Comparing Samsung Galaxy Notes

Gizmag compares the features and specs of the Galaxy Notes 1-4
Comparing the features and specs of the Galaxy Notes 1-4

Samsung’s Galaxy Note series has been around for four generations now. Maybe you’re hanging onto an older model, and wondering if the Note 4 is worth the upgrade? Or perhaps you just want to see how much the quintessential phablet (phone/tablet) has evolved through the years?

For each category, you’ll see two rows of devices, ordered from newest to oldest. That is, of course the Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note II(Samsung used roman numerals back then) and original Galaxy Note.

There is technically another Note, the curved Galaxy Note Edge (as well asGalaxy Note tablets), but we’re sticking with the mainstream flagships for this comparison.


Release (row 1)
Release (row 2)

Samsung announced every Galaxy Note at IFA, starting in 2011. Going by that pattern, we’re probably about seven months away from the Galaxy Note 5 reveal.


Dimensions (row 1)
Dimensions (row 2)

When Samsung launched the original Galaxy Note, it was considered to be absurdly large – but it’s only 95 percent as tall as today’s model, the Note 4. The original Note was, however, wider than the Note 4: by 5 percent.

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