The So Called Adults Within the GOP Are Stupid

I realize there are those within the Republican Party who do not like Rush Limbaugh.  Some of them even think the GOP is worse because of him.

Likewise, there are those within the GOP who say they like Rush and see “a use” for him, but they themselves do not like listening to him.  He’s just not their cup of tea or something.

These people should really spend a week listening to Rush three hours a day and perhaps they would not be so stupid.

Most of the people who fall into these camps have been mouthing off on two topics about which their commentary has been decidedly stupid.  Perhaps if they were students of the Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies they’d wise up.

The first, of course, is CPAC, put on by the American Conservative Union.

The ACU gave Mitch McConnell a 100% rating and gave Renee Elmers of North Carolina, one of the most worthless members of Congress to ever be elected as a tea party candidate, some award to prove her bona fides.  That basically means the award is her conservative bona fides because she doesn’t have a record to show for it.

Basically, ACU is good at giving people cover.

And now they’ve given Chris Christie cover.  They haven’t invited him to CPAC.

Boo-freaking-hoo. Continue Reading

Park Service Told to Make It Hurt

Park ranger: Supervisors pushed sequester cuts that visitors would see

  • NPS_graphic.jpg

Another federal employee has come forward to claim the Obama administration resisted efforts to ease the impact of sequester.

A U.S. park ranger, who did not wish to be identified, told that supervisors within the National Park Service overruled plans to deal with the budget cuts in a way that would have had minimal impact on the public. Instead, the source said, park staff were told to cancel special events and cut “interpretation services” — the talks, tours and other education services provided by local park rangers.

“Apparently, they want the public to feel the pain,” the ranger said.

The National Park Service is among many federal agencies warning of a major impact from the sequester cuts, which took effect last Friday. The agency has warned of delayed access to portions of Yellowstone and Yosemite national parks, closed campgrounds at Great Smoky Mountains National Park, reduced hours at the Grand Canyon visitor center and other ramifications.

The Obama administration says these cuts must be made in order to make the $85 billion in cuts from Congress’ failure to avert the sequester. At the NPS, the agency was dealing with an across-the-board 5 percent cut.

Republicans have claimed the administration is making some cuts in order to exaggerate the impact. Lawmakers this past week revealed a leaked email from the Agriculture Department in which a field officer appeared to tell his team that he was instructed not to contradict the bosses’ warnings about the cuts.

Republicans have claimed the administration is making some cuts in order to exaggerate the impact. Lawmakers this past week revealed a leaked email from the Agriculture Department in which a field officer appeared to tell his team that he was instructed not to contradict the bosses’ warnings about the cuts.

At the Park Service, the alleged incident occurred in one region and it’s unclear whether other divisions were given similar guidance.Continue Reading

Anitbiotic Resistant Superbugs

Fears over wave of deadly superbugs invading U.S. hospitals that are resistant to antibiotics

Hospitals in the U.S. have been hit by a wave  of ‘nightmare bacteria’ that have become increasingly resistant to even the strongest antibiotics.

Public health officials have warned that in a  growing number of cases existing antibiotics do not work against the superbug, Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae  (CRE).

Patients became infected with the bacteria in nearly 4% of U.S. hospitals and in almost 18% of specialist medical facilities in the first half of 2012, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  (CDC).

Strains of more than 70 different viruses have petri dishes with colonies of the virulent E. coli bacteria (EHEC) on June 1, 2011 at the insitute's laboratory in Kiel, northern Germany.
Scientists have raised the alarm over the spread  of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, including E-coli (stock picture)
Spread: Superbugs were present in just one US state in 2001, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) but are now found in 42 (stock picture)
 The superbugs were present in just one US state  in 2001, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) but  are now found in 42 (stock picture)

Dr Tom Frieden, director of the CDC, said in a statement that the strongest antibiotics ‘don’t work and patients are left with potentially untreatable infections.’

Dr Frieden said doctors, hospitals and public  health officials must work together to stop the bacteria from spreading, the Sun Sentinel reports.

