Obama’s Gonna Let Me Go

Illegal Immigrant Apprehended at Border: ‘Obama’s Gonna Let Me Go’

Illegal Immigrant Apprehended at Border: Obamas Gonna Let Me Go

MISSION, TX – APRIL 11: A U.S. Border Patrol agent guards a suspected drug smuggler on April 11, 2013 in Mission, Texas. Border Patrol agents with helicopter support from the Office of Air and Marine broke up a smuggling shipment of marijuana being transported across the border from Mexico into Texas. In addition to heavy drug smuggling in the area, Border Patrol agents say they have also seen an additional surge in immigrant traffic in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley sector since immigration reform negotiations began this year in Washington D.C. Credit: Getty Images

It seems even illegal immigrants seeking to cross over the U.S.-Mexico border are following the current immigration debate. Linda Vickers, who owns a ranch in Brooks County, Texas, told WOAI that she witnessed one man being arrested on her ranch and that he told the border agent Obama would let him go.

“The Border Patrol agent was loading one man up, and he told the officer in Spanish, ‘Obama’s gonna let me go’,” Vickers said.

Meanwhile, Border Patrol agents report that some immigrants will even ask, “Where do I go for my amnesty?” while they are surrendering.

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As the Unofficial Goodwill Ambassador Plenipotentiary from the State of Utah to Western Colorado, I, in my unauthorized capacity do hereby extend the offer of asylum to any Coloradoans seeking same in the Beehive State, as their state slides toward Californiacation.

As someone who lives within a figurative chip shot of the border, my wife and I occasionally make forays into the Centennial State for day trips and weekend getaways. It is very beautiful. It has picturesque towns with fascinating shops that have things like wine tastings and display exquisite artwork. Believe it or not, we actually bought some handmade plates and cups from an exquisite (and pricey) boutique. In the days when I was still bitterly clinging to my progressive roots, we also made excursions to the music festivals in the state. Colorado is many things. And in particular, it is very, very progressive.

The nation knows by now that this week, Governor John Hickenlooper put his signature on some pretty eyebrow-raising laws that is if one is not Diane Feinstein. The scope of these measures have been broadcast, blogged, and discussed ad infinitum and other articles on Townhall address them.

We all know that Colorado has cracked down on guns. Given the state’s trajectory, it was only a matter of time. But what is not being widely discussed is the impact of that trajectory.

Just on the basis of the bills signed on Hickenlooper, Magpul is leaving the state. The gun magazine restrictions alone could mean a major hit for the company, who expects to put Colorado in its’ rearview mirror by the end of the year. Magpul is considering moving to Texas, Wyoming, and possibly Utah. And when it goes, it will take hundreds of jobs with it.  Colorado may want to take note: jobs and companies mean tax revenue. A lack of them also means a lack of money.

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Was Sandy Hook a Good Crisis?

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Now before you just think me insensitive, read on (although you still may think that).

Recently, CBS Morning News had on Senators Joe Manchin and Pat Toomey to speak about their “bipartsan” gun control bill.

Senator Pat Toomey: “…the problems that we have are not law-abiding gun owners like Joe and myself. Uh, and we don’t need, in my view, to put restrictions on what law-abiding people can do. What we need to do is try to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and dangerously mentally ill people.”

Toomey went on to say that he and Joe met with families. That’s a problem for me. In my opinion legislation that will affect the general public should not be born out of anecdotal tragedy. Isn’t the senate supposed to be the deliberative body, where cooler heads are supposed to prevail?

And to think I was a supporter of Toomey. I thought he would go to Washington and actually govern as a conservative. It sure doesn’t take long to show ones true colors in that town. And is anyone else sick to death of the word bipartisan?

From what I understand from the Toomey/Manchin bill, doctors are to report any signs of mental illness to the feds, without the knowledge or consent of the patient. Most of my more liberal friends think I am mentally ill. Does that mean if my doctor happens to be a lib and I a conservative, he can alert the authorities that I may be unstable?

Toomey continued: “…But a measure that helps to make it harder for violent criminals and the dangerously mentally ill to get guns, I think that’s just common sense.”

Well, that sounds good and well-intentioned, but it will just be one more of thousands of gun laws that are not being prosecuted now. What’s one more law going to do? The answer: absolutely nothing, but to further erode the second amendment rights of the law-abiding citizen. That and politicians can then claim they did something.

As usual, we can always count on a REAL conservative, Senator Ted Cruz to set the record straight.

Cruz said on the Lou Dobbs show: “ In 2010, over 15,000 felons, fugitives tried to illegally purchase guns and were turned down. Out of those 15,000, the Obama Justice Department prosecuted just 44. Let me repeat those numbers: out of 15,000 felons and fugitives illegally trying to purchase a gun, the Obama Justice Department only prosecuted 44.” That’s less than 0.003%.

