Joke of the Day

A man went on a business trip to China and wanted to buy some gifts for his kids.

He went to a shop and found a nice looking CD player.Wary of buying inferior goods, he asked the shopkeeper, ‘What would happened if this does not work?’

The shopkeeper quietly points to the only sign in English that reads,’GUARANTEE NO SPOILT’. read more

Joke of the Day

Have you met the family of Vincent van Gogh?

..His dizzy aunt … Verti Gogh

..The brother who ate prunes … Gotta Gogh

..The brother who worked at a convenience store … Stop N Gogh

..The grandfather from Yugoslavia … U Gogh

..His magician uncle … Where-diddy Gogh

..His Hispanic cousin … A Mee Gogh read more

Joke of the Day

A Catholic priest and a rabbi were chatting one day when the conversation turned to a discussion of job descriptions and promotions.

“What do you have to look forward to in terms of being promoted?” asked the rabbi.

“Well, I’m next in line for the Monsignor’s job,” replied the priest.

“Yes, and then what?” asked the rabbi.

“Well, next I can become a bishop.”

“Yes, and then?” read more