See We Told You So – Insurers Folding Under the Weight of Obamacare

by: the Common Constitutionalist

This was the plan from the very beginning.

In 2003, at an AFL-CIO (USSR) symposium, Obama said: “I happen to be a proponent of a single payer universal health care plan.” He then stated that there is no reason why the richest country to ever exist, “that spends 14% of its GNP on healthcare cannot provide basic health insurance to everybody.”

Most of us remember these sage words from then nobody Obama. But even back then nobody Obama was playing word games, mixing “healthcare” with “health insurance,” as if they are the same. Now that Obamacare has been instituted for a few years, the public is finding out that “health insurance” does not equal “healthcare.”

He then went on to say that “we may not get there immediately.” He told the audience that, “first we gotta take back the White House, we gotta take back the Senate and we gotta take back Congress.” He obviously underestimated how easy it would eventually be to roll over the Republicans.

In 2007 Obama said there would have to be a “transition process,” going from private to single payer. He stated: “I can envision a decade out, or 15 years out or 20 years out. read more

DNA Sequences The Answer to Regrowing Body Parts

The researchers say the newly discovered sequences could one day give a great boost to mammals' ...

The researchers say the newly discovered sequences could one day give a great boost to mammals’ ability to regrow damaged tissue or body parts.

Animals that regrow body parts like zebrafish and newts certainly function very differently to the way humans do, but we might one day be able to borrow some of these traits. A closer look at the mechanism driving these remarkable regenerative abilities has suggested that they could be recreated in mice, with the scientists involved hopeful it could ultimately improve our capacity to regrow damaged body parts. read more

Greater Understanding of Diabetes

The study found evidence that genetics affect insulin-producing beta cells (stained green in this image), paving ...

The study found evidence that genetics affect insulin-producing beta cells (stained green in this image), paving the way for potential new treatments in the future (Credit: Masur).

Diabetes is a widespread health problem, affecting some 400 million people across the planet. With that number only set to rise, it’s important that we find new treatments as quickly as possible. Researchers at the University of Montreal are making significant progress in that regard, discovering a common genetic defect in beta cells that may be a big factor in both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. read more

Doctors Are Again Using Maggots to Treat Patients

Modern medicine may be upgrading centuries-old techniques to repair wounds that just won’t heal.

Researchers from North Carolina State University and Massey University in New Zealand have found that genetically engineered maggots can clean non-healing wounds and promote cell growth.

This is done using a human growth factor, which the maggots secrete while removing dead tissue.

read more

Patients Could Receive Organs From ANY Donor

A new procedure, which alters a person’s immune system, could offer a breakthrough in transplant surgery allowing patients to receive kidneys from incompatible donors, experts have revealed.

Patients are currently forced to wait for a kidney to become available from a deceased donor.

And, in order for the operation to have a chance of success, that donor must be an absolute match, with anything less raising the chances of the body rejecting the new organ. read more

Could This Be the End To All Cancer?

These are exiting times in the world of cancer research. I recently reported on a childhood leukemia cure – and now we see the possible end to all cancers within 2-5 years!!

Cancer’s Achilles’ heel has been pinpointed by British scientists, raising hopes of a revolution in treatment – and even a cure.

In future, patients could be given bespoke therapies that hunt out and destroy every single cancer cell, wherever it is in their body.

The first people could be treated in as little as two years and, eventually, everyone from those in the early stages of cancer, to those who are riddled with the disease could benefit. read more

But College is Free in Europe

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Eventually – maybe sooner than later – the primaries will conclude and it will on to the general election.

As it stands now, the presumptive nominee on the democrat side will be Hillary Clinton. I still can’t believe it, but I guess criminal behavior in America, at least on the left is not only NOT frowned upon, but appears to be a resume enhancement. And it seems Clinton is picking up some steam. Once she get’s that caboose moving forward, there’s no stopping it.

One of the reasons Clinton swamped Sanders in the recent South Carolina primary may be her new college plan. In January, her new platform included what seems to be free college – similar to Sanders. She exclaimed: “And I’ll give you debt-free tuition at public colleges and universities in America, and we’re finally going to give you a chance to refinance your student debt and save thousands of dollars. And I have a special provision in my college plans, I want a $25 billion dollar fund specifically aimed at helping historically black colleges and universities.”

Now, I don’t know exactly what “debt-free tuition” is but it sounds to me like free college. read more

3D-Printed Ear, Bone and Muscle

A baby-sized ear structure was bioprinted and implanted in a mouse and went on to show ...

A baby-sized ear structure was bioprinted and implanted in a mouse and went on to show signs of vascularization one and two months later.

3D printed tissues and organs have shown real potential in addressing shortages of available donor tissue for people in need of transplants, but having them take root and survive after implantation has proven difficult to achieve. read more


by: the Common Constitutionalist

Practically everyone has heard the term GMO and thanks to whacky leftist publications and advocacy groups, people believe GMO to be synonymous with evil of some sort.

Chances are that unless you’ve been conned into believing the anti-GMO propaganda and eaten only unprocessed or organic foods for the past 22 years, you’ve been consuming Genetically Modified Organism foods. They have been approved and sold since 1994.

GMO crops have saved millions of lives throughout the world by modifying plant DNA to cause them to be more resistant to drought, disease and insects. GMO crops are able to be modified to grow faster, larger and cheaper thus enabling many more people to be fed than would otherwise.

But leftist advocates insist that the mad scientists who create the Franken-plants are bought and paid for with dirty agro-corporate money, are only interested in profits and are messy about with Mother Nature. These are the same whack-jobs who would prefer people in Third World nations starve to death rather than have the ability to grow or consume GMO crops. read more