The Handmade Bugatti Factory

This is the ultimate ‘Through the Key Hole’ photoshoot for petrol heads.

Hypercar maker Bugatti has delivered an exclusive behind the scenes tour of it’s ultra-advanced car plant – and the facility is so clean you could eat your dinner off the floor.

Located in Molsheim, near Strasbourg, in the north east of France, this is the locked-down location where 70 Chiron hypercars are being hand-crafted a year, each one worth over £2million.

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Can You Spot the British Recon Soldiers?

from the Daily Mail:

An incredible image of twelve members of the Household Cavalry hiding in the jungle has had internet users the world over scratching their heads.

The photograph shows a dozen soldiers from one of the British Army’s most elite units camouflaged in the foliage of a forest in Brunei.

The unit posted the photograph along with others on its social media accounts, as it carries out maneuvers in the jungle as part of its specialist training regime. 

The exercise was part of it Close Target Reconnaissance training. One post read: ‘[This] is what the Household Cavalry Regiment does best.

‘The intelligence gathered by this complex, deadly art will determine the British Army’s success in battle. The Cavalry are honing vital skills in the Brunei Jungle that could ultimately save lives on future operations.’

An incredible image of twelve members of the Household Cavalry hiding in the jungle has had internet users the world over scratching their heads

It also posted a Mannequin Challenge on its Facebook page, along with the caption: ‘Our soldiers are currently out in Brunei as part of a month long exercise improving reconnaissance and patrolling skills in the world’s harshest environment. This truly makes them the #TrustedGuardians!’

Did you spot all 12? 

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Joke of the Day

A man was eating in a fancy restaurant and there was a gorgeous woman eating at the next table. He had been checking her out all night, but lacked the nerve to go talk to her.

Suddenly she sneezed and her glass eye went flying out of her socket towards the man. With his quick reflexes, he caught it in mid-air. read more

The Flying Car is Coming

Computer render of Jetpack Aviation's electric VTOL concept, which is expected to have an initial 20-minute...
Computer render of Jetpack Aviation’s electric VTOL concept, which is expected to have an initial 20-minute flight endurance, which will be extended either using a small generator, or as battery technology develops(Credit: Jetpack Aviation)

Jetpack Aviation’s David Mayman and Nelson Tyler have already brought honest-to-god jetpacks out of the pages of science fiction books and onto the market. Now, they plan to do the same with flying cars. We spoke with Mayman at length about Jetpack Aviation’s new manned VTOL multirotor project. read more