Weapon Wednesday – Mortar Tech

We need ammo!!

Comin’ right up!

 U.S. Army National Guard photo by Spc. Avery Cunningham

The U.S. Army is researching a new way to resupply troops: by bombing them with mortars. The service was recently granted a patent for a method that uses hollow artillery shells, GPS, and parasails to deliver goods to soldiers pinned down on the battlefield.

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Weapon Wednesday – First New Grenade in Forty Years

The ET-MP is the first lethal hand grenade developed for the US Army in 40 years
The ET-MP is the first lethal hand grenade developed for the US Army in 40 years(Credit:US Army)

The US military is getting its first new hand grenade in 40 years as engineers at the US Army Armament Research, Development, and Engineering Center (ARDEC) at Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey, work on a safer multi-purpose design. Called the Enhanced Tactical Multi-Purpose (ET-MP) hand grenade, it will allow soldiers to choose between concussive or fragmentation blasts with the flip of a lever. read more

New Sight Has Fire Control

The ELCAN is designed to reduce the weight of a soldier's kit while improving their aim
The ELCAN is designed to  reduce the weight of a soldier’s kit while improving their aim(Credit: Raytheon)


Firearms have come a long way from the days of the musket and flintlock, but they’re also much more complicated and involve trade offs. In preparing for missions, soldiers are often forced to choose between a close quarter or a magnified sight for their assault rifles as there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. read more

Can You Spot the British Recon Soldiers?

from the Daily Mail:

An incredible image of twelve members of the Household Cavalry hiding in the jungle has had internet users the world over scratching their heads.

The photograph shows a dozen soldiers from one of the British Army’s most elite units camouflaged in the foliage of a forest in Brunei.

The unit posted the photograph along with others on its social media accounts, as it carries out maneuvers in the jungle as part of its specialist training regime. 

The exercise was part of it Close Target Reconnaissance training. One post read: ‘[This] is what the Household Cavalry Regiment does best.

‘The intelligence gathered by this complex, deadly art will determine the British Army’s success in battle. The Cavalry are honing vital skills in the Brunei Jungle that could ultimately save lives on future operations.’

An incredible image of twelve members of the Household Cavalry hiding in the jungle has had internet users the world over scratching their heads

It also posted a Mannequin Challenge on its Facebook page, along with the caption: ‘Our soldiers are currently out in Brunei as part of a month long exercise improving reconnaissance and patrolling skills in the world’s harshest environment. This truly makes them the #TrustedGuardians!’

Did you spot all 12? 

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Obama Continues His Military Social Experiment

from The American Thinker:

Over the last 8 years, in addition to fighting Obama’s numerous wars, the US army has served as a gigantic social sciences lab under this president.

Gays can serve openly, as can transgender people. The government will even pay for some gender reassignment surgeries for trans soldiers. Women are now eligible for some combat roles, including special forces.

It seems that President Obama has cared more about imposing his cultural agenda on the military rather than winning wars.

Now, in the waning days of the administration, the army has decided to take the idea of a “uniform” and turn it on its head. If approved at the brigade level, Muslim and Sikh soldiers can now wear the hijab, as well as grow beards for religious reasons. read more

What Not to Get the Kids for Christmas

by: the Common Constitutionalist:

As Christmas draws near, I thought I might depart, if only for a day, from the political arena where I usually reside, and present something a little less controversial.

Did I say less controversial? Well, you be the judge.

A rare toy figure of Adolf Hitler made for German children  has been revealed by the son of a World War II soldier for the first time.

The figure of the fascist dictator was part of a collection of toys U.S Private Jerome Beaulier bought at a toy shop in Germany at the end of the war in exchange for cigarettes and chocolate bars.

He mailed them back to his five-year-old son  Jerry, who received them in 1945 and has kept them ever since.

 The four-inch tall Hitler figure is seated in  the front passenger seat of a German army jeep alongside three soldiers.

Ain’t that Sweet – A Tiny Hitler!

Other toys included in the set are an anti-aircraft gun, several field guns, another truck with a huge search light attached and a First World War German biplane. read more

Navy’s New Unmanned Sub-Hunter

The ACTUV will undergo sea trials of its sensors, mission control hardware and software, and autonomy...
The ACTUV will undergo sea trials of its sensors, mission control hardware and software, and autonomy systems(Credit: DARPA)

Main contractor Leidos has announced that it is starting operational trials of the robotic sub-hunter it’s building for DARPA. The Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel (ACTUV) will take to the seas off the coast of San Diego, California in the coming months for tests of the unmanned ship’s sensors, mission control hardware and software, and the autonomy system. read more