A Patch Can Repair Your Heart

A protein patch has been shown to regenerate heart tissue in animals (Credit: Shutterstock)

A protein patch has been shown to regenerate heart tissue in animals (Credit:Shutterstock)

Though sufferers of heart attacks may survive the initial event, they cause permanent damage to the organ in the form of scar tissue, which affects its ability to pump blood. Scientists around the world are working on this problem, with hydrogels, human stem cells and even bioengineered tissue that sticks together like Velcro all offering possible solutions. read more

Total Selfie Fail!

A Southern California man who picked up a rattlesnake to pose for a photograph was badly hurt when the reptile bit him on the hand.

Alex Gomez, 36, was bitten on Monday by the 4-foot rattler in a field at his family’s ranch in Lake Elsinore, a community about 60 miles southeast of Los Angeles, according to TV station KCBS, which showed a picture of the man holding the snake around his neck.

Alex Gomez’s mother, Deborah, told KCBS on Tuesday that her son might lose his hand because of the bite wound to the extremity.

The man’s hand swelled up after the bite, and he was taken to a local hospital and treated with anti-venom, according to the station.

May lose his arm: Alex Gomez, 36, is hospitalized in Lake Elsinore, California, after he picked up a 4-foot rattlesnake and tried to take a selfie with the killer reptile
May lose his arm: Alex Gomez, 36, is hospitalized in Lake Elsinore, California, after he picked up a 4-foot rattlesnake and tried to take a selfie with the killer reptile

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Our Fiscal and Physical Health Depend upon Illegals Staying Here

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Last week the Fiscal Times posted an article in favor of illegal immigration, or as the left likes to say – undocumented workers, or now – residents. And what is the argument in their favor this time?

Well, they write that, “Back in April, a study of the fiscal implications of illegal immigration may be notable finding that millions of undocumented workers were paying billions of dollars in state and local taxes and that considerably more revenue might be generated if President Obama succeeded in protecting many of them from deportation. The 50 state analysis by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy found at about 8.1 million of the 11.4 million illegal immigrants who were employed paid in excess of $11.8 billion state and municipal taxes in 2012.”

Did you catch that? That’s right – “might” (or might not) generate more revenue. Not “will” generate more revenue. They tried to sneak that one by us.

Question: How are all those illegal immigrant children that Obama is protecting from deportation “generating” any revenue? I thought we had child labor laws. Another question: The numbers tabulated by the Institute are awfully specific considering no one can give us an accurate accounting of how many illegals are even here. For the past several years the number has remained the same at around 11 million. Maybe they use the same government accounting method that allows the national debt to remain the same for approaching 200 days.

Anyway, the objective of the Fiscal Times exercise was to convince us that illegals are not “freeloaders.” In other words – believe the Fiscal Times, and not the obvious – that they will cost much more than they will ever contribute. read more

Podcast – Black man Guns Down White Cop – College Textbook Written by Obamacare Architect – Rise of the Mutant Lice

On this episode I discuss the cowardly act of a black man who guns down an innocent white police officer while he’s pumping gas. College students across our great nation are being assigned a public finance textbook written by Jonathan Gruber, the architect of Obamacare. And hide your children! It’s the attack of the Mutant Head Lice! read more

Side Sleeping May Prevent Disorders

Sleeping on one's side could help clear waste and other harmful chemical solutes from the brain

Sleeping on one’s side could help clear waste and other harmful chemical solutes from the brain (Credit: Shutterstock)

New research suggests that sleeping on your side could help cut the chances of developing some neurological disorders, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Compared to sleeping on one’s back or stomach, sleeping on one’s side appears to allow the brain to more efficiently remove waste chemicals that may contribute to the development of such conditions. read more

Use a Laser to Check Glucose Levels

The GlucoSense device in use – not a finger-lance in sightThe GlucoSense device in use – not a finger-lance in sight (Credit: University of Leeds)


 In order to monitor their blood glucose levels, diabetics typically have to perform painful and inconvenient finger-prick blood tests – in some cases, several times a day. Using an implantable glucose-monitoring sensor is one alternative, although it must be surgically installed and subsequently removed for replacement. Another option may be on the way, however, in the form of a device that simply shines a laser on the user’s finger.

Known as GlucoSense, the system was developed by Prof. Gin Jose and his team at the University of Leeds. read more

Single Protein May Hold Key to Breast Cancer

Removing a single protein from the blood could stop breast cancer spreading to other part of the body, scientists have discovered.

They identified a key molecule, which triggers the growth of blood vessels in tumors that have spread to the brain – a common secondary site for breast cancer to spread.

By withholding the protein, called DOCK4, a particular part of the blood vessel did not form as quickly, meaning tumors grew at a slower rate, scientists found.

Dr Georgia Mavria, from the University of Leeds, said the discovery could help develop new drugs and identify people at risk of their breast cancer spreading. read more

Does Jim Carrey Really Care about the Children?

by: the Common Constitutionalist

We all know that actor Jim Carrey is a typical Hollywood liberal. He supports all the typical liberal causes as well as leftist politicians. In 2008, in praise of newly elected Barack Obama, Carrey said: “It’s amazing to see the difference in one day after he was elected… We’ve been doing everything in our power in the last eight years to make [other countries] dislike us. We’ve completely discounted other people for the last eight years and I think this is a sign to them that we understand that they’re there and that we have to play ball with everybody.”

Carrey is anti-gun, of course buys in completely to the man-made global warming hoax and naturally hates Fox News, which he calls Fux News. Being a good Hollywood liberal he undoubtedly supports all liberal politicians and most likely did so of Gov. Moonbeam, Jerry Brown.

But now he has a major beef with the Governor, since Brown just “signed into law one of the nation’s strictest immunization laws… which strikes down personal belief exemptions for immunization and requires all school-age children to be vaccinated by kindergarten and then again by seventh grade.”

The law was a typical knee-jerk reaction to a major measles outbreak in Disneyland last year.

Now, one would think, if one were to give it any thought at all, which liberals never do, that Carrey would be all for this. After all, knee-jerk, reactionary policy is the trademark of liberalism. I’m sure if this were a reactionary gun law, he’d be all for it. read more

The Lie of Medical Marijuana

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Yesterday I wrote an article concerning the dramatic rise in youth pot smokers and how it may negatively affect acquiring employment.

Now, although experts agree that this is not necessarily a good thing, surely the medicinal uses for marijuana outweigh the potential negatives. After all, a full 23 states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana and there’s no way politicians would just accept the benefits of pot without hard scientific evidence – would they.

In 2014, Business Insider cited study after study and concluded that marijuana will slow the effects of Alzheimer’s, stop the spread of cancer, reduce anxiety, treat glaucoma, treat MS, and on and on.

It seems medical marijuana is some kind of miracle drug – or is it?

Kim Janda of the Scripps Research Institute suggests that “Marijuana may be able to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.” The Canadian Medical Association Journal claims that “Marijuana may ease painful symptoms of multiple sclerosis,” and “in 2010, researchers at Harvard Medical School suggested that some of the drugs benefits may actually be from reduced anxiety, which would improve the smokers moved and act as a sedative in low doses.”

It may prevent cancer from spreading. It can prevent epileptic seizures… in rats, and it may slow the progression of glaucoma. Yet Business Insider was unable to cite a single study that definitively states marijuana does or will stop or slow anything. In every study the caveat was that it may do something – or it may not. read more