Weapon Wednesday – Cadet Develops New Body Armor

Air Force Academy Cadet 1st Class Hayley Weir created a goo-like substance that can stop bullets
Air Force Academy Cadet 1st Class Hayley Weir created a goo-like substance that can stop bullets (Credit: US Air Force)

A US Air Force Academy cadet demonstrated that school lessons aren’t just about retreading old ground, by turning a classroom exercise into a new ballistic armor made out of goo. In 2014, Cadet 1st Class Hayley Weir’s assignment to combine epoxy, Kevlar and carbon fiber into an anti-ballistic substance inspired her to develop the task into a new type of flexible bullet stopper. read more

Podcast – The Scam of Rising Sea Levels

The Paris Climate hoax has been front page news for days. The left has predictably gone bat-crap crazy over Trump’s decision to pull out.

So the hysterical warmists have taken to airwaves to promote their latest apocalyptic warning, that unless we sign on to the Paris Wealth-Distribution Treaty (and that’s what it really is), the sea levels will rise and we will all be swept away.

This dire warning is of course yet another lie concocted by alarmists posing as climate scientists – a lie which the eminent sea level scientist, Dr. Nils-Axel Mörner, has proven.

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The Business of Climate Change and the Rise of the Oceans

by: the Common Constitutionalist

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In 2015, posted an article  citing what coastal cities will look like after the sea levels rise.

They write that, “Sea-level rise is coming. Even if we keep global temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius above historic norms—the benchmark for avoiding catastrophic climate warming—we may still see oceans creep four feet farther inland by 2100 and rise 20 feet by as soon as 2200.”

I like the hysteric hyperbole – “catastrophic climate warming” and the fact (or non-fact) that we “may” still see oceans rising – which can equally mean that we may not. It’s a trick the warming alarmists always use figuring most will not pick up the “may” and instead hear “will.” And if you buy into this nonsense, this is what you hear.

The article cites a study published in the journal Science, where researchers compared CO2 levels of today with the last time they claim the levels were similar. It was apparently 120,000 years ago when the level was roughly the same as today, at approximately 400ppm.

They claim that, “Back then, the average global temperature was around 1 to 2 degrees higher than it is now, and the sea level was about 20 feet higher.” read more

Dinosaur Tooth Could Change American History

A chance discovery of a single tooth in Mississippi provides the first evidence of an animal closely related to Triceratops in eastern North America.

Until now, most experts believed North America was split by a vast sea.

However, this rare 68 to 66 million-year-old tooth suggests there was a bridge between the two sides.

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Until now, experts believed North America was split by a sea but this rare 68 to 66 million-year-old tooth (pictured), found in Mississippi suggests there was a bridge between the two sides

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First Video Tombstone

The world’s first digital tombstone featuring a 48-inch touchscreen has been unveiled in Slovenia.

Installed in a cemetery in Maribor, Slovenia’s second largest city, the futuristic gravestone can show pictures, video and other digital content.

And the weather-proof device is available for sale now for 3,000 euros ($3,189; £2,588), according to its creators.

A Slovenian citizen looks at the world's first digital tombstone at the Pobrezje cemetery in Maribor, Slovenia

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Limbaugh Gets It – Is it Global Warming, or is it Cooling?

by: the Common Constitutionalist

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Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh went off again over the myth of man caused global warming and this bogus Paris Climate Accord. So serious is this, that Rush, a hardcore Trump supporter, said that if Trump signs onto the Paris Climate Agreement, he may dump-Trump.

“It is crucial that the president not only not participate in this, he must actively withdraw from it … this is why the president — if he signs on to this, folks, I don’t know how I can continue to support him in other things.” Ditto for me.

He mentioned as proof that global warming is a hoax, the fact that the leftist media switches every several years between catastrophic warming and cooling. He’s right, although the cycle is actually between 30 and 40 years. And there is a cycle.

In fact, we have been warned of differing catastrophic climate change four times in just the past 120 or so years.

So let’s hop into the way-back machine or maybe Doc’s DeLorean. Let us take a journey in time via the irrefutable written record. Remember, if it’s in print it must be true. I’ll punch in the turn of the century, last century.

From the late 1800’s through the 1920’s Americans were convinced, via the print media, that we were heading for the next ICE AGE. Yes, Global Cooling! In 1895 the New York Times (the paper of record) wrote, “Geologists think the world may be frozen up again”. In 1912 the L.A. Times reported, “The fifth Ice Age is on the way”. Chicago Tribune, 1923: “Scientists say Arctic Ice will wipe out Canada all the way down to the Great Lakes”. 1924, New York Times: “Signs of a new Ice Age”. This reporting continued through the balance of the ’20’s. read more

Weapon Wednesday – New Guided Dumb Bomb

The “fly away” cost of a General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper is currently in the vicinity of $17 million, compared to an estimated price of roughly 10 percent of that figure for the Chinese CASC CH-4 (China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation’s Clever Hawk 4) combat UAV (Credit:General Atomics)

The announcement that testing of GBU-38 JDAM [Joint Direct Attack Munition] guided-bombs delivered using the American hunter-killer MQ-9 Reaper UAV got underway this month didn’t make a lot of general news coverage, but it is a reminder that drone warfare is getting much cheaper and far more precise. At US$20,000 each, the GBU-38 costs just a fraction of the $110,000 AGM-114 Hellfire missile which the MQ-9 currently delivers, with the additional strength that it can be used in inclement weather.

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Drones for Mars Exploration

The European Space Agency (ESA) has developed a ‘crash-proof’ drone to fly on missions to Mars and beyond.

The new drones could one day help Martian settlers explore lava tubes on the planet by mapping out tight spots that humans cannot reach.

The drone, surrounded by a protective spherical cage and equipped with thermal cameras, deliberately bumps into its surroundings in order to build a 3D-map.

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The European Space Agency (ESA) has developed a 'crash-proof' drone (pictured) to fly on missions to Mars and beyond. It is pictured being tested in a cave in Sicily

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Cuban Boas Hunt Together

Once thought to be solitary hunters, the Cuban boa has found power in numbers
Once thought to be solitary hunters, the Cuban boa has found power in numbers (Credit:Vladimir Dinets)

It sounds like the stuff of nightmares: a string of boa constrictors hanging from the mouth of a cave snatching bats out of midair as they leave and return to their roosts. But this exact behavior has been spotted in Cuba, and is remarkable not so much because of the method of the hunt but of the coordination of the hunters.

According to Vladimir Dinets, a research assistant professor of psychology at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, only a small percentage of snakes has ever been seen to hunt in coordination with their brethren. For the most part, the reptiles are considered solitary hunters. So when Dinets observed Cuban boas – the largest native terrestrial predator in the country – hanging from cave mouths to grab bat-based breakfasts and dinners, he investigated further. read more

World’s Thinnest Hologram

Created on a material just 25 nanometers thick, the world's thinnest hologram (not pictured) could lead ...
Created on a material just 25 nanometers thick, the world’s thinnest hologram (not pictured) could lead to films that overlay on a screen to create 3D images (Credit: sellingpix/Depositphotos)

True holograms – 3D images captured like photographs – are still a long way from replicating the flashy stage tricks that masquerade under the title. Although most holograms are still pretty tiny, a team from Australia’s RMIT and the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) have created the world’s thinnest holographic display, encoding a 3D image onto a material just 25 nanometers thick. read more