Podcast – The Runaway Supreme Court – Everything Confederate Must Go

In this episode I discuss the ultimate authority of a runaway judiciary – the Supreme Court and how they now believe they have the full authority to legislate from the bench – rewrite laws. It all goes back to Marbury v Madison – judicial review. Thomas Jefferson had a few choice words on that. And everything Confederate must go. It’s a Confederate moving sale and it’s all being moved to dustbin of history. read more

Podcast – EPA’s War On Trucking – Good News For Potheads – The Queen Goes to Venice

This episodes discussion regards the EPA and their new fuel standards for the trucking industry. No one is safe from the slimy tentacles of the enviro-nazis. Also, it’s good news for pot smokers – or is it. Cannabis won’t harm your health provided you follow the guidelines. And the Queen of the United States takes a trip to Venice. Wait until you hear how much you paid and what the Italians had to go through.  read more

Podcast – Iran and the Taliban are Bosom Buddies – Texas Governor Gets Tough on Illegals – Salt Helps Weight Loss

On today’s episode I discuss Iran and the Taliban effectively joining forces as Iran sponsors their resurgence. Texas Governor Greg Abbott decides to deal with his states illegal immigrant situation and attempts to control his own border, since the feds won’t & Hey – what do you know – salt may help you lose weight. It helped laboratory mice!  read more

Podcast – Bowe Bergdahl Update – What’s a Pansexual? – Rick Santorum Talks War & Government Summer Lunch Trucks

On today’s episode I discuss the new revelations regarding the deserter Bowe Bergdahl and the Taliban Five – Yet another ridiculous gender/orientation classification – Rick Santorum is running for president again and says we’re fighting a politically correct war & watch out kids; Michelle Obama’s school lunch program you all hated is hitting the road in the form of summer lunch trucks and they’re looking for you!   read more

Podcast – Jeb Bush Wants Amnesty – America Looking Like Nazi Germany & An 11 Year Old College Graduate

In this episode I discuss Jeb Bush’s interview with Megyn Kelly on illegal immigration and his all too predictable stance. Is America started to become like Nazi Germany. The similarities are striking, and a California youngster graduates college with no less than three degrees at the age of 11.
read more

Podcast – Genius John Kerry – Third Graders Write to Murderer & Racist College Professor

On today’s episode I discuss the pure genius of our own Secretary of State, John Kerry and how he believes a deal with Iran will coax North Korea into negotiations.  I discuss a class of third graders who write get well wishes to a cop killer and a black college professor who thinks white males students shouldn’t be there. read more

Podcast – Militarization of the Police – Paul Krugman is an Idiot & Robber Foils Himself

In this episode I discuss how and why our cops are becoming a domestic army and how wrong it is. If there was a question about Paul Krugman’s competence, there shouldn’t be – he’s incompetent, and pepper spray is definitely not a criminal’s best friend.

Enjoy the podcast: read more

Podcast – A First Term Senator Problem & Larry Flint Endorses Hillary

On today’s episode I discuss why it shouldn’t be a problem to elect a first term senator, providing it’s the right one. Yet Peggy Noonan doesn’t seem to agree. I also discuss Hillary Clinton’s latest endorsement – this time from smut merchant Larry Flynt, the poster boy for dirtbags. Things just keep getting better for Hillary.

Enjoy the podcast. read more

Podcast – ISIS Slave Auctions & It Won’t Be Hillary or Jeb

Today I discuss, or rather vent my spleen over the atrocities that the dirt bags in ISIS are perpetrating against the Yazidi and Christian female population in the Middle East, touching on and expanding on the article I recently wrote about the same. I also discuss the revelation the pundit class is coming to regarding Jeb and Hillary not being their partys’ nominees. read more

Podcast – Southern Border Conga Line – ISIS Expansion & Hookers for Hillary

Today I discuss the continued flood of illegals and that Texas is using real time camera surveillance to monitor and capture drug and gun runners. ISIS is expanding again – this time into Afghanistan with an inaugural bombing killing and injuring hundreds and of course Hillary has a new campaign slogan courtesy of the employees of the Bunny Ranch. Hookers for Hillary! read more