In Government Science, Junk is Better Than Real

by: the Common Constitutionalist


With the United States government able to simply ban the use or production of anything they find offensive or “bad for us”,  we appear to be well on our way to becoming worse and more restricted than any communist country in history, save for the whole killing of millions of their own people.

Federal agencies like the EPA are shutting down whole energy industries, the IRS is targeting citizens, Homeland Security is procuring tanks and ammo while pushing gun confiscation, The NSA is recording our every word and keystroke.

These departments are acting as their own little thiefdoms and it seems we citizens can do nothing about it.

Now it’s been announced the FDA will be banning the use of trans fats. Gee, what’s wrong with that? It’s for our own good, is it not? They’re simply looking after the health of us stupid citizens that don’t have the sense to come in out of the rain unless told to. Trans fats are bad and should banned, right?

Well, no for two important reasons. First, how dare the government tell us what we can and cannot eat, drink, etc. Second; with all the conflicting science, why should we even believe anyone who claims that trans fats, or anything consumed in moderation is bad for us? read more

Mystery Fish Caught Off Borneo

A mystery fish with terrifying tusk-like  spikes near its mouth and spines along its body has been caught off the coast of  Borneo.

The discovery has baffled fisherman in the  area and the authorities are also scrabbling to identify the foot-long  species.

Locals have temporarily named it the Armour  Fish, courtesy of its sharp spines on the  top and bottom of its body, which gets progressively smaller towards the  tail.

Anyone for supper? This frightening fish, complete with tusk-like spikes and spines along its body has been caught in the South China Sea off Borneo
Anyone for supper? This frightening fish, complete with  tusk-like spikes and spines along its body has been caught in the South China  Sea off Borneo read more

Wag the Dog

When your dog bounds towards you with his  tail wagging furiously, you’d naturally assume he was pleased to see  you.

Look closer, however, and that tail might be  trying to tell you something very different.

While all dog tails wag from side to side, it  seems they do so with a certain left or right bias depending on the message your  pet is trying to convey.

Dogs Wagging Tails
Researchers at the University of Trento in Italy claim  dogs use their tails to deliver signals to other dogs that are hidden from  humans


According to scientists, a wag with a  bias  to the right signifies happiness, and a wag more to the left, fear. Because dogs  move around so much, this often goes unseen by humans.

Fellow dogs, however, are fully tuned into  the subtle signaling. read more

Worlds Tallest Buildings

The skyscraper has long been symbolic of a  city’s wealth and power – and something that defines a skyline.

Throughout the 20th century, it was New York  that held the skyscraper crown. Its skyline was what most people imagined a  modern city to look like.

Just 13 years into the new century and  although the New York skyline is finally recovering from 9-11, if bigger really  is better there is only one direction to head in – East.

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Started this year the Kingdom Tower in Jeddah will be the first kilometre high building on earth
Started this year the Kingdom Tower in Jeddah will be  the first kilometer high building on earth read more

Robots Clean Your Home

From hovering to scrubbing the toilet, it  was recently revealed that women spend a year and a half of their lives cleaning  the house.

But imagine a device that could do it all for  you at the push of a button.

Your wildest domestic dreams could one day  become a reality thanks to an innovative new concept called The Mab – an  automated cleaning system that scans the house for dirty areas and sends mini  robots flying around to clean up.

It’s not rolling into production quite yet,  but the idea did win this year’s Electrolux Design Lab competition. read more

That’s a Full Moon!

If you’ve ever wondered what the night sky  would look like if the Earth and the moon were suddenly pulled drastically  closer together, then wonder no more.

An amateur astronomer has created a short  video that reveals exactly that – showing what we would see if the satellite was  as close to our planet as the International Space Station.

During the two-minute clip, YouTube user  Yetipc1 shows the moon having been moved from its current orbiting position –  384,400km above Earth – to 420km. read more

Cold Beer Anyone?

Two beer lovers have invented a gadget to  ensure a warm beer never has to be endured again.

Trevor Abbott and Ty Parker came up with the  idea for the Spin Chill while they were waiting for two warm beers to cool in  ice.

The gadget works by spinning the beer can in  ice to increase the rate of heat transfer significantly through convection – the  transfer of heat from one place to another by the movement of  fluids.

Mr Parker, from St Augustine, Florida, said:  ‘We’ve run into the problem multiple times during our college career where we  would be stuck with warm beers with only one way to cool them down, throw them  in ice water and wait. read more

Universal Flu Vaccine

A new ‘Holy Grail’ flu vaccine which gives lifelong protection against all strains of the virus could be available within five years.

Scientists from Britain and Europe are getting ready to start large-scale trials of a universal vaccine after early tests on humans proved successful.

If all goes to plan the new injection would stop the need for annual flu jabs and could save thousands of lives every year.

It could also be effective against highly dangerous forms of the disease, such as Spanish flu, even if they mutate, preventing global pandemics like the one which killed 100million people in 1918. read more

Man’s Greatest Invention

Man’s greatest invention may not have been fire or the wheel – but a toothbrush made of twigs.

According to new research by Spanish scientists prehistoric man had discovered that using a mixture of frayed and sharpened sticks to clean his teeth after a meal gave him healthy gnashers long after other animals had lost theirs to decay.

It was the start of man’s ability to live longer than other members of the animal kingdom, giving him time in which he could learn and invent, thus laying the foundations for modern civilization. read more

Worlds Oldest Sundial Found

A carved slab discovered in the Ukraine is thought to be the earliest example of a stone sundial ever found.

Thought to date back to 13th Century BC when the Late Bronze Age Srubna culture would have inhabited the area, the sundial may even have been a maker for a sacrificial grave, or used as a message to the gods.

Larisa Vodolazhskaya from the Russian Archaeoastronomical Research Centre proved it was a sundial after studying the the size and geometry of the stone and the position of its carvings.

The carved stone, pictured, was found in the Ukraine and is believed to date back to 13th century BC.
The carved stone, pictured, was found in the Ukraine and is believed to date back to 13th century BC. It is thought the sundial was used to mark the location of a sacrificial grave, or as a message to the gods or ancestors of the Late Bronze Age Russian Srubna culture read more