Podcast – Trump Wants Merit-based Immigration – Orrin Hatch is a Liar

In his first address to Congress and the Senate, president Trump declared that he wanted America to return to a merit-based legal immigration system. Needless to say the left is not thrilled with this idea, as they no doubt would the current system of allowing lay-about family members would come here expressly to live off the system, and have no demonstrable skills. I discuss this proposal and the reasons why it the only system which makes any sense.

Yes – Utah Senator Orrin Hatch has lied to us about running for reelection at the age of 82. Mark Levin is not happy with the Senator and expresses his displeasure in a Facebook post. I discuss Mark’s post and add a few expressions of my own. read more

Trump’s Travel Expenses Should be Scrutinized as Obama’s Were

by: the Common Constitutionalist

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We on the right complained of the incredible expense over the years of Obama’s travel, and rightly so.

For eight long years the U.S. economy struggled while King Barack and the Royal family jetted off to wherever they liked, incurring millions of dollars of expense for every trip.

And we chided him for his callousness – that he should lead by example – and why can’t he and his family just utilize the fully equipped Presidential retreat, Camp David as his predecessors have done?

This is our money we said – not his that he is recklessly wasting. And in the end, the final tally for Obama travel was a truly staggering amount.

On December 29, 2016, Breitbart reported  that, “Taxpayers footed the bill for $96 million in mostly personal travel expenses for President Obama and his family over the eight years Obama has occupied the White House.”

Judicial Watch stated that, “documents from both the Secret Service and the Air Force relating to Obama travel expenses, bring the known total over the past eight years to $96,938,882.51…”

Just shy of $100 million in travel expenses! That’s incredible and sickening. read more

The Budget Deal From Hell

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Everyone and their brother are talking about the latest behemoth budget deal. The deal couldn’t be worse for the country if Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi crafted it themselves. Strike that – they did, or at least helped Ryan and McConnell.

Words can’t adequately describe what an abomination it is. For us conservatives – we have been genuinely betrayed, like Joseph in the Bible, practically stripped bare, thrown into a cistern and sold into slavery by his own brothers.

Some pundits on the right have attempted to explain the massive giveaways to the democrats as a mere bargaining chip to secure the right of domestic oil producers to export their products. That is a red herring. There isn’t enough oil on the planet that can make up for selling our sovereignty. And that’s exactly what these pitiful wastes of space are attempting to do.

Money aside, the Republicans have handed Obama and the democrats the handle on the immigration valve and effectively said, “Go ahead and open her up – full blast. Let them all in. We don’t care. Let in the Mexicans, the central and South Americans. Let in the Syrians, ISIS and al-Qaeda. And we’re giving you $1.6 billion to do it.” And you know that is just a starting figure. If this thing passes, it will end up being a lot more. read more

The IRS Can’t Do Without

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Money is mother’s milk for government. Obviously they can’t function without it. No entity can. We all get that. Yet it seems government is the only entity that claims it can’t function with even a little less.

And it’s like this for all governments: federal, state, local – it doesn’t matter. It’s as if they all went to the same seminar – how to soak the taxpayer and make them feel fear and guilt for not accepting public-sector extortion.soak the taxpayer

We’ve all heard it – the tried and true method of extortion that they will have to fire the police or firefighters if they don’t get what they want. Or, Social Security checks won’t be mailed, etc.

So here we are once again with yet another government department whining about having their budget cut. This time it’s the crooks at the IRS. read more

Republicans Reveal Their Plan to Crush Conservatives

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Well, this past weekend, the establishment wing of the Republican Party finally laid its cards on the table. They’ve finally thrown off the veil of faux conservatism to show the entire world just who they really are. The question is – are we now smart enough to see them for who they are?

With the passage of the CROmnibus in the House, during the lame-duck session, they’ve shown that they don’t care a whit about their conservative base, or the American people in general.

Few in the House objected (Louis Gohmert, Michelle Bachmann, etc.) and once again it was up to Ted Cruz (and Mike Lee) in the Senate to tell the truth.

Well, here’s another truth regarding CROmnibus. Some of you may already be aware of it.

Remember when Mitch McConnell said during the last primary season that he wanted to crush the Tea Party – that they (we) wouldn’t win a single primary – that they (the ruling class) will be the Tea Party everywhere? read more

Everyone Must Be Included…Almost

by: the Common Constitutionalist

In his rather mundane speech the other night, Barack Obama said among the other nonsense he spouted, that the new Iraqi government must be more inclusive. A stable Iraqi government must be one that represents the countries plethora of religious and ethnic minorities – that all must be represented.

He said: “Once an inclusive government is in place, I’m confident it will be easier to mobilize all Iraqis against ISIL. That’s why I’ve insisted that additional U.S. action depend upon Iraqis forming an inclusive government…”

John “Lurch” Kerry went to Iraq to meet with the new government and support their efforts to promote “unity”. He too wants them to be more inclusive.

