Republicans Need to Engage in the Healthcare Debate

from the American Spectator:

 Nurse AOC Gets to Pick Democrats’ Presidential Winners and Losers

Healthcare remains the number one issue and again Republicans aren’t in the game.

Medicare for All may sound good,” John Delaney, a former Maryland congressman running for president, told the California Democratic Convention, “but it’s actually not good policy, nor is it good politics.”

The crowd booed, lengthily and lustily, as they had booed former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper for informing them that “socialism is not the answer.”

The enfant terrible of the Democratic Party quickly responded through the medium preferred by enfants terrible. read more

The Gut-Brain Connection in Autism

The new research suggests fundamental links between our gut microbiome, our brain, and our behavior
The new research suggests fundamental links between our gut microbiome, our brain, and our behavior (Credit: Caltech)

Two fascinating new studies are shedding light on the association between the gut, the brain, and autism. The new research reveals how gastrointestinal problems can be triggered by the same gene mutations associated with autism, and a striking mouse study has demonstrated how a fecal transplant from humans with autism can promote autism-like behaviors in the animals. read more

What a Surprise – Companies Get Caught Cheating on Government Contracts

Yes, it’s the fault of the companies for cheating the government and us, the taxpayers. But this is what happens a lot when you start throwing around millions and billions of dollars in government contracts. There will always be fraudsters that use the system of big, slow moving government – not to mention payoffs of public officials. Frankly I find it miraculous that the companies got caught. I guess they just didn’t pay off the right people.

from the Washington Examiner:

FBI: Company cheated taxpayers out of millions of dollars meant for Puerto Rico aid

Two sister companies contracted to do recovery work for Puerto Rico are accused of pocketing millions of dollars without fulfilling the terms of their government contracts. read more

Raspberry-Picking Robot

Data from the initial field trial of the raspberry-harvesting robot system will inform further design, ahead...
Data from the initial field trial of the raspberry-harvesting robot system will inform further design, ahead of commercialization of the technology in 2020(Credit: Fieldwork Robotics Ltd)

Fieldwork Robotics – a spinout company from the University of Plymouth in the UK – has announced the successful completion of early field trials of a raspberry-harvesting robot. If commercialized, the system could help make up for a shortage of human fruit pickers in the country. read more

WND Exclusive – What about the Sea Turtles’ ‘Reproductive Rights’?

from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

Sea turtles, and their eggs and hatchlings, are protected in Florida by some very strict laws and regulations. They are also protected under the 1973 federal Endangered Species Act.

Every two to four years, sea turtles make the long journey to Florida beaches to lay their eggs in the warm sand, where they are sheltered by these various laws and regulatory edicts. Simply put, one cannot possess, disturb, mutilate, destroy, sell, transfer, molest, or harass marine turtles, nests or eggs. Protection is also afforded to marine turtle habitat.

In other words, there are absolutely no exceptions to taking the life of an unborn sea turtle. read more

Video Podcast – All We Ever Needed to Know about Robert Mueller

by: Brent Smith at the Common Constitutionalist

Was there ever any doubt regarding the motivation of Special Council Robert Mueller and his merry band of left leaning hit-men?

If there was a doubt, there should no longer be one – not after his now infamous closing remarks where he turned our justice system on its head and declared president Trump guilty until proven innocent.

I discuss his motivation, one particular team member and something about Trump I haven’t heard anywhere else. read more

NYC Spending $23 Million to Check Teachers’ Whiteness

New York City, like most cities run by leftists, is heavily and desperately in debt. They currently have approximately $58.5 billion in assets available to pay bills totaling $244 billion. In other words, that’s over $64,000 per NYC taxpayer. Yet this never seems to matter when implementing another idiotic leftist feel-good program.

I mean – what’s another $23 million, flushed down the proverbial toilet, to advance the social justice, liberal agenda.

from the New York Post:

Teachers allegedly told to favor black students in ‘racial equity’ training

In controversial “implicit bias” training, New York City’s public-school educators have been told to focus on black children over white ones — and one Jewish superintendent who described her family’s Holocaust tragedies was scolded and humiliated, according to firsthand accounts.

A consultant hired by the city Department of Education told administrators at a workshop that “racial equity” means favoring black children regardless of their socio-economic status, sources said. read more

The Fight Against Drug-Resistant Bacteria and Fungi

Existing drugs have been used to starve fungal infections of Candida albicans of nutrients
Existing drugs have been used to starve fungal infections of Candida albicans of nutrients(Credit: iLexx/Depositphotos)

Microorganisms like bacteria and fungi are increasingly becoming resistant to our best drugs, which is hurtling us towards a terrifying future where once-easily-treated infections become potentially life-threatening again. In a new approach to this problem, researchers from the University at Buffalo and Temple University have tested an alternative to antibiotics that uses existing drugs to starve a fungal infection of vital nutrients. read more

Jocko Willink’s Keys to Success

Former SEAL Team leader Jocko Willink joins the Prager University team to discuss how taking the hard road in life is actually easier, in the long run, than venturing down the easy road, as the “easy” road will invariably lead to nothing more than a dead end.

