Hooray! Hank Williams Jr Back on Monday Night Football

from Forbes:

Are you ready for some football? Apparently, Walt Disney-owned ESPN is again.

Six years after dropping Hank Williams Jr.’s adaptation of All My Rowdy Friends as the introduction to Monday Night Football, the sports network is bringing it back, beginning with the first MNF game this fall between the New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings.

“I think it’s a return to our past in that it’s such an iconic song associated with football,” ESPN senior vice president of events and studio production Stephanie Druley told The Tennessean. “It was the original. It belongs to Monday Night Football. It really is about returning to what fans know. It’s a Monday night party, and that’s what we’re all hoping to get back to.” read more

Take Better Photos

Christmas is a time to remember – the family are together, the festivity is high, and having an embarrassing image of your sibling asleep in a party hat is always going to come in handy.

With smartphones having replaced traditional cameras though, we’re all becoming a bunch of lazy photographers.

Instead of waiting until the middle of February to develop Christmas photos only to find out your thumb covered the lens in half of them, we can now snap, see, share, repeat in a matter of seconds.

According to professional photographer and creator of some of the original Instagram filters, Cole Rise, however, 'everyone is now a photographer in their own right' (stock image) 


Professional photographer and brains behind some of the original Instagram filters, Cole Rise, has shared his advice on taking pictures with MailOnline.

These are the tips you should follow to ensure you capture super shots this Christmas.

1. Learn what all the setting and features on your phone’s camera do.

2. Try and frame your photo, using the background to enhance the main point of focus.

3. Download photography apps to enhance your camera’s core features.

4. Think outside the box and use feature in ways they weren’t designed for.

5. Don’t just point and shoot, work unusual angles to get a unique perspective.

6. Just because you have dozens of filters at your disposal doesn’t mean you have to use them all at once.

7. When sharing your photos, don’t overdo it. This will make them all feel less special.

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New Twist on the Indoor Pool

Villa Clessidra's swimming pool divides the upper and lower floors and being required to pass through...
Villa Clessidra’s swimming pool divides the upper and lower floors and being required to pass through it would, hopefully, relax the occupant and perhaps encourage them to unwind with a swim(Credit: LAAV Architects/Lefteris Schetakis)

The designer of the cliff-hanging Casa Brutale has unveiled his latest luxury home proposal and this one is similarly ambitious. Envisioned for a pine forest in the Netherlands, the glass and concrete Villa Clessidra would boast a unique interior layout that involves its entire second floor being given over to a swimming pool. Though only a concept at present, we’re told it has a shot at getting built. read more

New Google TV Streaming

Google has signed a deal with CBS Corp to carry the network on its web TV service and is in talks with 21st Century Fox and Viacom Inc to distribute its channels, three sources told Reuters on Wednesday.

The service, which will be part of Google’s YouTube Platform, is expected to launch early next year and will include all of CBS’ content, including live NFL games, one of the sources said.

Google’s ‘skinny’ bundle will cost $25 to $40 a month, the source said.

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The service would bring all of CBS's content, including The Big Bang Theory, to the Google Unplugged service.
The service would bring all of CBS’s content, including The Big Bang Theory, to the Google Unplugged service.

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Saturday Night Live Diversity Hire Backfires

by: the Common Constitutionalist

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I am not a fan of Saturday Night Live. Frankly I’m stunned it is still being aired. In my opinion, with few exceptions – Chris Farley comes to mind – the show hasn’t been any good since the members of the original cast left – amongst them were Dan Akroyd, John Belushi, Jane Curtin, Lariane Newman, Garret Morris and Gilda Radner. It’s still hard to believe the show is almost 42 years old, as the first airing was in 1975.

But in all that time and with hundreds of different cast members, there has not been a single Hispanic woman who has done anything more than a guest appearance.

You may be thinking – so what – who cares – least of all the Common Constitutionalist. After all, is this not just liberal group think – what the left preaches to us regularly – that thinks are not fair unless everyone is somehow “represented.”

Yes of course, which why I’m bringing it up.

On September 12, 2016, Saturday Night Live (SNL) finally did something about. Amidst much ballyhoo, it was announced that Melissa Villaseñor was joining the cast for its upcoming season. It was to be a “seminal moment” for representation of Latinos in comedy. Evidently this is important to the left – I guess because a black or white woman telling jokes or starring in skits is completely different. read more

Fun Pics


Here are 7 pictures of German trucks whose trailers are decorated to look like the sides are missing and the products they are hauling are painted on the sides and back.
The first one is of a bottle of beer and looks so real, like it is coming out the side of the trailer…

The second is of canvas tote bag.

