There’s Gold in Them There Joints

Emilia Morosan (right) led the study that uncovered the tough new material

Emilia Morosan (right) led the study that uncovered the tough new material (Credit: Jeff Fitlow/Rice University)

A chance discovery in a physics lab at Rice University has turned up an ultra-hard material that could usurp the titanium commonly used in today’s knee and hip replacements.

Scientists have found that by melting gold into the titanium mix they can produce a non-toxic metal that is four times harder than titanium itself, raising the prospect of more durable, longer lasting medical implants. read more

Obamacare was to be Like a Shiny New Car

by: the Common Constitutionalist

For quite a while president Obama and the democrats have lamented over the haves vs. the have-nots in America. It’s not fair that so few should have so much, while working families and the poor go without.

It’s not right that 1% can afford to purchase a new Bentley every year, while most must suffer driving an old clunker which spews out CO2 and is in constant need of repair.

Because of this disparity, the Obama administration has unveiled a new mandated government program. It is a brand new prototype automobile originally developed at Area 51. It is equipped with every known feature currently available in any and all cars and trucks today and it has absolutely zero emissions.

The administration is so exited by the development, the president signed an Executive order requiring everyone to purchase one by the year 2020. read more

Artificial Pancreas Coming Soon For Diabetes Sufferers

Existing insulin pumps could soon be a thing of the past, with research showing that automated, ...
Existing insulin pumps could soon be a thing of the past, with research showing that automated, artificial pancreases may be available by 2018 (Credit: Alden Chadwick/ Creative Commons)

Sufferers of type 1 diabetes are required to constantly monitor their blood glucose levels and administer insulin as needed. But the daily hassle of self-care for patients could soon be reduced, with a new study concluding that automated “artificial pancreas” systems could be available in as little as two years. read more

Explaining Senior Moments

Most of us have had a so-called ‘senior moment’ – forgetting a person’s name or where the word we’re after is on the tip of our tongue.

Now scientists have discovered what is responsible for the lapses in memory – our brains are too full of useless information.

Scientists believe the reason why older people have memory lapses is because their brains are full of irrelevant information

Scientists believe the reason why older people have memory lapses is because their brains are full of irrelevant information

Older people struggle to remember important details because their brains can’t resist the irrelevant ‘stuff’ they soak up subconsciously.

This lack of clutter control becomes increasingly apparent the older a person gets causing their brains to become more filled with information.

As a result, people tend to be less confident in their memories – even when their recollections are correct.

Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology looked at brain activity from EEG sensors and saw that older participants wandered into a brief ‘mental time travel’ when trying to recall details.

This journey into their subconscious veered them into a cluttered space that was filled with both relevant and irrelevant information.  read more

New Treatment Halts MS in its Tracks

A breakthrough treatment for multiple sclerosis has been shown to halt the disease in its tracks.

Doctors used chemotherapy to kill off patients’ faulty immune cells and then replaced their stem cells to ‘reset’ the system.

The clinical trial, involving 24 patients, had remarkable results.

All but one of the Canadian patients were able to come off all medication for seven and a half years without their disease progressing.

And a third of patients saw a sustained improvement in their condition throughout the study period, according to a paper published in The Lancet last night.  read more

Universal Cancer Cure

Engineering immune cells to attack cancer is a form of treatment that is showing great promise, but it is complex because it involves extracting and modifying T cells before injecting them back into the body. Scientists have now demonstrated a way to not just arm immune cells while still inside the body, but equip them with the ability to fight any kind of cancer, providing an early proof-of-concept for a cheap, universal vaccine for the deadly disease. read more

Podcast – Terrorist Smuggled into U.S. – Zika Baby Born in America – Trump May get a Windfall of Sympathy

In this episode I discuss an Afghan man with ties to the Taliban who was smuggled into the United States after traveling through 10 separate countries to get here. He was apprehended by 5 Pakistani men who accompanied were given asylum.

Segment two the discussion turns to the first Zika baby born in the New York tri-state area and the mother was from Honduras, possibly getting here on a tourist visa, expressly to have her child in America.

Segment three: The Donald may actually win the general election, thanks in part due to violent anti-Trump protests repeatedly caught on video for undecided voters to see. He may actually get the sympathy vote from people outraged by anti-Trump violence.
read more

Podcast – HuffPo Loves Government Mandated Overtime – Congresswoman Suffers Swatting Hoax – Zika is Spreading in America

A writer at the Huffington Post is hailing Obama’s latest control issue – mandatory government decreed overtime pay for the private sector. He says it will likely benefit 12 million American families. I disagree.

I speak in segment two of a computer generating swatting hoax perpetrated on a Massachusetts Congresswoman in retaliation for a bill she introduced to prevent online harassment.

The Zika Virus has hit America, but don’t worry – it has nothing at all to do with the huge influx of immigrants streaming across our border. The CDC assures of that. Coincidently, I disagree with this also. read more

Shocker: Government Throws Billions at Problem – Doesn’t Solve it

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Here we go again. Here is another example of government not only not solving a problem which they created in the first place, but by “solving it,” they made things worse. Of course this is government’s standard M.O.

How many times do small government conservatives have to assert that government doesn’t solve problems – they are the problem. And how many times do we have to be proven right before the madness ends. Okay – that’s a silly question.

The latest example of government making worse the problem they created is the V.A. healthcare system. Feel free to also call it a vision of the future of Obamacare. And why is it that America’s heroes are always the ones getting the shaft?

We never seem to hear about the sorry state of the welfare system, or any of the other hundreds of government giveaway programs. They seem to get their checks and benefits on time. It’s always our veterans, the men and women who put it all on the line for our country, who get the government short-shrift. read more

How About Just Starving the Tumor?

The team identified and cut off access to an essential supply of cancer cell nutrients, reducing ...

The team identified and cut off access to an essential supply of cancer cell nutrients, reducing growth by an astonishing 96 percent.

There are more than 900 different types of cancer currently identified, and many of them require very specific treatments, and can become resistant to chemotherapy as time goes on. read more