He said scientists were ‘raising the alarm’  over the problem following increasing concern.

Increasing numbers of patients in U.S. hospitals have become infected with CRE, which kills up to half of patients who get bloodstream infections from them, according to a new CDC  report.

Some of the more than 70 types of Enterobacteriaceae bacteria – including E-coli – have become gradually resistant over a long period of time, even to so-called, ‘last resort  drugs’ called carbapenem.

During the last ten years, the percentage of  Enterobacteriaceae that are resistant to these last-ditch antibiotics  rose by 400 %. One type of CRE has increased by a factor of seven over the last  decade, Fox News reports.

CRE infections usually affect patients being treated for serious conditions in hospitals, long-term acute-care facilities and nursing homes. Many of these people will use catheters or ventilators as  part of their treatment – which are thought to be used by bacteria to enter deep into the patient’s body.

Weakening: Many antibiotics are now unable to kill the resistant strains of bacteria (stock picture)
 Many antibiotics are now unable to kill the  resistant strains of bacteria (stock picture)

Only six states currently require that healthcare providers report cases of CRE. The CDC said the bugs spread from person to person, often on the hands of medical workers and that they are able to pass on their antibiotic resistance to other kinds of germs.

The bacteria were present in just one U.S. state in 2001, but have now spread to 42, Dr Frieden said at a news conference.

Seven people died, including a 16-year-old  boy, in one serious outbreak of Klebsiella pneumoniae in 2011 at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center in Bethesda,  Maryland, the Sun reports.

The CDC is trying to raise awareness of the  antibiotic resistant germs, urging health centres to control them effectively by  taking proper precautions such as washing hands and grouping patients with CRE  together.

Attribution: Sam Adams, Daily Mail

A Changing of the Guard for the Republicans?

by: the Common Constitutionalist

I’m sure the left is just loving this, for they hate the conservative wing of the republican party as much as the RINO’s do.

McCainHuffPo writes: “One of the Senate’s leading hawks, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), took to the Senate floor Thursday to fire back at Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), saying the Kentuckian’s rant against extrajudicial drone killings was ‘simply false.’” It should have read, one of the Senate’s leading hacks.

The HuffPo report continued: “Quoting extensively from a Wall Street Journal editorial that mocked Paul, McCain also argued that Paul had belittled the growing use of drones to kill terrorism suspects by invoking the name of Jane Fonda and suggesting a drone could have killed her when she was a Vietnam War protester.”

“I must say that the use of Jane Fonda’s name does evoke certain memories with me, and I must say that she is not my favorite American. But I also believe that, as odious as it was, Ms. Fonda acted within her constitutional rights, and to somehow say that someone who disagrees with American policy — and even may demonstrate against it — is somehow a member of an organization which makes that individual an enemy combatant is simply false,” McCain said, hitting his lectern for emphasis. “It is simply false.”Paul

The Wall Street editorial read, “Calm down, Senator. Mr. Holder is right, even if he doesn’t explain the law very well. The U.S. government cannot randomly target American citizens on U.S. soil or anywhere else. What it can do under the laws of war is target an “enemy combatant” anywhere at anytime, including on U.S. soil. This includes a U.S. citizen who is also an enemy combatant.”

The only problem with the Journal editorial and McCain’s remarks is that Mr. Holder kept trying to dodge Senator Ted Cruz’s clear and concise question of whether it is constitutional for this government to drone strike an American citizen, within our borders, for example, sitting in a café, that poses no immediate threat. Rather than just affirming the unconstitutionality of such an act, Mr. Holder chose to keep insisting that they would never do that., saying, ” It’s hard to imagine when that would ever occur.” Hardly the correct answer. I, for one, take Attorney General Holder at his word. He has, after all, proven himself to be an honest and forthright individual ( eg: fast and furious). Right!

And who, Mr. editorial writer, shall be the judge (jury and executioner) of exactly who is a domestic enemy combatant? This President? Some unnamed, faceless bureaucrat?

