Joke of the Day

A man was lost in the desert for days and days and days and was crawling on his hands and knees. He had heat stroke, sun stroke, everything stroke and in a few minutes, he would be dead.

He thought he saw a mirage in the distance. He saw someone coming toward him, but he hadn’t seen anyone in days. Being in the middle of nowhere, he thought. “This can’t be true.” read more

Joke of the Day

Martin took his wife and mother-in-law on a pilgrimage to a holy land. The mother-in-law suddenly had a heart attack and died there. The undertaker told Martin that they can ship the body to their home for five thousand dollars. Alternatively, they could bury her there itself for five hundred. What would it be? read more

3D Map Transformed

After 64 turns of the hand crank, the topographical map is complete
After 64 turns of the hand crank, the topographical map is complete(Credit: Barilo/Samalonis)

Philadelphia University freshmen Charles Barilo, Peter Holderith and Zachary Samalonis were recently tasked with choosing a painting from those on display at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and creating a visual showpiece machine based on that painting which incorporated da Vincian thought processes. After a month of tinkering, they presented a cranked machine where sections of a topographical map are slowly raised when the handle is turned. read more

A Peanut to Help You Sleep

Forget sleeping pills. The latest insomnia cure comes in the form of a robot who you can curl up with to help you sleep through the night.

Dubbed Somnox, the peanut-shaped pillow measures your rate of breathing and then creates its own steady breathing rhythm in response.

Your body automatically picks up this breathing rhythm, helping you relax and drift off into a peaceful night’s sleep.

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Harvard Creates Metal Glass

Harvard researchers have created a new lens material that is much thinner than glass.

It’s made up of microscopic nanopillars arranged in a thin array to focus light very precisely to avoid blur, which can happen with glass lenses.

The ultra thin metal lens could have many applications and lead to lighter, less bulky lenses in cameras, phones and glasses.

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Dead Sea Scroll Cave Found?

They are the world’s oldest biblical manuscripts, yet researchers believe that many Dead Sea Scrolls lie undiscovered.

In the hunt to find the precious relics, researchers have discovered a new cave near the northwestern shore of the Dead Sea.

Although the cave does not hold any scrolls, it contains many hints that it once did, including broken jars and iron pickaxe heads, which suggest looters may have stolen the manuscripts. read more