We Sure Do Love Diversity in America

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Diversity sure is great. And what’s so great about it is that is so diverse. After all, we’re reminded of it constantly. The president has said that what makes this country great is its diversity. Not our unique form of government – not our freedom of speech or religion, and certainly not are uniquely crafted Constitution or Declaration. No, it’s our diversity.

Of course those who espouse the greatness of diversity don’t really mean it. What they mean is ethnicity. Evidently were only great because we have a wide variety of skin colors.

Now wouldn’t it sound silly if a politician or pundit exclaimed that we should celebrate skin color, rather than the drivel that they dole out about celebrating diversity. Diversity just sounds better, like renaming abortion to pro-choice, or global warming to climate change.

But what of other countries? We’ve heard that America is no better than other countries – Obama said so. But how does that square with the greatness of diversity? Countries like China, Japan and most Arab nations – these are predominantly homogeneous societies. How can we be no better when our “diversity” is what makes us great? read more

Whites Justify Police Brutality

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Toya Graham is not a hero. She’s a mom. She’s a parent who apparently cares about the safety and growth of her son. Yet many have labeled their hero for caring enough to run after the sun she recognized by the pants he was wearing – slap him around and drag him home.

So why have some labeled her a hero mom? Well, a hero is unusual – defined as a person of distinguished courage, bravery and one of noble quality. I frankly don’t know if she possesses any of these qualities. So although not a hero, in my opinion, Toya appears heroic because in this wusified day and age, her actions are indeed unusual, appearing courageous, and in fact frowned upon by most in today’s society. So much that it has caused consternation among those in the liberal media. And for conservatives, any action that causes the lefts panties to bunch is usually considered courageous, even heroic.

One example of bunched panties is Joan Walsh of Salon.com who writes: “Baltimore’s hero mom has a name. It’s Toya Graham. And the woman lionized nationwide for beating her 16-year-old son on camera, and dragging him away from Monday night’s riots, doesn’t feel at all like hero.”

Graham did admit during an interview on CBS This Morning that she “just lost it.” And what the heck is wrong with that? It’s not as if her 16-year-old son simply played hooky from school for the day. He was out in the middle of a potentially dangerous and uncertain situation. Frankly, if the mom didn’t freak out and “lose it” we should all be suspect of her. read more

Cigarettes, Marijuana and Muslims

by: the Common Constitutionalist

I wonder who in modern American society is the most vilified. Which segment of the population is most demonized? Is it conservatives, maybe Christians, or could it be smokers. The joke is that these days, if you want to get ahead, you need to be a crippled, black female abortion activist. Put that on an application for anything remotely aligned with the government and watch the cash start rolling in.

On the flip side, try being a middle-aged conservative white smoker. Just imagine the discrimination. One could take away the middle-aged, the conservative and the white and still have the single most discriminated segment of society – the smoker.

Now due to education, public pressure and massive tax increases, cigarette smoking has been dropping steadily in the United States for decades. According to Real Science , “In 1997, 36.4% of Americans smoked. By 2013 the rate fell to 17.8%,” no doubt some do to ridiculously high sin taxes the states and feds impose.

In 2009 the federal tax on a pack of cigarettes was raised from $.62 to $1.01. The New York State tax is $4.35 and Illinois the taxes well above $7.00 a pack. With a tax that high it must cause many to stop purchasing. This demonstrates what we conservatives have said forever. If you want less of something – tax it. That doesn’t just apply to cigarettes, but everything – yet liberals can’t seem, or refuse to make that connection with anything else in the marketplace.

It’s also interesting that the same liberals can’t seem to connect the success of their non-smoking campaigns with a loss of revenue to the state coffers for things like health programs for kids.

So states are flipping reason on it’s head by taxing a legal product, cigarettes, out of existence and replacing it with newly legalized marijuana. Now that makes sense. read more

Three Shot at Delaware State: One of These Things Is Not Like the Others

by: the Common Constitutionalist

News outlets around the country have reported on and continue to report on the shooting incident Saturday night at Delaware State University. Photos indicate that thousands were in attendance.