It appears to me as if the background checks we currently employ are working just fine. But of course that empirical data won’t tug on the heartstrings of the general public, nor advance the agenda of the left; that agenda being the eventual confiscation of our guns.

Cruz continued: “… But I think it is also sad that so many politicians are trying to take advantage of that tragedy, not to pass legislation targeting violent criminals, but instead working to take away the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms of law-abiding, peaceful citizens.”

Rush Limbaugh, on his radio show, made a great point regarding this issue. He said: “People aren’t being prosecuted. They’re not being utilized, the laws already on the books, because the image must be that we don’t have enough laws to deal with these kinds of tragedies. They are trying to create the impression that we don’t have enough laws to deal with Sandy Hook. None of what’s been proposed would’ve stopped it, by the way, because Sen. Cruz is right: it’s not about that.”

Once again, Rush is right. If criminals were prosecuted under our current laws, the public would realize we don’t need any new ones.

In my opinion, it is intentional. They wait for the inevitable tragedy to occur, and then swoop in like vultures, or more like the ambulance chasing attorneys most of them are, exclaiming: “If we only had a law to prevent this tragedy?”

Remember the Progressive credo: Never let a crisis go to waste! During a crisis, one can accomplish much more than would otherwise be possible.

Taping Scandal; Who’s the Victim Here Anyway?

Breaking news: secret tapes just-released. Mainstream Media headlines read: “Obama and inner circle secretly taped ripping the NRA.” – “Obama tells staff to play ‘Whac-A-Mole’ with Wayne LaPierre of the NRA.”

Okay, calm down; these are not real headlines nor is there any secret tape of Obama. We also know that these would never be the headlines of any “Mainstream Media” source.

Headlines would more likely read: “NRA caught secretly taping White House – Justice Department to shut down NRA.”

Nary a word would be leaked to what was discussed on that imaginary tape.

But because the taper was ultraliberal magazine mother Jones and the tapee was a Republican and not even a conservative, Mitch McConnell, the headlines are true to form.

CBS news headline: “McConnell aides secretly taped ripping Ashley Judd.”

ABC news headline: “McConnell campaign looks for ‘a needle in a haystack’ against potential challenger.”

NBC news: “McConnell campaign alleges Judd discussions were bugged.”

In the liberal press Mother Jones is treated like a hero, the modern-day Woodward and Bernstein. They caught the evil Republican red-handed.

Never mind this is a potential felony. Mother Jones either did the bugging, paid someone to do it or purchase it knowingly. In all cases, it is illegal.

But because it was a Republican that bit of hanky-panky has so far been overlooked.

The mainstream press has chosen to concentrate on McConnell’s one-man war on women, his crusade against Judd. Somehow McConnell is being made out to be the criminal.

It’s as if a homeless man breaks into your house. You come home, find him there and throw him out. The following day your local paper reports: “white suburban homeowner throws homeless man to curb.”

Mother Jones’s lawyers claim to have vetted the story. They say the tape was provided to them from an anonymous source. So how did the lawyers vet the story? Did they listen to it, confirm it was of McConnell and his staff and then okay its publication?

Did none of the lawyers think to ask whether the recording was legal, or because it was the opposition, they didn’t care?

Politico simply reported: “that McConnell, despite having no proof of an illegal bug are pushing forward with the charge.”

You know if it were the other way around, they would report it the same way. Right!

A Judd spokeswoman e-mailed CBS news: “every day it becomes clearer how much we need change in Washington. From this kind of rhetoric and actions.” Nothing regarding the illegal taping of course. I guess we don’t need to change that.

While I think McConnell is a RINO waste of space, he has been wronged. He is the victim here, not Judd.

Tax Cuts Won’t Work

by: the Common Constitutionalist


In a recent interview at Yahoo! News, Amity Shlaes discussed her new book entitled “Coolidge”. The interview began with Yahoo news announcer Lauren Lyster, explaining that one of the big issues of Obama’s second term was tax reform and what could be learned from Calvin Coolidge.

Shlaes explained that: “The cutters; Reagan, Kennedy and going back to Coolidge all ended up with more money on the books due to extra business activity.”

These are irrefutable facts. Most every conservative and I have used the same argument for years. Cutting tax rates spur economic activity and growth, which leads to more jobs, more taxpayers and more revenue for the government. So let’s cut tax rates. It’s a proven winner. If you are a conservative, you know you’ve also use this argument.

Even Lindsey (woolsey) Graham, hardly a conservative, stated recently that flattening the tax code amongst other things could generate an additional $600 billion for the government coffers.

And there you have it. Graham has properly summed up the whole flawed tax cut argument in one sentence.