If a U.S. citizen, on American soil, was deemed to be an enemy combatant, why would the police or FBI not take him into custody and try him in court, asrand-paul-cspan2 is constitutional? You know, like they are going to do with the non-U.S. citizen, Osama Bin Laden’s terrorist son-in-law.

And as for that fossil, John McCain’s mocking assertion regarding a drone strike on Jane Fonda; she was not on American soil. She was in Vietnam giving aid and comfort to the enemy, which is not within her constitutional rights. I agree, she should not have been droned, technology at the time aside. She should have been brought back to the United States and tried for treason.

All these ridiculous side shows are just that; side shows. At the heart of this issue, for Senator Paul and the others who stood by him, is the reckless behavior of this administration. Obama and his minions believe they can do anything they wish, just daring someone to stop them. Finally, someone dared to do just that.

As for Senators McCain, Graham and the other old farts of the so-called republican party; they see, with this one brave act (the filibuster) a possible changing of the guard, and it scares the crap out of them.

If Senator Paul had spent his 13 hours in relative anonymity, none of the RINO’s would have their respective panties in a bunch.  It would hardly have been given a mention.ted-cruz

But, as we all know, that is not what occurred. Senator Paul became a conservative rock star overnight, literally. He has become the talk of the town, or nation. His status in conservative circles, has skyrocketed. And why? Because someone finally stood up to the democrats and more importantly, the establishment republicans. He, as a United States Senator, just decided to do it. He didn’t feel the need to clear it with daddy McCain first.

Mike_LeeTo make sure his word got out to more people than he could imagine, he appeared on all three of the conservative heavy-hitters radio shows; Limbaugh, Beck and Hannity and their multi- millions of listeners.. That surely rubbed salt in McCain’s wounds, for he would never dare to appear on either Rush’s or Glenn’s programs. I believe he hates Limbaugh and Beck as much as Obama does.

The McCain, Karl Rove, Bill Kristol, mushy middle-of-the-road wing of the republican party can ill afford a group of upstart young conservatives gaining popularity. These young bucks must be slapped down, and fast. If they gain too much popularity and real conservative voters begin to believe in them, the old guard will be sent out to pasture, along with all their advisors.

Thank you Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, et al.

Here’s What Happened With Colorado’s Gun Bills (Including the ‘Shotgun Ban’)

by: the Common Constitutionalist

With the miriad of varied bills be offered up at the same time, could the gun control vote in Colorado have been an example of the Overton Window? What is the Overton Window? [Nathan Russell, Mackinac Center]  Imagine, if you will, a yardstick standing on end. On either end are the extreme policy actions for any political issue. Between the ends lie all gradations of policy from one extreme to the other. The yardstick represents the full political spectrum for a particular issue. The essence of the Overton window is that only a portion of this policy spectrum is within the realm of the politically possible at any time. Regardless of how vigorously a think tank or other group may campaign, only policy initiatives within this window of the politically possible will meet with success.

Politicians believe they are elected to do 2 things; get reelected and pass laws. I contend that if politicians present many bills at the same time, from the relatively sublime to the absurd, the seemingly less harmful bills stand a better chance of passage. Thus, taking action within that “window” appears reasonable. You be the judge.


DENVER (TheBlaze/AP):

Heres What Happened With Colorados Gun Bills Last Night


• ​Online gun certification: ​Senate Bill 195, banning online certification for concealed carry permits and requiring people to attend classes in person — advances in Senate

• ​Liability for “assault”-style weapons: Senate Bill 196, holding manufacturers and sellers of semiautomatic weapons liable for violence committed with them — ​killed by sponsor

• ​Gun ban for domestic abusers: Senate Bill 197, banning certain domestic violence abusers from owning guns — advances in Senate

​• Limits on high-capacity ammunition:​ House Bill 1224, limiting gun ammunition magazines to 15 rounds but amended to not outlaw the “standard shotgun”​advances in Senate

​• Gun ban on college campuses:  House Bill 1226, banning concealed weapons on college campuses — ​killed by sponsor