The shooting was reported around 8 PM Saturday at a fraternity/sorority cookout. Later that evening (1:15 AM Sunday) more shots rang out at a nearby university courtyard, but no one was reported injured.

The victims of the shooting were taken to a nearby hospital and are said to be in stable condition. Their names have not been released. University spokesman Carlos Holmes said “We directed our students to get into their dormitories and stay there, and we directed outsiders to get off of our campus at this point.”

The report I just cited was published at 12:05 PM Sunday the 19th by USA Today. I purposely left something out that was pertinent to the report and I’ll get to that shortly.

I don’t know why this story interested me, but it did enough to look for additional details. What I found was all too predictable and disappointing pertaining to other mainstream media outlets. read more

Demand Body Cameras for Politicians

by: the Common Constitutionalist

All over America, in every city and town (it seems), the public appears to be demanding that all law enforcement officers wear body cameras, because…you know…they’re all so evil and all.

vievu2Could it be, like every upheaval this country has been made to endure these days, it’s not really “the public” making these demands, but yet again, simply an extremely vocal minority of activist interest groups that push an agenda that all police are bad? That law enforcement wearing body cameras will cure all our ills, make the waters recede, and cause whites to be less racist.

Is that what is suppose to happen? Are all the cops that dirty and underhanded that we need to outfit everyone? To be sure, there are some bad cops, but the overwhelming majority are outstanding – working long hours, many times in very difficult conditions, and are expected to react perfectly to every situation, often with split second timing.

Last I checked, cops were human too, but unlike the rest of us flawed beings, are expected to be infallible.

So if all cops are bad enough to warrant the donning of body cameras, perhaps we should demand another group of well known dirty and underhanded professionals wear them. And what better candidates than America’s political class. read more

University Fomenting Racial Hatred

by: the Common Constitutionalist

What’s the first thing that popped into your head when you read this articles title? More than likely it was something like the fraternity chant from those dopes at SAE fraternity in Oklahoma, or something similar.

It’s a shame, but that’s how we’ve been conditioned to think. Even we conservatives fall prey to this knee-jerk pattern.

Yet the reality is becoming the exact opposite – on the streets and in the Universities. The fraternity incident received national, if not international attention and condemnation, which it should have. It was ignorant and vile and there is no place in any society for that. It also received that level of NO_Racism_by_Feiticondemnation because the idiot kids were white.

But more and more we hear and see blacks voluntarily segregating themselves from the rest of society. They too are being conditioned to think that anything white is automatically bad and therefore repressive.

A shining example of this conditioning was an incident that occurred just weeks ago and to our north at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. Ryerson is, as are most universities, a place of diversity. They celebrate this diversity with a variety of clubs and groups the young impressionable student body may join. Groups like the “Centre for Women and Trans People,” “RyePRIDE,” the “Trans Collective,” and the “Racialised Students’ Collective.”

The incident I just spoke of involved the Racialised Students’ Collective and a couple of first year journalism students that were given an class assignment to attend and report on a public gathering at the University. That sounds easy enough. read more

Not Everyone’s Happy About This New APP

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Many adults go through a phase in their younger years where the use of foul language is cool. Up until about 15 or 20 years ago, masocial-media-16ybe even more recently, foul language was called objectionable language.

Yet in keeping with the overall coarsening of our society, language standards seem to be going the way of the dodo. Nowadays, you’re considered a prude if you use words like “heck” and “darn.”

It’s now been several years since I too was a serial expletivatier. Yes, I know it’s not a real word. I haven’t missed the use of foul language. I guess maybe I’ve grown out of it.

So for as many years as I’ve cleaned up my own language, I’ve advocated for others to do so. Within that same time period, we’ve seen an explosion of electronic advancements.

For years I’ve wished that someone would, or could develop a filter of sorts for things like video games that my kids enjoy playing, that would clean up the abhorrent language.

Well, that hasn’t happened yet, but recently a company in Idaho has developed an app called “Clean Reader.”  read more