Podcast – EPA’s War On Trucking – Good News For Potheads – The Queen Goes to Venice

This episodes discussion regards the EPA and their new fuel standards for the trucking industry. No one is safe from the slimy tentacles of the enviro-nazis. Also, it’s good news for pot smokers – or is it. Cannabis won’t harm your health provided you follow the guidelines. And the Queen of the United States takes a trip to Venice. Wait until you hear how much you paid and what the Italians had to go through.  read more

Stop Oil Production – For the Children

by: the Common Constitutionalist

It’s a cinch, that if the left finds something offensive, they will try to find a way to stop it, or at the very least condemn it.

If it’s fun, it’s unsafe. If it’s tasty, it must cause cancer, obesity or restless leg syndrome. And if it has anything to do with the production or use of oil or any petroleum product, it will kill us all and destroy the planet. Therefore all these evil practices must be stopped. And how does one stop them? Develop studies through scientific research that determine just how evil these practices are, thereby scaring the public into demanding change. And who better to scare than pregnant mommies.

One case in point that “the Progressive Democrats of America” site is “an alarming study” by the University of Pittsburgh that fracturing causes low birth weight in newborns. One University researcher exclaimed that “these findings could not be ignored.” Of course they can’t, because fracking is inherently evil and therefore must be stopped.

After all, it’s already proven that fracking pollutes the ground water we drink. Oh that’s right – even the EPA had recently to admit that was a fabrication. But as luck would have it, the EPA admission was disclosed on the very same day that the Progressive Democrats reported on lower birth weights caused by fracking. What a coincidence that one scientific fact was debunked only to be replaced by another. read more

World Bank Climate Policies Cause Mass Starvation

by: the Common Constitutionalist

A few days ago Dr. Jim Kim, president of the World Bank, posted an article regarding his and others’ desire to end extreme poverty by the year 2030.

The article is entitled “State of Global Development: Why 2015 Is a Pivotal Year for Ending Poverty.”

That’s a lofty goal, but why is 2015 a “pivotal year?” Well, he doesn’t say. By all appearances, he at least leans left, if not a full-blown socialist. And as such he most likely feels he doesn’t have to explain why this year, which is already half over, or any other year is crucially important to the cause.

He does explained that “The outcomes of this year will help determine whether the world will be able to reach two goals that we set at the World Bank group: to end extreme poverty by 2030 and to boost shared prosperity by raising the incomes of the poorest 40% in developing countries.”

Okay – I stand corrected. He is a full-blown socialist. I know this by his utterance of just two magic words – “shared prosperity.” That’s code for developed countries will be made to care and thus made to pay. It’s just not fair for us winners of life’s lottery to hoard all the wealth – you know – after we’ve stolen it from the poor countries. read more

Western Leaders Show Arrogance on Climate

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Why did I think German Chancellor Angela Merkel might be the voice of reason when it came to discussing global warming? I guess I just figured that of all the failing European economies, Germany’s was probably failing the least and why would they drive a stake through their own hard after witnessing the economic catastrophe that the green agenda wreaked on neighboring Spain.

But when it comes to the church of climate change, virtually all Europeans have become parishioners. And it seems the Chancellor is now leading the pack, as reported by Politico yesterday. They wrote that “German Chancellor Angela Merkel won a significant victory in persuading the rest of the G-7 to adopt ambitious emissions targets ahead of December’s Paris climate summit.”

And what is this ambitious target? She got the G-7 to agree to “limit the increase in global temperatures to a maximum of 2°C above preindustrial levels…”

Okay – I wasn’t aware that the G-7 leaders recently relocated to Mount Olympus to become omnipotent beings. But that must be their plan if they think they can, I simply stating the goal, somehow limit what the Earth is naturally done for eons. It’s that or our world leaders have taken the combination of arrogance and stupidity to a height not witnessed in history. read more

Climate Alarmists are Doubling Down

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, climate alarmists, dressed in lab coats and calling themselves scientists are becoming wackier with every passing year.

The latest demonstration of said wackiness was a recent and no doubt little heard NPR radio interview  of Peter Tans, the chief greenhouse gas scientist at NOAA. I say little heard because it is after all, NPR radio, which probably has a listening audience of tens of people, no doubt other government paid scientists.