​• Background check fee:​ House Bill 1228, requiring gun buyers to pay for their own background checks — ​advances in Senate

• Universal background checks:​ House Bill 1229, requiring background checks for all gun transfers, including private sales — ​advances in Senate

[via the Denver Post]

 Lawmakers advanced Colorado’s strictest gun proposals in recent memory, during marathon debate in a state caught between a history of horrific shootings and a Western heritage where gun ownership is a daily part of life for many. Continue Reading

Super-sized Mosquitoes

Mega-mosquitoes which are the size of  quarters are expected to take over areas of Florida ‘in large numbers’ this summer, scientists have warned.

The special breed of the nuisance bug, which can be 20 times bigger than common menacing Asian tiger mosquitoes, are described as ‘notoriously aggressive’.

They were handed the perfect breeding ground  by last year’s tropical storms, according to scientists at the University of  Florida, so are coming to a town near you.


Super-sized: Scientist says mega mosquitoes also known as gallnippers, left, could be common in central Florida this summer. They can be 20 times bigger than typical Asian tiger mosquitoes
Scientist says mega mosquitoes also known as gallinippers, left, could be common in central Florida this summer. They can be 20 times bigger than typical Asian tiger mosquitoes

‘Because of the events last year, and the eggs laid, we can expect large numbers of these mosquitoes again,’ Entomologist Phil Kaufman, an associate professor with the University of Florida’s Institute  of Food and Agricultural Sciences, told the Gainsville  Sun.

‘It is quite capable of biting through my shirt.

‘We suggest people wear long-sleeve pants and shirts. Just doing that may not be enough for this type of mosquito; you’re  going to have use one of the insect repellants to dissuade them from landing.’

‘The bite really hurts, I can attest to that,’ he told science site

Psorophora ciliata, or Gallinipper mosquitoes as they are commonly known, have half inch long bodies and the same black-white color pattern of the more common Asian Tiger Mosquito with a wingspan of 6-7  millimeters.

Mega-mosquito bites hurt much more than usual mosquito bites according to the experts, who say the insects can even bite through clothing
This big: Gallnippers tend to be the size of a quarter and could be seen in large numbers in Central Florida this Summer, according to scientists
Gallinippers tend to be the size of a quarter and could be seen in large numbers in Central Florida this Summer, according to  scientists

Because of their size they are often able to withstand common repellants.

The hurricanes of last year brought large numbers of the insects to the Central and South Florida area which laid dormant eggs in the soil near ponds and streams.

Now scientists are predicting heavy rainfall will come again and cause the eggs to hatch – releasing the super-sized bugs in large numbers.


Size: 2 – 10mm but males are much smaller than females

Bite: Only the bigger  females feed on blood. Bites are itchy and can be serious in people who suffer a  reaction but can also be fairly minor.  They can carry serious diseases  such as Dengue Fever

Appearance:  Black and white shiny striped bodies

Location:  In 866 counties in 26 states. Mostly in the Southeast but also Texas.


Size: Body alone is half an inch long with a wingspan of 6-7 millimeters

Bite: ‘Persistent biting behavior’ and their bite is much more painful. They can also bite through light material but like other mosquitoes only the females bite

Appearance:  Also black and white striped

Location: The east of the U.S. but they are predicted to be highly prevalent in central Florida this summer.


One plus point to the bugs, which are native  to the eastern half of North America, is they don’t carry diseases dangerous to humans like some of their smaller counterparts.

Like  Asian tiger mosquitoes they are less common in urban areas and tend to be found  near floodwater where they hatch.

‘Down near Paynes Prairie, you are more likely to have more numbers than Main Street Gainesville,’ Professor Kaufman  added.

It is only females that bite with male Gallinippers feeding on flower nectar.

They also feed on other mosquito larvae and even tadpoles and are most active at dusk and dawn.

