Podcast – ISIS Slave Auctions & It Won’t Be Hillary or Jeb

Today I discuss, or rather vent my spleen over the atrocities that the dirt bags in ISIS are perpetrating against the Yazidi and Christian female population in the Middle East, touching on and expanding on the article I recently wrote about the same. I also discuss the revelation the pundit class is coming to regarding Jeb and Hillary not being their partys’ nominees. read more

Podcast – Southern Border Conga Line – ISIS Expansion & Hookers for Hillary

Today I discuss the continued flood of illegals and that Texas is using real time camera surveillance to monitor and capture drug and gun runners. ISIS is expanding again – this time into Afghanistan with an inaugural bombing killing and injuring hundreds and of course Hillary has a new campaign slogan courtesy of the employees of the Bunny Ranch. Hookers for Hillary! read more

Podcast – ISIS Fighters Discriminate – A Happy Climate Update

In this episode I discuss how all ISIS terrorists are not created equal. There is discrimination in their ranks and a State Board of Education sets new rules that allow for actual climate debate in the classroom.

Enjoy the Podcast: read more

Podcast – Religious Freedom vs the Governator

On this exciting episode I discuss homosexual fascism, our promised religious freedom and the weak-kneed and uninformed response of squishy establishment republicans like former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger. I replaced the weekly Rate the Candidate segment with a judgement of other republican reaction. That and the recipe for how to deal with the loony left. read more

Podcast – Chuck-You Schumer and Our Terrorist Ally al-Nusra

Today I discuss the retirement of Dirty Harry Reid and the probable ascension of Charles Chuck-You Schumer to Democrat Minority Leader. I also discuss the Clarion Projects report on a Think Tank director who thinks it a good idea to ally with one terrorist group to fight another. That will go well – or at least she believes so. read more

Podcast – Arabic Pledge – ICE Releases Illegals & Rate the Candidate, Scott Walker

This episode I discuss the absurdity of a New York High School allowing the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance to be broadcast school-wide in Arabic, our government releases another 30,000 illegal alien criminals into the U.S. population to add to the 36,000 they’ve already released and I also rate presumptive republican presidential candidate Scott Walker on the issues. read more

Podcast – 47 Senate Traitors and Obama Travels

In this episode I discuss the Senate letter to Iran, the administration reaction, the constitutionality of their actions and that we need more politicians with backbone. I also speak about the absurd expense we all incur to allow for our King and Queen to travel in style. read more

Podcast – Food Myths – Eric Holder the Thug and Rating Bobby Jindal

Today I discuss the myths of salt, fat and new data on cholesterol, Eric Holder threatens and entire city and possible presidential candidate Bobby Jindal. He looks pretty good! read more

Podcast – North Korea – CPAC & Vlad The Impaler

Today I discuss the North Korean reaction to our annual joint military exercise with their neighbor South Korea – Jeb Bush doesn’t exactly wow them at CPAC and mysteriously, yet another one of Vladimir Putin’s critics are silenced, for good. read more

Podcast – Rubio – Homeland – Immigration & New Jersey Jack Boots

Today I discuss Senator Marco Rubio’s wrong stance on illegal immigration, the lie of shutting down Homeland Security and a poor old retiree unfortunate enough to live in New Jersey. He may spend his last days on Earth in a New Jersey State Prison. read more