Real Scientists have a better way back from Covid-19

by: Brent Smith

The nerve of some scientists, saying they actually want younger Americans to strip off their masks, stop social distancing, live life and go out and GET the coronavirus!

Can you believe these people? How dare they! This is nothing short of heresy! They should be stripped of any scientific and medical degrees they possess and permanently muzzled.

Instead we should continue to listen to the real “experts” like Fauci, Birx and the scores of Governors and Mayors who know much more than these quacks.

However, being the anti-establishment maverick I am, I prefer to listen to real scientists who’ve shunned any political bias for the unvarnished scientific truth. read more

Tumbling Microbots deliver Meds Through the Colon

The tiny magnetic robot developed at Purdue University, seen beneath the "U" on this US penny
The magnetic robot developed at Purdue University, seen beneath the “U” on this US penny
Purdue University/Georges Adam

Using tiny robots to deliver drugs is promising pathway when it comes to limiting side effects and increasing effectiveness, and some take a more theatrical approach than others. Scientists at Purdue University have come to the party with a back-flipping microbot that can tumble its way through the colon to release its payload when desired, all while being controlled externally by a magnetic field.

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WND Exclusive – Will we be forced to take a COVID vaccine?

from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

Stop Forced COVID-19 Vaccinations : The John Birch Society

What Happened to My Body, My Choice?

Should the government – local, state or federal – have the power to force anyone to be vaccinated?

That’s a good question, and assuming President Trump is right and a COVID-19 vaccine is developed, the answer may be forced upon us – and I fear, due to the panic stoked by many regarding this virus, a mandate may follow.

Then it’s just a matter of whether a vaccine edict trumps our “unalienable rights,” granted us “by our Creator,” of “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness,” and whether “Governments are [really] instituted among Men, to secure these rights,” or merely to order us around.

We don’t need to look hard to find examples of what may be in store. read more

New Drug Shreds Cancer Proteins

Researchers have developed a drug that can destroy proteins associated with cancer growth
Researchers have developed a drug that can destroy proteins associated with cancer growth

Researchers in Germany have developed a new drug that can act like a “shredder” for proteins implicated in causing cancer. In tests on lab-grown cancer cells, the drug worked to kill the tumors, suggesting a new pathway to a treatment for the disease.

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Video Podcast – Dems Use Covid to Stop Barrett Hearing – Why So Many False Positives

by: Brent Smith

Democrat Senators Schumer and (no mask) Feinstein are calling for “holding off” on the supreme Court confirmation.
And now that Trump has tested positive for coronavirus, it seems they have good case for it.

Or do they?

I explore the actual science and mismanagement of Covid-19 testing and it’s nothing short of criminal to see how results have been manipulated and omitted. It’s eye-opening to say the least! read more

Why Aren’t we seeing more Covid-19 Outbreaks among NFL Teams?

We’re seeing school districts across the country reopen only to shut back down after rashes of Covid-19 tests come back positive. Yet, at the same time, the NFL is in full swing with only a single positive test last week, throughout the entire league.


Well Daniel Horowitz explains that evidently, keeping the NFL playing is more important than keeping little Johnny and Janey in school. And it all comes down to false positives due to hyper-sensitivity of the coronavirus swap test and laboratory contamination. I did a Podcast on this very topic at the beginning of this month. You may view it here.

from Daniel Horowitz at the Blaze:

NFL rejects COVID testing regimen that picks up low viral loads. When can we do the same?

Science for me, but not for thee

We’ve seen this happen throughout the country. One college kid comes down with the sniffles or milder respiratory infection symptoms than what typically goes around the dormitory during a change in weather. The school immediately tests everyone in the school and discovers an “outbreak” of asymptomatic infections. Then they either shut down the institution or turn all the students into jail inmates. However, there is a group of VIPs who get to live by authentic science: the players of the National Football League. Too bad we don’t have top-notch doctors advocating for our children in the same way. read more

Another “Covid” Death that Wasn’t

How many more just like this?

from the Blaze:

Oregon’s youngest COVID-19 victim did not actually have the virus, according to CDC test

‘They assumed it was COVID’

An Oregon family is searching for answers after new testing from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that their son, once presumed to be the youngest COVID-19 victim in the state, did not actually have the virus.

Matthew Irvin, 26, died suddenly in early July after falling severely ill just a few days prior. At the time, state health officials said his death was likely the result of the coronavirus due simply to the fact that he displayed several of the symptoms.

According to KGW-TV, Irvin was listed as the state’s youngest coronavirus victim. read more

The Eyes May Diagnose Neurodegenerative Diseases

A protein associated with neurodegeneration, previously detected in blood samples, has now been found in eye fluid
A protein associated with neurodegeneration, previously detected in blood samples, has now been found in eye fluid

A protein, previously found to be an effective blood-based biomarker of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, has for the first time been detected in the eye. The discovery lays the foundation for promising new diagnostic eye tests hoping to catch neurodegenerative diseases years before symptoms appear.

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New Weapon Against Cancer

An artist's render of cancer cells with a "web" growing inside them
An artist’s render of cancer cells with a “web” growing inside them
Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute have demonstrated an intriguing new way to fight cancer by introducing molecular fibers into cells. While harmless to healthy cells, once these fibers encounter the specific environment of cancer cells they assemble into webs, activating the tumor’s self-destruct sequence. read more

Oh Look! A crisis we just can’t let go to waste!

from the Blaze:

UN secretary-general sees COVID-19 ‘economic reset’ as opportunity to end patriarchal oppression of women

‘Time to rebuild more equal, inclusive, and resilient societies’

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said last month that COVID-19 provides the opportunity for an “economic reset” that will allow the world to fundamentally restructure societies to be less oppressive of women, during a speech at a town hall with Young Women from Civil Society Organizations. read more