Everywhere it seems someone is promoting the idea of inclusivity. In 2011, the HuffPo posted an article of their belief that Israel must “Create a More Inclusive Atmosphere”, meaning to “include” more Arabs.

Yossi Vardi, an entrepreneur who is heavily invested in the booming Israeli “tech” economy has been working to “include” sectors of Israel’s population who are “largely outside the workforce”. He insists that the Ultra-Orthodox Jews and Israel’s Arab population have been left out. “Israel tech needs to be more inclusive”, he claims. read more

Stop Badgering Our President

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Journalists, pundits, political talking heads, Talk Radio hosts, et al have been asking, “Where is Obama? Where is the president? Shouldn’t he get his a**off the golf course, get back to the White House and lead – do what he was elected to do?”

We’re hearing it everywhere. Sean Hannity says to get off the golf course and get engaged – get in the situation room.

Mark Levin explains the way only he can: “This man should have been in the situation room with the press there, with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, with head of his national security team, with the director of the CIA. He should have been there with the president pro tem, and the Senate majority leader and the Republican leader. He should’ve been there with the Speaker of the House and the Democrat leader in the house. And he should’ve been there and made a statement – not from the friggin golf course! Mr. President – get your a**off the golf course, get the hell back into Washington DC, act like a president, or get the hell out!”

Dispassionate as always, Mr. Levin. read more

Conservatives Are like Terrorists… Who Knew?

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Wednesday evening I decided to watch a much commercialed debut of the television show “Legends” on TNT. It’s kind of a Cop/FBI/CIA/secret agent show.

Anyway, the star, an FBI agent, or whoever he was, played by Sean Bean from Game of Thrones, which I’ve never seen, has for months been undercover in a gang of homegrown terrorists, attempting to uncover their dastardly plot. Were these terrorists and al-Qaeda sleeper cell? Nope. Maybe they were converts to radical Islam? Uh… No. Could they have been the second coming of the Weather Underground? Maybe Bill Ayers came out of retirement?

No – these were a group of all white, hillbilly looking, camo wearing antigovernment militia. Why of course they were, because that’s the number one threat to America – or is it the Tea Party?

It must be nice for the left to have a tailor-made threat as a fallback whenever they need a bad guy, or group of them. The only thing missing were the swastika armbands and portraits of Hitler adorning their hideout.

It’s funny that with all the radical elements both here and abroad, they picked the one who has never really done much of anything. read more

Set Adrift Without A Party

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Yes, we are the RINOs, the Republicans-In Name Only. Quite an astute observation by Erik Erickson from Wednesday’s RedState Morning Brief.

He was of course speaking of the Mississippi Republican Senate primary between Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel. Everyone is. Well, not everyone. I’m sure TMZ or Entertainment TV nary gave it a whisper.

No, I’m speaking of us geeks. You know, we, who actually care about preserving what’s left of the United States. We, who are more concerned with the deteriorating state of our country than the ‘R’ or the ‘D’ that follows our name.

At this point, after Tuesday night, I think it’s safe to say we really don’t have an affiliation.

You might say – what about the Tea Party? Well, I suppose, but that’s not a party. It’s a set of ideals, of principles, a movement.

So, if this is what our once great antislavery party – the party of Lincoln, of Coolidge and Reagan has morphed into, I want no part of it.

The establishment Republicans, it seems, have officially chosen sides and figuratively taken up arms against us. In essence, they have declared war against conservatives. read more

Tea Party Continues Winning

The following is a rather interesting, upbeat view of the conservative position that we (me included) sometimes lose sight of, in the post-McConnell win over Matt Bevin. It’s something to reflect upon. I sure will.  I was reminded yesterday that although the McConnell win appeared to be a beat down of the Tea Party movement, he only garnered 60% of the vote to Bevin’s 40%. In other words, a man we didn’t even know a year ago, took almost half of the votes from a powerful, long standing member of the establishment.


from The American Thinker:

Tea Party Continues Winning

Yes, you heard that right.  The tea party is (still) winning, even during and after this year’s 2014 Republican primary season. 

The tea party is not a political party. It never has been. The tea party never set as its goal defeating every single incumbent Republican officeholder. The fact that the tea party has taken the scalps of about 50 House Democrats in the 2010 election and several giants in the Republican establishment during 2010 and 2012 is a bonus. That is far in excess of what the tea party movement ever expected to accomplish.

The tea party movement was born in the Spring of 2009, out of Rick Santelli’s famous rant on CNBC on February 18, 2009, calling on citizens to gather and throw tea into Lake Michigan near Chicago as a tea party protest. A few activists claim credit for hatching precursor efforts earlier than that, mainly supporters of Ron Paul.  But Rick Santelli’s nationwide television broadcast was the rocket’s blastoff. read more