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Hey Folks. For at least the near future, I’ll be taking a break from posting on this site. Two reasons. First, I must admit I’m just a bit burned out. But second, and more importantly, I have to concentrate on my company, my day job for want of a better term.

I still have a passion for politics, certainly the Constitution and such – will continue to write a weekly article for World Net Daily, but the time spent on everything related is taking away from time I need to be spending for the betterment of my company.

Thanks for all your support.


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New Breakthrough for Type1 Diabetics

Implanted insulin-producing beta cells (purple) are encapsulated in a device that protects them from destruction by the immune cells, allowing them to regulate a diabetic patient's blood sugar levels
Implanted insulin-producing beta cells (purple) are encapsulated in a device that protects them from destruction by the immune cells, allowing them to regulate a diabetic patient’s blood sugar levels
Washington University in St. Louis

Researchers have found a way to maintain insulin levels in diabetic mice by growing and implanting new beta cells that produce the hormone. These cells are housed inside a tiny device that protects them from the animal’s immune system, like a shark cage. read more

Rush Began a Movement that Isn’t Going Away

by: Brent Smith

Most know, as Rush said a thousand times, where we were the first time we heard his dulcet tones emanating from our radio. I certainly do. 

I was in the passenger seat of my father’s car. We were on the highway somewhere around Philadelphia. I don’t know why we were there – must have had something to do with my Navy service. He must have been picking me up from the airport or something.

In any event, he was listening to this guy on the radio. I don’t recall what this guy was talking about, but I remember him being brash and loud and I asked dad who the hell this guy was. He said it was a guy named Rush. I think the year was 1988 – Rush’s first year. I’ was hooked.

And unlike many who came before and will come after, he will be the voice that lives on, timelessly.

from the American Thinker:

Radio Free America – Rush’s Legacy

During the dark days of the Cold War, eastern Europeans were isolated from the rest of the world behind what was warmly referred to as the Iron Curtain.  Everything behind the Iron Curtain was autocratically ruled by the Soviet Union.  As part of its effort to control the populace, all regional news outlets (print and broadcast) were in fact, state-sponsored propaganda outlets.

The only exception to the blackout of truthful news was a powerful network of transmitters in western Europe, known as Radio Free Europe.  This network of transmitters broadcast news and entertainment deep into eastern Europe.  In addition to broadcasting the truth to those under communist rule, it also provided hope and a vision of what was outside of communist rule.  It was instrumental in preparing those behind the Iron Curtain for the eventual downfall of the Soviet Union.

Unfortunately, while we were fighting propaganda overseas, citizens back home were subjected to a uniquely American version of propaganda.  For decades — before the internet and satellite TV — news in America was controlled by a select few entities, all of which were closely aligned with the Democrat party.  ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN controlled television and radio news.  The New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, and Los Angeles Times set the tone for printed news.

The media and leftist politicians they supported were creating narratives to shape public opinion.  They crafted their narratives by being selective in what news they presented, or by outright distortion of facts.  I remember watching Dan Rather on the CBS nightly news in the early 1980s when he read a suicide note on the air.  The author of the note stated that he was committing suicide because Ronald Reagan had taken away his welfare benefits.  This was followed by a series of stories about the damage Reagan’s economic policies were having on the poor in America.  There was no mention of how those policies had also benefited millions.  This was just one of many narratives being crafted for American consumption.

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New Sniffer Highly Accurate in Detecting Cancer

A new electronic nose device can sniff out cancer with high accuracy
A new electronic nose device can sniff out cancer with high accuracy

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have developed an electronic nose (or e-nose) that may be able to sniff out signs of cancer from blood plasma samples. In tests, the device was able to detect a range of cancer types with over 90 percent accuracy. read more

Not All Hispanic Immigrants are Leftists

Unlike the black vote, which unfortunately still appears to be overwhelmingly monolithic, the Hispanic vote is not. And no where is this more apparent than the recent mayoral victory by an Hispanic Republican in a Southern Border city (well, almost) in Texas. It stunned the dems, who I’m surprised didn’t cry voter fraud because of it.

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Weapon Wednesday – Space Cargo Drops – The Ultimate Quick Response

spacex rocket cargo
  • The U.S. Air Force wants $47.9 million to support its Rocket Cargo concept.
  • Rocket Cargo calls for a 100-ton rocket capable of airdropping cargo virtually anywhere in the world within minutes.
  • This system would use an existing space rocket, modified to suit the service’s needs.

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