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The Common Constitutionalist is unique in that it offers not just conservative commentary and analysis from myself and others, but a blend of politics, history, arts, science and humor. Who ever said conservatives aren’t funny? Yeah, I know…most people. Brent writes a weekly exclusive article for World Net Daily. He is a contributing writer for The Daily Caller, the Blaze, Tulsa World, Freedom Outpost, John Hawkin’s Right Wing News, USSA News, Conservative Truth and many more. He has been a guest commentator on various radio programs.

Take a look at some of the more popular political articles such as: Newt is Not a Conservative or Manifesto, Then and Now. Perhaps a history article such as: The Great DepressionA More Violent World Is Obama’s Fault and In Defense of The Donald.

Brent has written extensively on the scourge of radical Islam including: The Project, The Project Part Deux and Avoid Islamic Halal Products.

Although I’m not a scientist, an artist, nor a photographer, all these topics interest me. Here are a few of the most viewed examples: The Hulk Protein, Rare Photos, Rolling Stones, Don’t Try This at Home

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  1. a couple of thoughts i’ve had lately: where oh where in cindy sheehan? she had both time and money to camp out at the bush’s crawford ranch for weeks on end,voicing her opinion about the iraq and afghanistan wars,and yet not a word from her re:libya. remarkable! you’d think she’d be incensed that pres.obama gave the green light to yet another war{with no authorization} .did she die? was she paid by someone to camp out at crawford,and now that the “job is completed”,her services are no longer needed? so much corruption,so little accountibility.

  2. you’d think she’d miss the limelight;try to stretch her 15 min. of fame. they must have paid her well for her silence now. speaking of blasts from the past,our friendly neighborhood muslim army brother ,maj.nidal hasan: when oh when will he be arraigned? it will be 2 years soon since this lunatic opened fire on his fellow soldiers and killed 13 of them,and still no court martial,nothing. i’d like to know how the victims families feel about this delay of justice.

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