New York Bans Fracking On Fear, Not Science


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has acquiesced to a ban of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) of shale to produce natural gas in his state based on “uncertainties” concerning the possible effects of the activity on public health. Essentially, the New York Department of Health (DOH) report Cuomo cites defaulted to the precautionary principle:

When an activity raises threats of harm to human health or the environment, precautionary measures should be taken even if some cause and effect relationships are not fully established scientifically. In this context the proponent of an activity, rather than the public, should bear the burden of proof.

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Ibuprofen – The Key to Life

To those with a headache, it already works miracles. But ibuprofen could also hold the key to a long and healthy life.

In a series of experiments, the popular painkiller extended the life of yeast, worms and flies by around 15 per cent.

What is more, the extra years were healthy ones.

In human terms, this would equate to an extra 12 years of good quality life. Put another way, people would be in good health for longer.

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The doses of ibuprofen used in the study were similar to those taken daily by millions of people to treat headaches, muscle pain, sprains and flu

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Cuba: the 54th State

by: the Common Constitutionalist

By now, we all know that Obama is going to normalize relations with Cuba. He plans to reopen and Embassy there for starters. I’m sure there are plenty of vacant buildings in Havana that the United States could renovate at very little cost, but what do you bet we will build, from the ground up, a veritable palace to house our ambassador in his or her staff, at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars, if not more.

You may get a sense that I am dead set against this move to become bosom buddies with a brutal totalitarian regime. Well, you’d be correct. I want nothing to do with it, until they throw off the yoke of communism. Then we can talk.

But you may say, the construction will employ Cuban workers. They will be paid a great wage relative to what they most likely currently make. That will be great for them, right?

Now, you don’t actually think that the Castro regime will allow the workers to make more than the prevailing wage and if they do, that worker will see little if any of it, do you? These are communists. That’s why Obama loves them. Everything belongs to the state.

Construction workers being paid $30 per hour while the rest of the island is making $30 per month. Yeah – that’s going to happen. Oh, some will get rich – just not the citizens.

As an aside: Isn’t it fascinating that Obama hates our police but is in love with the idea of a police state. He and his hard left ideologue brethren speak out against, protest and march against the American police state but embrace it elsewhere around the globe. It’s funny that Obama and Holder can rail against injustice and brutality here but seem not to mind the gulags and political prisons in communist Cuba.

So why do it now? After all, the Castro’s won’t be there forever. Fidel may already be dead and Raul is as viejo como suciedad (old as dirt – a little Spanish lingo). Defenders of Obama’s lunatic maneuver say, why not start now and get a foot hold in the country, so when the Castro regime is gone, we’ll already be there. Plus, it will only benefit the Cuban people to have that American free market presence there. read more

Tiffany Lamps Sell for Over $1 Million – Each

Two nearly identical Tiffany Wisteria lamps designed in 1901 have sold for over $1million each at auction.

They sold at Sotheby’s in New York on Wednesday. One went for $1,205,000, the other for $1,145,000.

According to the Sotheby’s listing, the seller was Spanish art collector Baroness Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza, who inherited them from her late husband Baron Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza, a Swiss billionaire and fellow art enthusiast. He acquired them around 1975. read more

Kim Goes Hollywood

by: the Common Constitutionalist

Or should I say, Kim goes off on Hollywood.Kim

I remember my children asking me a while back why North Korea has become the go-to enemy on TV, etc. I told them at the time that North Korea was a safe and easy target to use as an international bad guy. Nobody really liked them. Their leader was a bad guy and pretty much unprotected by any politically correct blanket. Up until now, although it hasn’t been confirmed, North Korea did not appear to care about being the villain.

How things have changed. Hollywood has evidently stepped over a red line that the North Korean leader, that pygmy Kim Jong-un drew. I guess he doesn’t see the humor of a fake assassination attempt in a dopey movie. The left should have known better. It’s not like this is “The Assassination of George W. Bush, A Love Story” (available at for about $50, and no I’m not going to link to it) or anything.

All kidding aside though – I guess Hollywood now understands that when the leader of a nation draws a red line, you’d best take it seriously, except if that line is drawn in the sands of Syria. Then it’s just a joke. Get it?

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View Seen by Astronauts as They Re-enter Earth’s Atmosphere

Returning to Earth from orbit is no easy feat. To do so, spacecraft must endure temperatures of more than 1,650°C (3,000°F) as they hit the atmosphere at 25 times the speed of sound.

Thankfully, over the years the technique has been refined to a tee; astronauts can get from the ISS to the surface of Earth in just 3.5 hours.

But a GIF has revealed the fiery process that takes place when the manned Soyuz spacecraft first comes into contact with the thick atmosphere – before it makes its daring descent back to Earth.

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This GIF shows the moment cosmonauts Oleg Kotov and Sergey Ryazansky, and astronaut Michael Hopkins, returned to Earth in March this year at the culmination of ISS Expedition 38

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