WND Exclusive – Democrats’ Impeachment Roe v. Wade

from Brent Smith for World Net Daily:

Here’s an odd question.

What do abortion and impeachment have in common?

Both are supposed safe and quite infrequently utilized.

Isn’t this what the left has been preaching to us since Roe v. Wade – that abortions should be safe and RARE?

I don’t know if “safe” applies to impeachment – probably not – but for sure, both should be rare.

But like abortions, I fear that the Democrats have opened yet another Pandora’s box.

The original “sales” pitch for legalized abortions was that they were meant to be rare. read more

Video Podcast – OK Symbol Investigated – Sanctuary Update

by: Brent Smith

At the Army-Navy football game last week, cadets were caught playing the “circle game” on national television. An official investigation by West Point confirms it was indeed the “circle game” and not a “white power” symbol as many media outlets reported.

I discuss why they needed to “investigate” this silly incident in the first place, all to appease the perpetually offended left.

It’s been reported that “Hundreds of Municipalities from One State Declare Themselves 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries.”

The democrat Virginia Attorney General insists that these sanctuaries cannot nullify state laws, but of course the leftist that he is, can’t comprehend the supremacy of the Constitution and the Amendments contained therein. read more

Christian Magazine Shames Itself

You know our country is in deep doo-doo when a magazine named Christianity makes the conscious and public choice to side with the radical leftists – the democrat party, and against president Trump, by repeating the tired old fable that Trump pressured the Ukrainian President to investigate the Biden crime family.Christianity Today, which was founded by the Rev. Billy Graham, published a column written by editor Mark Galli under the headline "Trump Should Be Removed from Office."

But sadly they did, and in doing so, they’ve also dragged the good name of the magazine’s founder, Rev. Billy Graham into this nonsense.

It seems leftist politics is permeating everything and Christianity magazine, and it’s editor-in-chief Mark Galli, should be ashamed to convict the president in the court of public opinion, or worse, for kow-towing to the left out of a sense of fear.

It’s shameless!

from the Washington Examiner:

UPDATED: ‘Profoundly immoral’: Christianity Today asserts Trump ‘should be removed from office’

The evangelical magazine founded by the Rev. Billy Graham called President Trump’s phone call to the Ukrainian president “profoundly immoral” and called for him to be removed from office. read more

Plastic Waste – A New Source of Fuel

Could plastic waste one day provide a key ingredient for zero-emission transport?
Could plastic waste one day provide a key ingredient for zero-emission transport?
Nanyang Technological University

Our plastic waste problem is a large one, and it’s only getting larger. This is a huge environmental problem that requires some big picture thinking, but scientists are also exploring more subtle ways of chipping away at it and that includes turning plastic waste into sources of fuel. New research out of Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has thrown another interesting possibility into the mix, with scientists converting consumer plastic into a chemical used to to produce electricity in hydrogen fuel cells by exposing it to sunlight.

read more

Audio Article – Impeachment – Dismissal or Acquittal?

by: Brent Smith

If the Nancy Pelosi and the House ends up formally sending there bogus Articles of Impeachment to the Senate for trial, what may happen? Rumor has it that the Mitch McConnell and the majority Republicans in the Senate may just dismiss the charges.

Regardless of how we all feel, the Senate should, at the very least, acquit Trump on both charges and I discuss the reasons why. read more

Be Your Own Optometrist

Virtually everyone’s eyesight gets worse over time, but do you really need to visit the eye doctor every time you want to test your eyes? It’s pricey, not to mention inconvenient.
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Mr. President – Don’t Sign the Spending Bill!

Sorry folks, but what ever happened to president Trump never again signing another pork-laden Omnibus government spending bill? This thing is an absolute disaster and gives to the democrats, practically everything they want.

from Conservative Review:

If Trump signs omnibus bills, he’ll lose his last legislative leverage

Donald Trump

Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP | Getty Images

It’s become an annual ritual before Christmas. Both parties, despite the fake wrestling of soap opera politics, come together to increase spending and add special interest policy riders into a 2,000-page omnibus bill dropped hours before a vote is conducted, while nothing in the bill addresses the core challenges of our time that matter most to the citizenry. This occurs whether Republicans control one, two, or all three branches of the legislative process. read more

Weapon Wednesday – My Ship is All New

John F. Kennedy (CVN 79) christening ceremony

MCSN Cory Daut

On Saturday, the daughter of former President John F. Kennedy presided over the christening ceremony for America’s newest aircraft carrier. Former first daughter Caroline Kennedy, swinging a magnum bottle of champagne, dedicated the second aircraft carrier named after her father, a former naval officer who served during World War II. read more

The Okay Remains Okay

by: Brent Smith

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I frankly can’t believe I’m even writing about this, but it really ticks me off to see a simple, well-established hand gesture garner so much ire from leftists.

But I guess I should no longer be surprised by anything they do or get upset over anymore.

This past weekend at the Army / Navy game, both Army Cadets and Navy Midshipmen – or should I now use midship-person. Yeah – I don’t think so.

Anyway, a few of both were caught on camera flashing some derivation of the “okay” hand signal. This sent leftist social media into a complete meltdown.

It seems that this well-established military hand signal has been bastardized for a couple of new purposes. One just silly and one thought to be nefarious. read more

New “Unlimited” Underwater Air Supply

Fill your breathing tank by basic swimming motions
Fill your breathing tank by basic swimming motions

There’s a lot of ground between puttering around with your face strapped to a snorkel and managing the dangers, equipment, certification and expenses of scuba diving. Surface-supplied diving systems fill some of this space by strapping you to a breathing hose that plunges deeper than a snorkel but without some of the complications of scuba. Typically these systems rely on some form of compressed air, but a new prototype from Austria uses a more sustainable air supply: you. The ExoLung translates the diver’s swimming motions into air movement, keeping breathing air flowing so long as the diver keeps swimming.

Like other surface-supplied diving systems, the ExoLung has a buoy that floats on the surface of the water, serving both as a safety restraint and air intake. A hose connects the buoy with the water bell worn on the front of the torso. Inside the bell’s hardshell body, a collapsible water bladder is attached to leg straps that secure around the diver’s feet.

As the diver extends his or her legs, the straps pull the bladder, sucking in air as water is pushed out. Upon leg compression, the straps relax and water pressure fills the bladder back into the hardshell body, compressing the air for inhalation.

The diver extends his legs in swimming motion and pulls in air for breathing

The diver extends his legs in swimming motion and pulls in air for breathing

Other surface-supplied and portable breathing hardware that fills the gap between snorkelling and scuba diving is limited by the constraints of battery power or compressed air tanks. The Indiegogo-funded AirBuddy system advertises up to 45 minutes of lithium battery power, while the cylinder-supplied Scorkl breathing mask that hit crowdfunding around the same time in 2017 offers only 10 minutes.

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