Behold the Hollywood bubble. This week, actress Olivia Wilde starred in an Obamacare propaganda video targeting young people. “You can sign up for health care online in 10 minutes,” her co-propagandist chirped as she cheered. Cue the laugh track. Back on planet Earth, Americans nationwide are still struggling with the $634 million online health care exchange nightmare.

One reader asked me to share his story. Like me and 22 million other citizens in the private individual market for health insurance, he recently received his You Can’t Keep It cancellation notice. Here’s what happened when he went online to find alternatives. read more

Will Pelosi Cost You Your Full-Time Job?

Nancy Pelosi still insists that Obamacare will improve the lives of average Americans, despite over 20 reports indicating otherwise.

“Because  of the law, in the coming months Americans will have expanded choices and more  affordable care.” Pelosi said at a recent Capitol Hill briefing. “We will be  enhancing patients’ rights, putting money back in the pockets of consumers,  reducing costs and strengthening the economic, financial, and health security  of working families.”

She goes further to say that Obamacare  will even lower the nation’s debt.

“The  Affordable Care Act is bringing the cost of health care in our country down in  both the public and private sector,” said Pelosi. “And that is what is largely  responsible for the deficit coming down.”

But what she doesn’t realize is that her numbers are flawed. read more

Grim Reaper on Wheels

by: the Common Constitutionalist


For decades the Dutch government has been trying to extradite a war criminal from Germany. His name is Klaas Faber and he was a young Dutchman when the Nazis overran the Netherlands in 1940.


Faber was quick to embrace the Nazi way and volunteered to join the infamous SS. He then enthusiastically moved into the SS Einsatzgruppen (Special Task Force) “roving death squad” that killed countless Dutch Jews, resistance fighters, intellectuals and random Dutch civilians.


It’s interesting that the Dutch government would think Mr. Faber’s crimes so abhorrent for in 2011 they created a group of professionals tasked with doing something quite similar.


In 2011 Dutch health Minister Edith Schippers admitted that “mobile units” were “for patients who met the criteria for euthanasia but whose doctors are unwilling to carry it out.” Dutch citizens are calling these mobile units “roving death squads” like their SS predecessors. Well, that’s only a little chilling! read more

Don’t Repeal the Device Tax

Republicans are attempting two tricks to convince conservatives the GOP is still with them.

The first is the Vitter Amendment, named for Senator David Vitter, which would require Congress to adhere to Obamacare like the rest of us. I consider it a shiny object and you should not be cheering the GOP is they get it. Congress will always game the system to benefit itself. Pass the Vitter amendment and within a year you’ll see Congress have a full medical station in its basement where congressmen and their staffs can go. Likewise, the Vitter Amendment fixes something that is only temporary, if the Office of Personnel Management is to be believed. read more

NBC Promotes Obamacare

NBC announced today that it would be launching a week of programming to help Obamacare get off its feet, according to a press release sent out by the network. The law has been widely opposed by all Republicans and supported by most Democrats, including President Obama.

The headline of the press release reads:

NBC News Launches “Ready or Not, the New Healthcare Law,” a Multi-Screen Experience to Help Americans Get the Most Out of the Affordable Care Act

Dr. Nancy Snyderman Answers Most Pressing Questions Across Social and Via New Video Series #AskDrNancy

Interactive Tools and Resources Help Audience Navigate New Healthcare Benefits and Marketplaces read more

Harry Reid’s Three Card Monte

by: the Common Constitutionalist


It was as if Ted Cruz scripted the whole Harry Reid carnival sideshow on Friday.


As he and Rush Limbaugh predicted, the House voted on a continuing resolution (CR) to temporarily fund the government but stripped out funding for Obamacare, then passed the CR on to the Senate for a vote. Without funding, Obamacare would be DOA.


As predicted the Senate voted 79 to 19 for cloture, thus ending all debate on the House’s version of the CR. Once that supermajority threshold of 60 votes for cloture was reached, “Dirty” Harry Reid was free to reinsert the Obamacare funding provision, which he did within an hour of the cloture vote. Harry Reid’s three-card monte. Now you don’t see it, now you do.