He discusses how discipline actually equals freedom, and talks about his personal, three key principles to achieving success – Discipline vs Motivation, Humility vs. Arrogance and Taking Ownership of Everything vs. Making excuses.  read more

Want to Fly with your Firearm – Read This First

I’ve recently made the decision to partner with my friends at They are quite knowledgeable about everything guns and have given me permission to share articles, hopefully at least once a week. Please take a minute and subscribe to their site.

That being said, this weeks article is entitled:

Everything You Need to Know About Flying With a Firearm

Americann Airlines Check In

The idea of traveling by plane with your firearms can be nerve-wracking. Airlines follow strict security practices and are constantly wary of potential threats, which is why the last thing you want to do is get in trouble for not following correct procedures. Thankfully, the TSA has put out clear, easy-to-follow guidelines that make the whole experience much less awkward than you might imagine. The following guide will give you the five simple rules you need to know before traveling by plane with your firearms, as well as some additional tips to make the process even smoother.

Rule 1: Transport Your Firearms Unloaded in a Locked Hard-sided Container as Checked Baggage

Firearms must be transported unloaded in a locked hard-sided container as checked baggage. It’s also a good idea to insert chamber flags into the empty chambers of your firearms to clearly demonstrate they are empty. This will often save you from having to manually demonstrate that they are empty to airline employees. Any excuse to not handle firearms in an airport likely will make you and the employees feel more comfortable with the entire process.

There are no additional requirements for the container other than that it must be locked and that it is hard-sided. The most important thing is that the container cannot be easily opened from the outside. This means properly securing the container using all available lock tabs, any locks that are built into the container itself, and even a supplemental lock if your container supports one.

Be aware that some airlines have their own specific rules on firearms, including how many can be included in one checked hard-sided case. The majority of airlines simply follow TSA guidelines, but it’s a good idea to double-check that your airline doesn’t have any unique requirements.

Rule 2: Transport Magazines and Ammunition in the Same Locked Hard-sided Container

Magazines and ammunition are not permitted in carry-on baggage and must be packed in a locked hard-sided container in checked baggage only. This is true regardless of whether or not the magazines are loaded.

The specific language used by the TSA is that ammunition must be “securely packed in boxes or other packagings specifically designed to carry small amounts of ammunition.” However, it is not completely clear whether or not ammunition’s original packaging is considered “securely boxed.” In my experience this has been fine though.

Your best move here is simply to pack your magazines and ammunition boxes in the same locked hard-sided container that your firearm is packed in. This is permitted for all small arms ammunition not exceeding .75 caliber, including shotgun shells of any gauge. Just be sure that the firearm itself is completely unloaded.

Airlines may limit the amount of ammunition each passenger can bring with them. For example, American Airlines lets you bring no more than 11 pounds of ammunition. To put this in perspective, that’s around 400 rounds of 9mm ammo.

Note: Black powder or percussion caps used with black powder are not permitted on an aircraft.

Rule 3: Declare Your Firearms When You Check In

Assuming you follow Rules 1 and 2, Rule 3 should be a cinch: declaring during check-in that you are transporting a properly secured firearm. Airline staff will then give your container a special identification tag indicating that it contains a firearm, and you will then check the container in the same way that you would check any other bag.

Pro Tip: In my experience, it’s best to use the word “firearm” rather than “gun”. Though the two can obviously be used interchangeably, “gun” sounds scarier and might startle new airline staff and fellow travelers.

Rule 4: Optics and Scopes Can be Transported in Either Carry-on or Checked Baggage

If you are bringing with you various optics, like scopes or red dot sights, you have the option of packing them in your checked bag or bringing them with you in your carry-on. Choosing how to transport your optics is largely personal preference.

I personally like to pack my optics in my checked bag, as they aren’t doing anything for me in my carry-on other than taking up space. But if you are worried about them possibly being damaged in your checked bag or want to minimize the risk of lost items, then you can feel free to bring them along in your carry-on.

Check with your airline to be sure, but in my experience I’ve also had no issues bringing unmounted weapon lights in my carry on luggage.

Rule 5: Follow All Local, State, and International Laws Regarding Possession of Firearms

Last but certainly not least, be sure to check and comply with all local, state, and international laws regarding firearm possession. I’ve heard countless stories of people unwittingly bringing their firearms with them to states with strict gun laws and being slapped with hefty fines or even jail time. In many of these instances, the gun owners followed all of the TSA guidelines and even checked with the TSA ahead of time to make sure there would not be any problems, and they still were charged with felonies. So it ultimately falls on you to be sure that you are legally allowed to possess your firearm in the location you are departing from as well as where you are arriving. It’s even a good idea to avoid connecting flights through states like New York with strict gun laws.


And that’s all there is to it! Most of us feel anxious about whether our tiny bottles of soap or fingernail clippers are going to make it through security—let alone a gun—which is why it’s perfectly natural to feel a little queasy thinking about traveling with your firearms. But if you follow the above five rules and be sure to ask questions to Airport employees, you should have absolutely no problems.