Synthetic Compound may turn off Cancer Cells

A newly synthesized version of a fungal compound could be a powerful new tool against cancer
A newly synthesized version of a fungal compound could be a powerful new tool against cancer

All cells in the human body have a shelf-life, but those of the cancerous variety use some cunning trickery to outlive their expiry dates and continue spreading throughout the body. Scientists at the University of Tokyo have developed a synthetic version of a fungal compound that could help swing things back in our favor, by reactivating a missing gene that would normally drive these sinister cells to self-destruction. read more

WND Exclusive – A Call to the New and Improved 911

from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

Picture this, he said in his best Rod Serling voice. And now that I think about it, this is where we are in America – in an episode of “The Twilight Zone.”

It’s the middle of the night. You and your family are fast asleep. But suddenly you’re awakened by a sound outside. You go to the window, look down and see two armed men attempting to break in. What do you do?

As they have yet to gain entry, you have time to arm up and then call 911.

As an aside, if you do not own a weapon and are not trained to use one, you’re probably toast anyway, as the average nationwide response to a 911 call is almost 10 minutes – an eternity when in an armed encounter.

Back to the 911 call.

The phone rings and they pick up. “911 – what’s your emergency?” read more

No Podcast

I’m very sorry, but there will be no weekend podcast today.

An interesting thing happened on the way to the podcast location. As I was leaving my house, a group of neighborhood kids stopped me and asked if I could dislodge a sweat shirt from between a bicycle sprocket and the chain. Since I know them and they’re good kids, I said sure.

No problem I thought. What could possibly go wrong! read more

No – Coronavirus Hospitalizations have NOT Spiked

The left and the main stream press (one in the same) have been selling panic since the start of the coronavirus outbreak. It seems they’ll do anything to maintain control of us citizens.

But now that we have sufficient research and data to disprove the panic culture and end the lockdowns, the left has taken to once again lie about the latest so-called spike regarding Covid-19 hospitalizations.

from Daniel Horowitz at Conservative Review:

Horowitz: The new panic lie: Increased coronavirus hospitalizations and cases in the southwest

Coronavirus generic chart

ffikretow | Getty Images

The health “experts” and the media propagating viral panic porn think people like us don’t understand arithmetic. They think they can manipulate headline stories warning of increased cases of COVID-19 in order to push more lockdowns, ignoring all the ways that more cases are being discovered, while the percentage of positive tests, new hospitalizations and deaths, and the lethality of the virus are all waning significantly.

“Arizona’s COVID-19 spread is ‘alarming’ and action is needed, experts warn,” read the title of an Arizona Republic article on Wednesday. Yahoo News breathlessly warned about a “spike” in all the southwestern states. read more

Yanmar’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Boat

Yanmar has announced plans for a hydrogen fuel-cell-powered boat using a Toyota Mirai powertrain
Yanmar has announced plans for a hydrogen fuel-cell-powered boat using a Toyota Mirai powertrain

Japanese Diesel engine manufacturer Yanmar has signaled its intention to bring hydrogen fuel cells to the consumer marine market, collaborating with Toyota to develop the technology and prototype it in a small boat by the end of the year. read more

Tucker Talks Nation Building

Tucker Carlson of Fox News unveils our planets newest nation – CHAZ, the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone, the tiniest nation on Earth – encompassing a mere seven blocks, at least so far.

Don’t mistake CHAZ for downtown Seattle. It’s it own entity, not under the control of the Mayor of Seattle. Instead, CHAZ is under the benevolent control of Warlord Raz Simone.

Enjoy the eye-opening video: read more

More Confederate Statues come Down

It seems this is now becoming a common occurrence. It’s sad and pathetic. Our spineless elected officials are sitting by and allowing, or worse, permitting, thugs and anarchists to deface property and remove history.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s bad or good. It’s part of America’s history and must be preserved. But the left understands better than do we, that it’s far easier to rewrite history when factual history is first removed.

First they came for Confederate statues and no one said no. Next they will come for our Founders. Will anyone then speak up? In this current climate, I fear not.

from the Blaze:

Beheaded Confederate statue is pulled down — and lands on protester’s head, cutting it open and knocking him out

Local Black Lives Matter president told a reporter part of the victim’s skull was visible

After demonstrators beheaded four Confederate statues in Portsmouth, Virginia, on Wednesday night, they pulled one of the statues down using a tow rope, the Virginian-Pilot reported.

The toppled statue then landed on a protester’s head and cut it open, the paper said. read more

Human Hair for OLED Displays?

This OLED device was made using human hair
This OLED device was made using human hair
Queensland University of Technology

Technology could really use some more sustainable sources, and now researchers at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) have turned to an unusual one. The team has shown that human hair from barber shops can be used to create OLED displays. read more

Virtue Signalling Dems Culturally Appropriate

The Conservative Twins are at it again. There they go, making sense and all, calling out the House and Senate democrats and they take a knee, donned in African garb, virtually canonizing George Floyd – who, as the boys point out, is not even African. He was born in North Carolina – which makes him … American!

Enjoy the video: read more