Weapon Wednesday – New F-15 – Great Plane – Lame Name

lt col richard turner, commander, 40th flight test squadron, and lt col jacob lindaman, commander, 85th test evaluation squadron, deliver the first f 15ex to its new home station, eglin afb, florida, 11 march, 2021 the 40th flts will take possession of ex1 and the 85th tes will own ex2 upon its arrival, coming soon squadron aircrews and testers will work together to complete the combined developmental and operational testing simultaneously us air force photo by tech sgt john mcrell
U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. John McRell

The U.S. Air Force has officially announced the name of its next-generation F-15 Eagle fighter … and it’s about what you’d expect. read more

Weapon Wednesday – Astronauts with Assault Rifles?

YouTube/Apple TV+
  • The second season of the Apple TV+ series For All Mankind shows U.S. Marines in space using M16s.
  • Astronauts probably wouldn’t use real M16s in space—but they could still use guns.
  • Low gravity and crazy temperature swings would make traditional guns inoperable in space. read more

Weapon Wednesday – Air Force F-36 Kingsnake

kingsnake plane from teasel studio
Andy Godfrey/Teasel Studio
  • The U.S. Air Force has expressed interest in a new, non-stealthy fighter jet to replace the F-16.
  • Several aviation experts have banded together and invented a new jet out of thin air.
  • The result, the F-36 Kingsnake, would use the F-22’s engines, place less of an emphasis on stealth, and use digital engineering.

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Weapon Wednesday – Flying Tanks? Epic Fail!

antonov a 40, t 60, ussr, stupid idea
Wikimedia Commons
  • Several countries have tried to make flying tanks, which can self-deploy over long distances.
  • The appeal is obvious: A flying tank would eliminate the need for a large cargo transport to carry it.
  • While the flying tank concept is theoretically possible, it requires too many design compromises to make an effective tank.

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Weapon Wednesday – Navy’s Iguana Boat/Crawler

iguana interceptor
Iguana USA

Weapons Wednesday – Dump Tanks for Anti-Tank Weapons?


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Weapon Wednesday – Navy’s New Light-Carrier

christening of uss gerald r ford
David Hume KennerlyGetty Images
  • The U.S. Navy is studying light aircraft carrier concepts with an eye toward adopting them for the future fleet.
  • A light aircraft carrier could embark modern combat jets and drones.
  • The Navy could use the smaller, but more affordable light carriers to both grow the fleet and be in more places at once.

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Weapon Wednesday – Next Gen Squad Weapon Aim Control Enhancer

aim control enhancer, or ACE, weapon stabilizer device
The aim control enhancer, or ACE, weapon stabilizer device being evaluated for the Army’s next Generation Squad Weapon effort. (Matthew Angle, ACE designer)

One day soon, U.S. infantrymen could go into battle with Next Generation Squad Weapons equipped with a compact, mechanical stabilizer designed to drastically improve accuracy, especially when shooting from a standing, unsupported position. read more

Weapon Wednesday – New Robotic Combat Vehicle Begins Testing

THe Type-X is designed to support main battle tanks in the field
THe Type-X is designed to support main battle tanks in the field
Milirem Robotics

Milirem Robotics has rolled out its Type-X Robotic Combat Vehicle (RCV) for its first mobility tests. Unveiled in 2020, the RCV is a medium-weight autonomous armored platform, designed to provide reconnaissance and fire support for mechanized units and convoys. read more