A Couple of News Items

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Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. of Illinois, is in favor of hiring all unemployed workers at an average of $40,000/yr. Cost: $600,000,000,000 dollars. That’s for one year. Jackson added, “It could be a 5 year program”. What then? Fire them all, again? He is also in favor of bailing out all the states at a cost of $104 billion. For another $100 billion we could bailout all the cities.
Watch in amazement!
Great plan Jesse. What would these people do? Usually, when you hire someone, you expect him or her to do something for his or her pay. Maybe they could be Obama’s civilian security force.

He also wants this to be done by executive fiat. By the mere sweep of Obama’s decree pen, there will no unemployment.

I’m sure honest Abe would be all in on this idea. After all, Congress has been kind of naughty lately. Not listening to our king and all.

Jesse, Jr. makes his father look intelligent.

Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano recently told a congressional panel she learned of operation “Fast and Furious” only after one of the border agents, Brian Terry, was killed. That was December of 2010.

There’s a slight problem with her testimony. As the video below shows, she was well aware & actually helped launch the original “Operation Gun Runner” program, that morphed into “Fast & Furious”. It’s the same program & she knows it. It does, however, depend on what the definition of “is” is.

The White House press conference was from March 2009. Didn’t Eric Holder say the same thing, that he only recently heard about the operation in the news?

She & Holder are either corrupt as the day is long, or totally incompetent. I vote for both.

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