Kiss the Old Normal Goodbye – Prepare for the Permanent Pandemic

by: Brent Smith

Well, it’s high time we started moving those pesky goalposts again. Spring is in the air and people are chomping at the bit to lose the mask, get together and have some fun. It’s been a long and lonely winter for most.

But anyone with any sense could see early on that the power and control the left has gained in the past year would not be relinquished willingly. Like monarchs, the political left seems to believe it is their birthright to rule over us. And they’re hell-bent on doing so, by any means. And the magic bullet, as it were, is the dreaded pandemic. read more

Prehistoric “Eagle Shark”

Aquilolamna milarcae had a shark-like main body, with ray-like wings
Aquilolamna milarcae had a shark-like main body, with ray-like wings
Oscar Sanisidro

The whale shark and the manta ray are perhaps two of the ocean’s most fascinating large fishes. Well, scientists have now announced the discovery of a prehistoric ancestor of both, that looked like a cross between the two. read more

After Her Veto is it Time to Reexamine Gov. Kristi Noem?

Republican Governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem, has done some real good in her State. And she’s been praised by conservatives for it. She is the next great ideological conservative, next to Florida Governor DeSantis.

But true conservatism is all about consistency and ideals, not necessarily pragmatism. It’s certainly not about the perception of whether one can win or not – and if not, than don’t even try. It’s about doing what is right, because it’s right.

It’s about signing the State’s Transgender Sports Bill because you know it’s the right thing to do, regardless of real or imagined backlash. It’s about serving the people of South Dakota. read more

Weapon Wednesday – Air Force F-36 Kingsnake

kingsnake plane from teasel studio
Andy Godfrey/Teasel Studio
  • The U.S. Air Force has expressed interest in a new, non-stealthy fighter jet to replace the F-16.
  • Several aviation experts have banded together and invented a new jet out of thin air.
  • The result, the F-36 Kingsnake, would use the F-22’s engines, place less of an emphasis on stealth, and use digital engineering.

read more

Colorado Shooter is not a White Guy – No Contrition from the Left

by Brent Smith

By next week, maybe not even that long, this Colorado “mass shooting” event will have evaporated into nothing, for it blows up the left’s narrative.

Not a White Supremacist

As they always do, their knee-jerk vilification of the “white man” is astonishing. This narrative, thanks to the main stream media, has been beaten into minds of leftists. And their hatred for whites and conservatives is only amplified by these events. read more

Transparent Solar Cells

A new study has found that crops can grow in greenhouses with built-in transparent solar cells
A new study has found that crops can grow in greenhouses with built-in transparent solar cells

Advances in transparent solar cells mean that soon we might be able to install them into windows and greenhouses. But in the latter case, would they deprive plants of vital sunlight? To find out, researchers at North Carolina State University grew lettuce under various wavelengths of light, and found that the plants did just fine. read more

An Interview with a True American Hero

Well, leave it once again to the Babylon Bee to break the story no one else is talking about or reporting on.

Are other news outlets afraid to report on or attempt to interview this selfless and brave Secret Service agent who may have recently saved the life of our dear leader, Lunchbox Joe Biden?

But the Bee tread where no others have dared and secured an exclusive interview with the courageous and noble warrior. read more

Kids are NOT Crammed in Cages – Just Bubbles

by: Brent Smith

So pictures from the inside of one of the Southern border detention facilities that, let’s just say stockpile unaccompanied illegal alien minors, have somehow been released to the public.

I have yet to see anywhere that permission was granted for the taking of these photographs, so it begs the question – with the total lock down of these detention facilities, how did this happen? read more

New Source of Energy – Nanogenerators

A new nanogenerator device could tap into energy sources like ocean waves or body movements
A new nanogenerator device could tap into energy sources like ocean waves or body movements

There are energy sources all over the place, if you know where to look. Researchers at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) have now designed new modular nanogenerators that can harvest energy from a variety of different types of motion, such as ocean waves or a person’s body movements. read more

WND Exclusive – Is there still a right to bear the Constitution?

from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

Many Americans suffer from a common phobia. No, it’s not the very reasonable fear we are living now, of Democrats running the country. That’s not a phobia, for its not irrational.

No, they suffer from an irrational fear of guns. Guns are not inherently scary. They are just a tool – like a screwdriver or a leaf blower. You’ve heard the saying, the right tool for the right job. You wouldn’t use a gun to blow the leaves around your yard and thus you wouldn’t use a leaf blower to defend yourself. You could try, but I’ll bet it won’t go well.

Yet over the years more and more citizens have been purposely conditioned to think guns are scary “weapons of war.” On a weekly basis, we hear of one after another proposed piece of gun-curtailing legislation coming from the left. read more