Anyway, scientist Peter Tans says that in order to really fight climate change, carbon emission needs to be lowered to zero. Yes – you did read that right.

The NPR host Melissa Block throws a hanging curve over the plate.

Block: “How troubling is the new record number of carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere – 400 ppm?”

Tans: “What troubles me is that we’re still headed at full speed in a direction that we should not be going. We are at the beginning of bringing about huge changes in the Earth’s climate and ecosystems. The potential is there for us to make life hard, really, for future generations.”

Block: “And what would it take to reverse the carbon dioxide concentration levels that you’re seeing now?”

Tans: “See, that is really at the core of why we have made so little progress. The problem with CO2 in particular is that climate – forcing of climate change by CO2 depends not so much on the rate at which we are admitting it. It depends primarily on the total amount of CO2 that we’ve emitted since preindustrial times. The implication is that if we want to stop this, we have to bring the omissions back down to zero.” read more

A Peek Behind the Green Curtain

by: the Common Constitutionalist

I am pro-environment. Yes, I favor a clean environment – an environment of honesty and truth, where useful idiot protesters are told why they are sent out to protest against one industry or another. An environment where their shadowy benefactors come clean about their real intentions. An environment where bogus funds, set up as front groups, are forced to publicly proclaim where their backing really originates. I’m for that clean environment.

Dozens if not hundreds of these sham environmentalist groups have popped up out of nowhere over the years, yet when the curtain is pulled back on any and all, we see that it’s the same cabal of leftist billionaires that fund them. And none of these ultra rich “philanthropists” give to these groups publicly or out of the goodness of their hearts or to “save the planet.”

So what do these rich and powerful people want? Why, more power and more wealth. I guess billions just aren’t enough these days.

Of course, a lot of these so-called grassroots groups are set up solely to advance the push for green energy and thus protest against conventional energy, like coal, oil and gas. Yet very few of the actual protesters know that “green” groups like the Sea Change Foundation are funded by billionaire Wall Street tycoons who are in tight with the Obama administration and benefit financially from his war on conventional energy. read more

The Source of Modern Liberalism

by: the Common Constitutionalist

I, yes I, the Common Constitutionalist, have discovered the source – the cause of the affliction known as liberalism, and its simpler than you might think.

The causes of modern liberalism are noise and light pollution. Allow me to explain by describing it in a way even liberals may understand – in terms of the animal kingdom. This should be easy being that many liberals are also wacky animal-rights advocates.

I’d also like to preface this by reminding you that liberals are liberals first and foremost and thus will often support knee-jerk policies to the detriment of any long-term negative effects, even to themselves.

Take for example, wind farms. You cannot be a good liberal without blindly supporting “renewable energy” such as wind. Yet every year, if not several times a year, we see a new study of the ill effects wind farms have on wildlife. read more

Solar Panels Ablaze Prior to Earth Day

by: the Common Constitutionalist

When it’s finally nice enough here in New England, my sons and I are looking forward to hiking again. We’ll go out for hours, sometimes all day and traverse through forests, fields, hills, wherever. We always stop for lunch. Last year I taught them how to make fire – no matches – no lighter.

Making fire is sometimes no easy task, yet I read online that it’s evidently a snap in Great Britain. Just stand next to a British schoolhouse or Town Hall fitted with solar panels and wait for them to spontaneously combust.

You’ll have all the fire you need as the roof is burning out of control. Just make sure your up wind lest you be asphyxiated by the thick black smoke and poisonous chemical fumes. Happy Earth Day!

Breitbart London  wrote on Tuesday that “A large fire occurred yesterday at Hove Town Hall by a faulty solar panel on the roof of the building. No one was hurt. Locals have been quick to take aim at the Green party with jibes over their record in office at Brighton and Hove city council, which owns the building.” read more

Podcast – ISIS Fighters Discriminate – A Happy Climate Update

In this episode I discuss how all ISIS terrorists are not created equal. There is discrimination in their ranks and a State Board of Education sets new rules that allow for actual climate debate in the classroom.

Enjoy the Podcast: read more