Dark Matter Discovery

There have been plenty of ‘false dawns’ when it comes to dark matter, with a ‘discovery’ seemingly announced every few months.

But this latest announcement has understandably gripped scientists with excitement – because it might just be our first ever direct detection of the elusive particles.

Researchers have spotted a type of particle believed to make up dark matter coming from the sun towards Earth – and it may indicate that dark matter is produced in the cores of stars like our own.

University of Leicester scientists may have directly observed dark matter. At Earth's magnetic field they spotted a signal that could only be explained by axions - a type of dark matter particle - coming from the sun (shown in the illustration) and being converted into photons in Earth's magnetic field

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Bureaucracy Plus Ebola Equals Epidemic

by: the Common Constitutionalist:

As the threat of Ebola increases here in the United States, we’re starting to hear the government refrain, from Obama on down, that there is no need for panic. Of course these are the same folks telling us that a travel ban can’t possibly help – that “isolating” a country in order to prevent its spread won’t work.

Not to get off topic but if “isolating” a country won’t work, why then do we “isolate” individual patients? Isn’t that what an “isolation” ward is supposed to do – prevent the diseases spread?

Anyway, they ask us not to panic, yet it seems every day we hear of another suspected of having Ebola, and seems to take days before we find out whether it’s a false alarm.

They asked us to trust that our government is doing everything it can to keep us safe and protect us from this threat.

It seems one way of doing that would be to quickly determine whether someone has actually contracted the disease. For that, a test must be developed – a way of screening for the disease – maybe a screening machine.

Hey, what do you know – one already exists and it’s already being successfully used by our military… in Africa.

You may also have heard, or maybe not, that the machine developed by BioFire Diagnostics of Salt Lake City, is capable of screening for many viral, fungal, bacterial and parasitic pathogens. To screen for Ebola is just a matter of purchasing a software upgrade or kit for the FilmArray machine. read more

A Disturbing Trend – A Must Read!


Why are we getting out? It’s about the low standards.

We joined because we wanted to be part of an elite organization dedicated to doing amazing things in defense of our nation. We wanted to make a contribution to something great, to be able to look back at a decisive chapter in American history and say “yeah, I was part of that.” We joined the Corps because if we were going in to the fight, we wanted to serve with the best. We wanted the kind of job that would make our friends who took soulless, high-paying corporate jobs feel pangs of jealousy because we went to work every day with a purpose. read more

Plant Watering Shelves

If you struggle to keep your plants alive, a shelf that automatically waters them could be your foliage-saving answer.

Pikaplant, a start-up based in Amsterdam, has released a steel frame shelf system featuring a glass reservoir.

Electricity-free, all it needs is a monthly topping up of the reservoir with several liters of water, which is then distributed by gravity through hidden tubes to capillary mats on each shelf surface.

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If you struggle to keep your plants alive, this Pikaplant shelf that automatically waters them could be your foliage-saving answer

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Secondhand Smoke More Dangerous Than Ebola

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has more safeguards against secondhand smoke than it does regarding Ebola, Dr. Jane Orient, director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, said on Thursday.

“If you look at the precautions against secondhand smoke, they are absurd,” Orient told “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV. “The hazard from secondhand smoke, unless you’re just sensitive to it and it bothers you, are really nonexistent.

“And yet, we have all these … expensive restrictions against these non-hazards — and a pathogenic, lethal organism that can infect you with one to 10 particles, we’re so cavalier about?” Orient asked. “This just really does not make sense.” read more

Life at 1400 Feet

Standing at a staggering 1,396 feet, it offers breathtaking views of New York, including Central Park, lower Manhattan and the Atlantic Ocean.

This spectacular building is 432 Park Avenue, in midtown Manhattan, which today became the tallest residential site in the Western Hemisphere.

Designed by architect Rafael Viñoly, the 96-story condo offers 104 units, ranging in price from $16.95million to a whopping $95million penthouse suite.

Astonishingly, it towers over the Empire State Building (1,250ft), the Chrysler Building (1,046ft) and One World Trade Center without its spire (1,368ft).

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Stunning: This marble bathroom at 432 Park Avenue - which stands at a staggering 1,396 feet - offers a breathtaking view of New York

Sprawling: The building in midtown Manhattan today became the tallest residential site in the Western Hemisphere. Above, a living room

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Are We Just Being Irrational About Ebola?

by: the Common Constitutionalist:

Who’s tired of discussing Ebola? Yeah, me too. I keep trying to escape (the topic) but it just keeps pulling me back in. It is a serious subject and certainly not to be taken lightly.

It seems fears and scares over Ebola are spreading faster than the virus. Are they irrational fears? I don’t know – maybe, but we are all susceptible. Heck, my office manager wasn’t feeling well today and the first thing that entered my mind was… you got it… Ebola. I caught myself – but it did permeate my cranial cavity, as Rush Limbaugh would say.

I laughed at myself for even thinking such a thing, but nonetheless sent her home immediately.

So will the fear of an outbreak trump the actual disease? Might panic ensue over nothing? Is the scare just that, a baseless phobia? read more