Remember, both Cruz and Limbaugh explained all this prior to these events, almost to the letter. They knew exactly what the soft-spoken dictator of the Senate would do.


The Senate was now free to vote on the amended version of the CR with a simple majority, 51 votes. They got 54. It now goes back to the House, with full Obamacare funding reinstated.


You, as a voter, need to find out if your Senator voted for cloture and then against the CR as my Senator, Kelly Ayotte did.


These traitors to the conservative movement and the Constitution will come home to their districts and try to fool us by saying they voted against Reid’s amended resolution to fund Obamacare. They must’ve known what they were doing. Ted Cruz explained it prior to both Senate votes. He explained a vote for cloture was a vote for Obamacare.


If they claim this, they are either stupid or lying. Let’s not mince words; they’re liars who think we are stupid. Call them out for the progressive double dealers they are.


So what now? What does the House do? What recourse do they have at this point?


Well, Pat Buchanan had a great idea for the House leadership. He suggested that Boehner simply break up the CR into several parts and send each individual component back to Harry Reid and dare him to reject it. Instead of one omnibus continuing resolution, send Reid several, one after the other.


Break out the entire defense budget and send only that. Then the education portion, then agriculture, education, etc. All clean bills, daring Harry Reid and the rest of the Senate hacks to vote each of them down, thus defunding that department; of course leaving Obamacare funding out of each one. It could be done if the House has the courage to do so.


But what of all those politicians and pundits that say, “just get out of the way and let Obamacare pass”. Obamacare is so complicated, confusing and expensive it will surely “collapse under its own weight”, they say. We Republicans can then say, “see we told you so” and then let the Democrats own it. That will show the people.


All who have this strategy in mind are dead wrong! Let me put it another way. Can anyone, anyone tell me which of the thousands of failing, failed or bankrupt government entitlement programs have ever “collapsed under its own weight”? Enlighten me as to the program that was once implemented and no longer exists? I thought so.


Once implemented and funded there’s no turning back. It will be with us forever. That’s what Obama meant when he Thursday exclaimed that we are just five days away from completing the country’s fundamental transformation. Chilling! He understands this is the keystone to ultimate control of our lives.


Government shut down or not – this abomination must be killed. The question is, are there enough patriots in the House to do what needs to be done regardless of the “perceived” fallout. The public is squarely behind them, if they have the courage and brains to listen to their voicemails, read their texts, check their Twitter and Facebook and simply look beyond the Beltway for support.


We are many, we’re out here and ready to fight for those patriots.

You Make the Call

A Simple Request:


Please call Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. Let them know we real conservatives stand firmly behind them and God Bless them for doing what they do. The more calls/messages to them the better. They need to hear from us, for moral support if nothing else.


Ted Cruz Washington Office: 202-224-5922

Mike Lee Washington Ofiice: 202-224-5444

Rejoice: Obamacare Is Almost upon Us

by: the Common Constitutionalist


I’m so excited. I can hardly wait. It’s like Christmas in October, for Obamacare will be kicking in for real in about 2 to 3 weeks.


For those of us that understand this law better than most, we are worried, to put it mildly. I say “understand it better” because no one, including its author (s), whoever they are, know everything about it. Scary isn’t it; passing a law that controls one sixth of the economy and is still a mystery to all.


Yet the low to no information crowd is being hit with a full-court press of Obamacare positives. To my point, MSN Money posted an article highlighting 10 great things about Obamacare. I couldn’t resist but to click on it and find out just how they claim it will solve all our healthcare concerns.


Shall we examine a few?


The article began with a bang as Sara Collins, VP for affordable health insurance of the Commonwealth fund exclaimed: “the market reforms really level the playing field. You can no longer be excluded based on your health, for instance, if you have diabetes or asthma. That will really benefit those who are older.”


Ah yes, leveling the playing field. The mantra of the socialist set. And they didn’t forget to include the benefits to the low information old folks, although they did neglect to mention the death panels.


Another positive point was that restaurants with over 20 locations must post calorie and nutrition information. This is apparently great news and will coax many to make healthier choices. They continued by explaining that of low income people eating at fast food joints, more than 25% were influenced by the information, yet they still consumed the same amount of calories. Huh? read more