The Assault on Coal Continues

by: the Common Constitutionalist

As reported recently at Liberty Alliance, Obama appears to be delivering on yet another campaign promise. The ruination of the entire US economy? No, that’s not it… yet. It’s a promise that “electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket”.

According to the Liberty Alliance report, the average kilowatt hour jumped to 13.5 cents, a record high in March 2014 and if trends continue, the rate will rise further in the coming months. Like gas prices – welcome to the new normal.

Completely unrelated (I’m sure) is a report from ClimateProgress, the tree hugging division of radical ThinkProgress, who gleefully reported that the White House approved new coal dust rules aimed at dropping the rate of black lung disease. read more

Of Ann & Rand

by: the Common Constitutionalist


Ann Coulter was recently on the Sean Hannity television program.


The interview started friendly but quickly turned rather contentious. Coulter told Sean, “If we don’t elect Republicans; I don’t care which Republicans, we will not repeal Obamacare.”


So Ann, are you saying if we elect a Senate full of John McCains, Mitch McConnells and Lindsey Grahams, we will repeal Obamacare? Really?


I’ll answer that. Not a chance! That’s the answer.


She went on to say that we shouldn’t be fighting against Republicans. And then said, actually shouted, that the Republicans, if they gain a majority will balance the budget and do all these conservative things.


Where’s the proof of that? There is none. As a matter of fact, there is the exact opposite, solid proof that they won’t. read more

What Happens When We Exceed The Universe’s Speed Limit?

What happens when we exceed the universe's speed limit?

As far as universal limits go, the speed of light gets all the glory. But did you know there is a different speed limit for particles? It’s called the GZK limit, and some people think it has already been exceeded. Which has some pretty weird implications for the laws of the universe.

We know that the ultimate speed limit of the universe, the limit that nothing can exceed, is the speed of light. Nothing gets around faster than a photon. But the universe is not exclusively made up of photons. It is also made up of physical particles. Of course, as Einstein proved, these particles can be equivalent to photons. The equation E = mc2 showed us that mass can change into energy and energy into mass the same way that water can be poured from one cup to another — although with considerably more difficulty. While energy is tough to get a hold on, mass is notoriously sluggish. No matter how little the quantity of mass we try to accelerate, we can never quite get it up to the speed of light. read more

Legalize Drugs-Save the World

by: the Common Constitutionalist 

All of a sudden, it seems, the push to legalize marijuana has gone into hyperspeed, or maybe ludicrousspeed (a little tip of the hat to one of my favorite comedies, Spaceballs).


It seems State after State is legalizing its use in some form or another – for either medicinal or recreational use, or both. Before long it will become legalized throughout the U.S. and then the party can really begin.


Just think of the benefits. Companies, like the recently sainted CVS pharmacy chain will benefit. They announced that as of October 2014, the chain store will no longer sell tobacco products at any of their locations. They claim tobacco has no place in a pharmacy. It’s a private company. They have every right to make such policies.


So far, there is no word of whether they will also be removing the beer and wine – whether or not they will remove all the high sugar candies, sodas and energy drinks, or the high fat and salt snack foods, or the 760 different types of condoms (that’s just an estimate). read more

Pipelines, Trains & Regulations

by: the Common Constitutionalist

By all accounts, the Keystone XL Pipeline, the line that would transport oil from both Canada and the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota to Texas, is dead.

The Obama administration did a fine job dragging it’s feet, thereby effectively killing the project, or at least the major portion from Canada to Oklahoma.

However TransCanada did complete the southern portion of the pipeline that runs from Cushing, Oklahoma to Nederland, Texas. The company expects to complete a smaller pipeline that will transport oil from Nederland to refineries near Houston later this year.

AP reported that “the $2.3 billion pipeline from Cushing to Texas is the Gulf Coast — or southern portion — of TransCanada’s proposed Keystone XL pipeline. This shorter leg will begin transporting on average about 300,000 barrels of oil daily and should end the year at an average of about 520,000 barrels, Pourbaix said”.

So where does leave Canada and North Dakota?  The Washington Post wrote in April 2013: “If Keystone is rejected [which is was], the oil will just get transported via other pipelines or by rail. And if that’s true, well, there’s really no point in blocking Keystone, is there?” Good Point, and from the Washington Post. read more

Saudi Prince Fears Fracking

It is worthy paying close attention when a certain Saudi prince speaks his mind.  Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal is sometimes described as the most powerful Arab in the world, thanks to his enormous wealth, business acumen, and influence in the Saudi royal family, which runs the Kingdom as a family fiefdom.  Western-educated, he has shown himself to be an effective power broker, owning a 7% stake in News Corporation and donating $20 million each to Harvard and Georgetown Universities, arousing suspicions of undue influence. read more

Black Hole Discovered

A black hole has been found to be pumping out  of iron and nickel into the universe – spewing out more powerful jets that  scientists first thought.

Black holes usually put out jets of low-mass  particles, thousands of light-years long, into surrounding galaxies.

These jets recycle matter and energy into  space and can affect when and where a galaxy forms stars.

Scroll down for  video…

Black hole
A black hole has been found to be pumping out of iron  and nickel into the universe – spewing out more powerful jets that scientists  first thought. The 4U1630-47 star system is depicted above in an artist’s  illustration, with a large blue star on the right and jets emanating from a  black hole in the center of the disc on the left read more

Power By Kite


Underwater kites that bear an uncanny  resemblance to the Starship Enterprise could soon be supplying power to homes  across the world, an American researcher claims.

David Olinger of Worcester Polytechnic  Institute says underwater currents could produce power comparable to multiple  nuclear stations – if engineers can work out how to harness it.

His idea is to use large kites with rigid  wings underwater.

Minesto an energy firm is experimenting with the  technology. The tidal energy device developed by Minesto, named Deep Green,  converts energy from tidal stream flows into electricity using a kite with a  turbine read more

A Step Closer to Fusion

Self-sustaining nuclear fusion may be one step closer to reality after scientists in the U.S. have, for the first time, created more fusion energy than that consumed by the fuel to drive the process.

Nuclear fusion, the same process that the sun uses to create energy, could provide the world with much-needed cheap energy.

Scientists estimate that one kilogram of fusion fuel can provide the same amount of energy as 10 million kilograms of fossil fuel.

Nuclear fusion
Self-sustaining nuclear fusion may be one step closer to reality after scientists in the U.S. have, for the first time, created more fusion energy than fuel for the process consumed read more

Obama’s “Just Say No” Administration

by: the Common Constitutionalist


I was flipping through news channels Sunday morning and happened upon MSNBC. Okay, I didn’t just happen upon it for I usually avoid it like the plague, but Fox was discussing some pop-culture nonsense.


There was a discussion panel with four liberals and one former George HW Bush progressive consultant. He was both progressive and black, so it was okay.


They were discussing Ted Cruz and naturally there was no love in the room. They allowed the “Republican” consultant plenty of time to trash Ted. He (the Republican) said he was more of a Chris Christie Republican. That’s really all you need to know about him.


He described Ted Cruz as being a closed tent conservative. How Cruz harkened back to a different era in America and apparently that is never a good thing – to look back, unless of course you’re looking back to FDR or LBJ. The consultant wants the party to be constantly looking “forward”. That’s what good progressives do, don’t you know.


One of the libs chimed in saying that Cruz is satisfied to “just say no” to every initiative. That he is only interested in shrinking government. Oh the horror! read more