Dick Durbin Bullies Walgreen

from IBD:

Well, the thugs and bullies in the White House and on Capitol Hill have scored another victory — if you can call it that — over a major American company.

After a month of assaults and threats from the D.C. political class, venerable drug retailer Walgreen Co. announced it will remain headquartered in Illinois for the time being instead of entering a tax-inversion merger with Europe’s Alliance Boots that would move it abroad to lower its tax bill.

Good news for Washington, but the millions of Walgreen shareholders aren’t partying it up. read more

Lame Excuse Legislation

Texas Representative Steve Stockman introduced legislation today that would allow taxpayers to give the Internal Revenue Service the ‘same ‘lame’ excuses for not for handing over documents as the IRS is giving Congress.

If the IRS is allowed to claim that ‘convenient, unexplained, miscellaneous computer malfunction is sufficient justification not to produce specific, critical documentation,’ Stockman’s bill says, taxpayers should be able to, as well.

‘Taxpayers shouldn’t be expected to follow laws the Obama administration refuses to follow themselves,’ Stockman, a Republican, said in a statement announcing The Dog Ate My Tax Receipts Act.

‘Taxpayers should be allowed to offer the same flimsy, obviously made-up excuses the Obama administration uses.’

Texas Rep. Steve Stockman, right, introduced tongue-in-cheek legislation today called The Dog Ate My Tax Receipts Act. Stockman is pictured here chatting with Rep. Steve Chabot of Ohio before a House Foreign Affairs Committee in April

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