Joke of the Day

Two ministers who met each Sunday morning riding to their particular
churches. They both enjoyed riding the bikes and talking. Then one
Sunday, one of the ministers was walking.

The other minister said, “My what happened to your bike?”

“Can you believe that someone in my congregation stole it?” read more

Joke of the Day

More Simple Home Remedies

And again – if you try these at home, you’re a moron!

1. If you have a bad cough, take a large dose of laxatives. Then you will be afraid to cough at all.

2. You only need two tools in life … WD40 and Duct Tape. If it doesn’t move and should, use WD40. If it moves and shouldn’t, use Duct Tape. read more

Joke of the Day

Simple Home Remedies and More

And if you try these at home, you’re a moron!

1. If you’re choking on an ice cube, simply pour a cup of boiling water down your throat. Presto! The blockage will instantly remove itself.

2. Avoid cutting yourself when slicing vegetables by getting someone else to hold the vegetables while you chop. read more