Podcast – Scott Walker – Think Progress – The Cuban Embassy

Today I discuss the possible presidential candidacy of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker vs his state legislature’s desire to pass right-to-work – Four things Think Progress touts as Obama victories, despite predictions to the contrary – and did you know we already have an Embassy in Cuba? read more

Podcast – Arizona and Illegal Immigration

Today I discuss Arizona governor Jan Brewer’s failed attempt to block the “Dreamers” from obtaining driver’s licenses and work permits:
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Podcast – Executive Amnesty & the Pirate of the House

Today I rant about the President’s executive amnesty but more so, the pitiful and frankly criminal response by the Republican squishes in the House that talk tough and get nothing done:
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Podcast – Opie and Anthony – ISIS – Chris Christie

Anthony of Opie and Anthony get’s canned – ISIS update, Recruiting children – Chris Christie does the Right Thing: read more

Podcast – Sierra Club – Benghazi – Gitmocare

Three stories of interest: The Sierra Club actually sues the EPA, Allen West’s new discoveries about the Benghazi Attack and medical care at Gitmo vs the V.A.

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