The third is of Pepsi cases and they are all stacked on the ceiling, and the bottom of the trailer is empty…

The fourth is of another truck with the windshield facing the back and there has been a driver painted in the driver’s seat looking back over his shoulder to appear like he is driving backwards. (Now this one is just plain scary, even when the German reads ‘On the wrong way?’)

The fifth one is of an aquarium with fish swimming in it.

The sixth one is of a bookshelf with books lined up in it and a post-it-note with an advertisement on it, probably for the company that sells the books.

The last one is for Pringles-Hot & Spicy.
The ‘inside’ of the trailer has the appearance of having been through a fire.

Attribution: Fred

Grolier text is confirmed as the ‘oldest book in ancient America’

Since it was reportedly unearthed in the 1960s, the 13th century Grolier Codex – one of the rarest books in the world – has been regarded with scepticism.

Some people have questioned the authenticity of the book, suggesting that it was forged by modern writers.

However, a new study has reviewed all known research on the manuscript, and suggests that the Grolier Codex is both genuine, and likely the oldest of all surviving manuscripts from ancient America.

Since it was reportedly unearthed in the 1960s, The Grolier Codex – one of the rarest books in the world – has been regarded with scepticism


The Grolier Codex was discovered in 1965 by Josué Sáenz in a cave in in the highlands of Chiapas near Tortuguero, Mexico and is thought to date back to around 1230.

The book consists of 10 painted pages decorated with ritual Mayan iconography and a calendar that charts the movement of the planet Venus.

The Venus calendars counted the number of days that lapsed between one rising of Venus and the next, or days when Venus, the morning star, appeared in the sky before the sun rose.

This was important because measuring the planet’s cycles could help Mayan people create ritual cycles based on astronomical phenomena.

According to the researchers, the book is not markedly beautiful, and is more focused on images than being literate. 

The book consists of 10 painted pages decorated with ritual Mayan iconography and a calendar that charts the movement of the planet Venus.

Researchers from Brown University in Rhode Island looked at previous studies on the document, analysing it ‘without regard to the politics, academic and otherwise that have enveloped the Grolier’, according to the study.

Stephen Houston, Professor of Social Science at Brown University, who led the study, said that the research is ‘a confirmation that the manuscript, counter to some claims is quite real.

In Defense of Anthony Weiner

by: the Common Constitutionalist

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I think we can all agree that Anthony Weiner, aka Carlos Danger, is a big steaming bag of pooh. I mean – taking a photo of one’s barely covered man sausage with your young son right next to you in bed? That’s pretty low – even for him. Actually, I guess it isn’t being that this is evidently not the first time he has used the kid as a “chick magnet” (his words).

Sadly, I’m sure he’s not the only dad doing this sort of thing. He’s just the most famous – and possibly the dumbest. That, or he is so desperate for any attention, he just doesn’t care.

However – is Weiner really doing anything worse than the potential “first dude” has done? When you think about it, Weiner appears to just be the 21st century Bill Clinton. Does anyone think that if Bubba had available this type of smartphone technology in the `80s and `90s, he wouldn’t have used it to its fullest? Darn right he would’ve.

In fact, Bill Clinton is a much bigger dirt bag than Carlos. Weiner’s hook-ups at least appear to be consensual, where as – well – we all know about Clinton’s abhorrent exploits. Yet Bill Clinton is treated like a rock star, while Weiner, whose marriage appears loosely patterned after Bill and Hil, is just a disgraced deviant. read more

Thank You Gene Wilder

In honor of the comic genius Gene Wilder’s passing, I’d like to share a video of the best moments of one of my favorite movies of all time – certainly a top five comedy – Young Frankenstein. I recall the first time I wanted my kids to watch it with me, they complained that they didn’t want to watch a movie in black and white. 15 minutes into it, when I asked them about the monochrome video, they both said – oh yea – I forgot.

Please enjoy some of the best moments from one of my favorite films. read more

Mercedes-Maybach 6 – Holy Crap!!

After teasing and taunting us, Mercedes has whipped the cover off the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 at Pebble Beach. The enormous coupe harks back to a time where excess wasn’t frowned upon on the outside, but is thoroughly modern underneath the skin. Put simply, it looks brilliant. read more