‘When you read the historical accounts of the first European settlers in the Southeast and they talked about gigantic  mosquitoes, this was one they were talking about,’ Professor Kaufman  added

Attribution: Katie Davies, Mail Online

Florida Lawmakers Ammo Control

Audrey Gibson Wants Everyone Buying Ammo to Undergo Anger Management Course First

Folks, the Democrats are going to extremes to rape us of our constitutional rights.  Obama has been diligently working on it since he first took office 4 years ago.  However, his efforts have ramped up since his re-election and his loyal minions are following his example.

In the latest of asinine bills being introduced into legislatures across the nation is the one just introduced by Florida State Senator Audrey Gibson from Jacksonville.  Her bill, introduced last Saturday, would require anyone in the state of Florida who wants to purchase any type of ammunition, to undergo an anger management course.  In addition, ammunition purchasers would also have to take a refresher anger management course every 10 years.  Her bill calls for a 3 day waiting period for anyone wanting to purchase a firearm.

The provision of her bill on ammunition reads:

“It is unlawful to: A) Sell ammunition to another person who does not present certification that he or she has successfully completed an anger-management program consisting of at least 2 hours of online or face-to-face instruction in anger-management techniques.  The certification must be renewed every 10 years.”

A first offense would be considered a second-degree misdemeanor, which in Florida could result in up to 60 days in jail, a 6 month probation and fine up to $500.  A second offense within a year of conviction of the first offense would be a first-degree misdemeanor.  If convicted, a first-degree misdemeanor conviction could result in up to 1 year in jail, 12 months of probation and up to $1,000 fine. Continue Reading

The Stunning Zion Natural Park Subway

A stunningly beautiful canyon in Utah’s Zion  National Park has become so popular that park officials have instituted a  lottery for hikers who want to discover its untouched natural  beauty.

Down between two peaks called the North and  South Guardian Angels, the Subway’s low light is the perfect place for algae to  grow in vibrant and rich greens.

The park is issuing 80 permits a day to  hikers who want to visit the cylindrical slot canyon.


 The Subway is what the park calls a unique  slot canyon deep inside the Left Fork of North Creek


Demand for a glimpse at the canyon is  incredibly high because of its ridiculously impressive look


Though extremely popular the Subway appears on  no maps and must be found by experienced pathfinders
 Ice forms over a canyon stream bed at the  Subway


Inexperienced hikers are encouraged to  come with a friend who knows how to navigate nature as finding the path can be  difficult


 Hikers who wish to reach the Subway must  travel at least 9 miles, including rappelling

The lottery will only be done between peak  seasons between March and November when demand to journey to the gorgeous canyon  is at its highest.

Groups are limited to fewer than 12 people.

The subway itself is roughly a quarter mile  long, but finding your way to the canyon can be difficult.

 Once hikers reach the entrance they’ll be  treated to a quarter mile of rarely seen beauty


Because of the canyon’s low route, the  lighting filters gently down giving the algae a rich natural green


 Lottery tickets for the Subway will only be  given out between March and November when demand is at its peak

The hike is 9.5 miles round trip, and is more  difficult than a novice hiker should attempt on their own.

Hikers will face route finding, creeks that  need crossing, and boulders that must be scaled. ***

 Hikers must cross boulders, swim through deep  waters, and cross creeks to reach the natural wonder


 Sculpted slots and canyons can be found  throughout the park but none as spectacular as the Subway


 The canyon’s unique characteristics can  almost make one feel as if they’re walking through a painting

Because of the extensive obstacles, the park  encourages people who haven’t much experience  are encouraged to either  find an experienced hiker to go with or to make sure they have a detailed map  before they leave.

 Because heavy snow melts and spring runoff  sometimes forces the park to close the Subway to visitors


The park has restricted access to the canyon  to groups smaller than 12 people


The Subway
The Subway is carved between two peaks called the  North and South Guardian Angels

It’s even more difficult to reach The Subway  if you attempt to do it from the top down, as hikers will need to rappel on  route as well as swim through pools of cold water that will likely have debris.

But if the images that have come out are at  all accurate, the beautiful scenery is worth the hardship of reaching it.

Attribution: Daily Mail