New Maritime Center is Partly Submerged

Part of the Maritime Center Rotterdam will underwater and some of the building will be revealed during low tide
Part of the Maritime Center Rotterdam will underwater and some of the building will be revealed during low tide

Netherlands-based Mecanoo has revealed its initial design for an interesting new maritime center in Rotterdam. The building will be located in the middle of the city’s Rijnhaven harbor and, so as to not appear too large for the area, some of it will be submerged under the waterline.

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There’s No Room for Politics at Christmas

by: Brent Smith

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Christmas is almost upon us. And for those like me who celebrate it, we really look forward to this particular holiday season.

But one of the problems with being a political commentator is that it’s what readers, listeners and viewers expect all the time. One doesn’t want to navigate to their favorite political website, only to discover that it’s filled only with recipes and how to put together the perfect holiday gift basket.

Normally this isn’t a problem for us. No matter the season, there is always something going on in this country or worldwide for which to dovetail into politics. Sad really, but true, particularly in the ongoing battle against leftism. The left, as we are well aware, always boils everything down to politics, especially when it comes to religious holidays like Christmas and Easter.

For any radical BLM/Antifa members or hard left followers who happened to be reading this article, Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, and Easter is the celebration of his resurrection after he was crucified by the Romans. And for those who are unfamiliar with crucifixion, you can ask New Jersey Senator Corey Booker – if you find him these days. Corey knows all about it, for, if you recall, he is still Spartacus! read more

Weapon Wednesday – A Machine Gun Snow Sled? I Want One!

Is this not the coolest winter toy ever?!!

  • The Royal Netherlands Marine Corps (RNLMC) showed off a new snow sled system on Facebook.
  • The system is designed to be towed behind a tracked all-terrain vehicle.
  • The sled can carry Marines, cargo, or even an M240 machine gun. read more

Hooray for COVID Stimulus – 6000 Pages of Nothing to See Here

by: Brent Smith

For decades, conservatives and fiscal hawks have been complaining about how much money the federal government spends. And the worst part of it isn’t the spending itself. It’s the fact that no one really knows on what we’re spending trillions of dollars.

Oh sure, on a macro-level, we can look at the budget, assuming we had one, which we don’t, and see that this or that behemoth department or agency gets X billions of dollars. But that’s all we know.

And of course this is done on purpose, so that the public will never discover where all that money is actually going. It’s why over the years, the sheer size of budget bills, or bail-out bills and now stimulus has ballooned to many thousands of pages. It makes it impossible for anyone to read, digest and comprehend who gets what and why.

This was explained rather nicely back in 2009, when democrat Representative, the late John Conyers slipped up at had a moment of honesty at the mic. read more

Sleep Disruptions may Link to Alzheimer’s progression

Immune cells known as microglia (turquoise with red dots) surrounding amyloid plaques
Immune cells known as microglia (turquoise with red dots) surrounding amyloid plaques
Brian Lananna

Scientists at Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM) in St. Louis have spent some years investigating the links between circadian rhythm and Alzheimer’s, and have recently been making some real inroads. Following a 2018 study demonstrating how disrupted sleep can accelerate the buildup of toxic plaques associated with the disease, the team has now identified a protein implicated in the progression of the disease that appears highly regulated by the circadian rhythm, helping them join the dots and providing a potential new therapeutic target.

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Our System of Government hasn’t Failed us – Those who Run it Have

by: Brent Smith

Every single elected official, and even most unelected officials in the nation – local, State and national, takes an oath – makes a solemn promise to uphold, protect and defend their State’s and the U.S. Constitutions.

Yet in every single disputed State, four specifically – Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, State officials knowingly and with malice broke their promise and vacated their oath of office, by illegally changing various aspects of their States election laws.

As Mark Levin said, they have all effectively written out an entire section of the Constitution. It has been wiped away – gone – just like that.

And that goes for many State Constitutions. What is considered fraud, what is illegal in these States, has now magically been deemed legal and righteous. read more

Record Breaking Data Storage – 580TB

IBM and Fujifilm's new magnetic tape could find use in data centers
IBM and Fujifilm’s new magnetic tape could find use in data centers

Magnetic tape may seem like a pretty antiquated data storage technology, but its density and capacity is still hard to beat for big data centers. Now, IBM and Fujifilm have teamed up to create a prototype high-density tape cartridge with a record-breaking capacity of 580 TB. read more

WND Exclusive – Government will never do without – only we peons will

from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

I think it was Rush Limbaugh who long ago said that no matter what happens, no matter the situation, no matter what the economy looks like or how many are suffering – the government will never go without. They will never cut back or offer relief.

No matter what happens around them, they will always insist that you pay your taxes.

When times are tough, private sector companies will extend payment terms, lower prices, do whatever they have to do to survive, but to also do what they can so there customers may survive. read more

Video Podcast – Don’t Mess with the Castle Doctrine

by: Brent Smith

Every year leftists demand (notice I didn’t say ask, or request) that we on the right compromise just a little bit more of our core beliefs, our values.

Jaco Booyens was on the Blaze a while back explaining how South Africa weakened its Castle Doctrine law over a decade ago so you basically can’t do anything to defend your own home.

So what’s the Castle Doctrine? It’s a home and private property, stand your ground doctrine, Saying you can defend your home and property from invasion by pretty much any force necessary.

Well, leftists, being the statist authoritarians they are, don’t want you to have that right. They want everyone, like good little sheep, to have to call them for help, to come out and protect you from the bad guys. read more

Illegals Will Not be Counted for Congressional Redistricting

by: Brent Smith

How is this even a thing – the fact that we would even consider counted illegal aliens for Congressional redistricting.

And the fact that the Supremes just tossed the democrat appeal instead of just ruling that illegal immigrants, are by their name, illegal, and should not be in the country, which means they can’t be counted for anything and anytime.

So, while this is good news, it ain’t great news.

from the Daily Caller:

Supreme Court Rules Against Counting Illegal Immigrants For Congressional Redistricting

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