Well, I’m here to confess that I’ve been wrong. All these years of hammering tax rate reductions. I am man enough to admit it.

Now all you liberals reading this; don’t get too excited. To my conservative friends, buck up. I have not gone over to the dark side.

What I have had is an epiphany of sorts. It dawned on me that us freedom lovers have actually been arguing all these years for bigger government.

Think about just we’ve been advocating for; cutting taxes to get more tax revenue. Well, what will that additional revenue be used for? To grow government of course. So we are at least partially to blame for the growth of government.

In fact, we may be more to blame. Liberals and progressives are voted into office, raise taxes and ruin the economy. Then, what happens?
They are thrown out, conservatives are voted in, cut taxes, decrease regulations and voilà, increased revenue to the government. It doesn’t seem fair, does it?

In my humble opinion, the only way to save this country is not through tax rate reductions; capital gains rate cuts and the like. We know what will occur with their proper implementation; additional food for the beast.

We need to begin to advocate for smaller government. Decreasing the size of government is the only way of reining in spending at this point.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for keeping as much money as I can, but I think we are beyond that point.

By shrinking government’s size, the rest may take care of itself. It’s been too often proven that we can’t starve it. Government will always find more money somewhere.


Florida Map Fixing

Democrats Get Caught ‘Fixing’ Redistricting Maps in Florida

The proverbial political cat is out of the bag for the Democratic Party, as emails obtained by our friends over at the Washington Free Beacon expose egregious gerrymandering of Florida’s congressional districts between  Congresswoman Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Democratic National Committee, Democratic consultants, and the Florida Democratic Party during the 2012 redistricting process.

The Shark Tank broke the story that Congressman Allen West was going to be “screwed” during redistricting, because of a deal the Republican controlled Florida Legislature had struck with Democrats. While Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin pounced on the redistricting “fix” that was taking place against Allen West, the GOP establishment moved quickly to cover its own hind, as several high-ranking legislators directly pointed the finger at two legislators as being the responsible parties of the  controversy, former Senate President Mike Haridopolos and current Senate President Don Gaetz.(Rush Limbaugh discussed Shark Tank story of Allen West)

The legislators in question told the Shark Tank  that  Haridopolos personally asked to let the state Senate redistrict West’s congressional district. Again, desperate politicians looking to save their careers will say anything to stay out of hot water, perhaps even lie about Haridopolos’ direct involvement.

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White House Tours Could Be Funded

A study from the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) shows the federal government’s needless spending and costly regulations waste over $42 billion dollars–enough to fund up to 45,000 years of White House tours.

After the White House announced that its public tours would be one of the first government functions to be shut down due to the budget sequester’s slowdown of spending increases, conservatives have highlighted government spending on inconsequential projects ranging anywhere from puppet research to snail sex.

The NRCC has compiled a “waste list” totaling $42,642,721,597 from its findings. Some of its expenditures include:

  • Dancing iPhone robots–$547,430: “Part of a $547,430 grant from the National Science Foundation went to the development of a dancing robot that connects to an iPhone.”

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Republican Losers

What took them so long to start speaking up?


Phyllis Schlafly: Karl Rove Gave Us ‘Bunch of Losers’

from: NewsMax.com


Conservative activist and author Phyllis Schlafly says the Republican Party has too often been dominated by the “establishment” instead of by the real conservative “grass-rooters” — thereby producing a “bunch of losers.”

Schlafly, 88, is the founder of the pro-family Eagle Forum whose latest book is “No Higher Power: Obama’s War on Religion.”

She sat down for an interview with Breitbart contributor Warner Todd Huston that was posted on the wizbangblog website.

Schlafly, who has attended GOP presidential conventions for decades, said she has witnessed first-hand the fight between the Republican establishment, with “the series of losers they have given us like Thomas Dewey, and the grass-rooters who wanted their own candidate.”

Ronald Reagan was the “best president of the 20th century,” she opined, but after his two terms “we lost the party again to the establishment, and they’ve given us a bunch of losers — Bob Dole, John McCain, and then Mitt Romney.”

Alluding to the infighting between Karl Rove and the tea party, Schlafly said “now we have the same battle again. It’s the establishment against the grass-rooters. The establishment likes a certain type of person who calls himself a moderate, will do what he’s told, vote the way he’s told, and not talk about certain issues. They don’t want him to talk about the social or the moral issues. They don’t even want him to talk about the national defense issues. Which is all a terrible mistake because that’s where all the money is.”

She went on: “The establishment’s voice seems to be Karl Rove, and they just gave us a bunch of losers. Rove had at least $300 million to spend on campaigns. And he only won, I think, nine of 31 races where he ran ads. A dismal result.”

As for Mitt Romney, she said “he couldn’t even run his own staff. So how is he going to run the country?”