but they are a whole different breed to the campers snow-haired retirees favored in the 1970s.

Rather than just a place to sleep while on the road, these mobile mansions have more amenities than your average Hamptons summer rental, decked out with upright pianos, treadmills, tanning beds, recording studios for musician types, and fireplaces.

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A million dollars should get you a pretty nice house in most places, but you'll need to find a parking spot for this one, a luxury RV

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Startled Amazon Tribe

Startled tribal men in a remote part of the Amazon basin in Brazil shake their spears as they are pictured from above.

The pictures, shot from a plane earlier this week, were taken of the isolated tribe on the Peruvian border.

It is thought the tribe have had little to no contact with with the outside world.

Startled: An isolated tribe reacts to a plane flying over their community in Brazil's Amazon basin on the border with Peru

Lake Skateboard Ramp

There is rarely any doubt that skateboarding is a sport with a capacity for coolness – especially if the skateboarder in question is a master of tricks and flicks.

The problem for less accomplished participants, of course, is that there is always the chance of a misplaced wheel or a loss of balance – and a painful collision with terra firma.

So how to remove the risk of crashing into the concrete while also ensuring that your skateboarding ramp still has that air of the thrillingly cutting edge?

Simple. Build it in the middle of a lake.

A high place for a day on wheels: Lake Tahoe sits at an elevation of 6225ft in the Sierra Nevada mountains

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Fish Tank Bursts

Diners at a Florida restaurant got a fishy surprise Monday when a huge aquarium burst open, sending the tanks water gushing across the room and even onto some customers.

T-Rex Café in the Downtown Disney entertainment complex in Walt Disney World turned from family-themed fun to outright chaos as the stream of gushing water from the circular tank forced workers to grab nets and empty trash cans in a desperate bid to save the aquarium fish.

As employees saved what they could, parents were forced to flee with their no-doubt distressed children from the inundated dinosaur-themed eatery.

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All wet: Chaos broke out in the sea-themed area of T-Rex Cafe on Monday night after a giant fish tank burst, making it more than just themed

Slot Machine Ripe for Payout?

An outdated three-reel slot machine is drawing in bigger crowds than a Celine Dion show at Las Vegas casino MGM Grand.

The Lion’s Share has failed to produce a single jackpot in almost 20 years, and has attracted a legion of dedicated gamblers who believe it’s going to pay out millions of dollars any day.

The Lion’s Share is the lone survivor of a slew of $1 progressive slot machines from the early 1990s.

Growing daily: The Lion's Share and its ever-growing jackpot


According to Nevada law, slot machines are required to pay out 75 per cent of the money that goes in to them.

Therefore, the Lion’s Share isn’t going anywhere, at least not until somebody wins the jackpot.

The machine is the oldest three-reeled slot on the MGM gaming floor and has the highest level of ‘occupancy,’ or daily time played, of all 1,900 of the casino’s machines, Justin Andrews, the MGM’s executive director of slots, told the Wall Street Journal. read more

Tasmanian Snotfish


Scientists are working to classify a new species of giant jellyfish that washed up on an Australian beach, describing it as a ‘whopper’ that took their breath away.

The 1.5-metre (4ft 11inch) specimen was found by the Lim family in the southern state of Tasmania when they were collecting shells on a beach in Howden.

They took a picture and contacted a marine biologist who said the type of jellyfish had been seen in the past, but she had never seen one so big, or one that has become beached.

The 4ft 11 inch (1.5-metre) specimen, pictured, was found by a family in Tasmania. Scientists now have enough pictures and samples to begin a proper analysis to classify and name the creature. Yet much remains unknown, including how it eats and breeds, and its habitat

Next-Gen Snorkel

Ok, this is Cool!

Exploring the world’s treasures in crystal clear oceans can be an exhilarating experience.

But not if you feel like you’re drowning from wearing snorkels that are difficult to use and constantly steaming up.

A new mask that lets you breathe through your nose claims to combat this problem and make first-timers feel like they’re professionals.

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The £33 Easybreath claims to feel more natural than traditional snorkeling and prevents fogging

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Is the Castaway Legit?

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Okay. This is simply an observation. We’ve read reports or at least heard of the real life castaway,  Jose Salvador Alvarenga.

NBC News reported that “he had survived for more than a year in an unforgiving sea, drifting 6,000 miles from a Mexican fishing village to a remote Marshall Islands atoll”.

Jose claimed he was out fishing in November of 2012 with his friend Ezequiel Cordoba when a sudden storm sent their 24 foot boat off course. Shortly after, the boats engine died and the two were set adrift in the pacific ocean.

Alvarenga says that his friend died several weeks after — succumbing to hunger and thirst because he could not stomach the raw fish and birds they caught with their hands, after which Jose threw Cordoba’s body overboard.

Allright. So this sounds like both a human tragedy and a miracle. I am however, just a bit skeptical.

We’ve seen pictures of this guy. Yes he looks haggard. unkempt and generally worse for wear. But take a closer look. Look at a before and after picture. read more

Hooray! Top Gear Is Back for Season 21

Top Gear, series 21, episode 1 review

Gerard O’Donovan reviews the first episode of the new series of Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson and James May’s motoring show

4 4 out of 5 stars
James May, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson and James May Photo: BBC

Turning 21 has never been any guarantee of maturity (alcohol-induced   infantilism is more common, in my experience). So it was no surprise that,   to celebrate the start of Top   Gear’s 21st season, the presenting trio of Jeremy Clarkson (53),   Richard Hammond (44) and James May (51) preferred not to embrace the wisdom   of age but, instead, to revisit lost youth – with a show that revelled in   the gloriously adolescent belief that the root of all entertainment lies in   high speed, low humour and massive explosions. In other words, for Top Gear   it was business as usual.  read more